9 best kids’ podcasts that inspire young imaginations

From short stories to science, keep your children entertained with these snippets of audio

Martha Alexander
Wednesday 02 November 2022 16:36 GMT
<p>They can be played in the car, before bed to wind down or while cooking, doing jigsaws or colouring</p>

They can be played in the car, before bed to wind down or while cooking, doing jigsaws or colouring

Podcasts have become a huge part of our everyday lives – enabling us to listen to interesting, informative and fresh audio in our own time, for free.

While adults can catch up on popular radio shows, lose themselves in a true crime series, or hear their favourite celebrities interviewed in informal circumstances – children have a healthy appetite for podcasts, too.

We champion podcasts for children because they provide a brilliant way of absorbing information and they can be played in the car, before bed to wind down or while cooking, doing jigsaws or colouring. Podcasts help children to focus and encourage their imaginations to expand.

We also love that the best podcasts for children are so artfully produced, meaning parents will enjoy them too, and listening can be a family activity.

How we tested

When it came to choosing our favourites, we considered it worthy if it managed to combine learning with fun. All of the options in this round-up will teach children (and often adults) something new, in an accessible, entertaining way.

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During testing, we also kept an eye on the length of each of the podcasts, favouring those that were short, with a maximum of 30 minutes per episode, as concentration tends to be on the wane after that.

Similarly as important was how well-produced it was – to make the cut, voices and sounds needed to be clear and crisp. While most lend themselves to storytelling, we have included some that focus on science, general knowledge or mindfulness. There’s something for every child (and adult) here.

The best kids’ podcasts for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – You’re Dead To Me: Free, Bbc.co.uk
  • Best for answering big questions But Why: Free, Npr.org
  • Best for celebrating extraordinary womenGood Night Stories for Rebel Girls: Free, Rebelgirls.com
  • Best mindfulness podcast Peace out: Free, Bedtime.fm
  • Best music podcast Circle Round: Free, Npr.org
  • Best storytelling podcast – The Story Pirates Podcast: Free, Storypirates.com
  • Best for aspiring scientistsBrains On!: Free, Brainson.org
  • Best for lively narration Stories Podcast: Free, Storiespodcast.com
  • Best for making teeth-cleaning funChompers: Free, Gimletmedia.com

‘You’re Dead To Me’: Free, Bbc.co.uk

Best: Overall

The past is a trove of intrigue and storytelling potential – as proved by this podcast hosted by historian Greg Jenner. There are jokes aplenty as Jenner goes about the serious business of unravelling the past. You’re Dead To Me is the perfect example of how children can learn without even realising it. It’s cheeky and irreverent – just the sort of tone youngsters love. We especially recommend the history of chocolate episode as well as the one on Blackbeard – arguably the most famous and fearsome pirate in the history of the world.

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‘But Why’: Free, Npr.org

Best: For answering big questions

“Why?” is a great question and is proof of an enquiring mind, but it can’t half drive busy parents around the bend. Which is why this podcast is a saving grace. It essentially fields questions from children and answers them all, engaging the help of experts in all sorts of different fields. No topic is off limits and no query is too basic. Anything goes. Questions we have loved listening to the answers for include “why do we laugh?”, “what is the biggest number?” and “why do baby teeth fall out?” Parents are guaranteed to learn something new and the information is delivered in a playful, clear way. And if your children have a burning question, it’s easy to send it to the producers of But Why and have it answered.

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‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’: Free, Rebelgirls.com

Best: For celebrating extraordinary women

An offshoot of the hugely successful bestselling book of the same name, this podcast is all about championing clever and tenacious women from across all sectors, including the arts, civil rights and sport. Each of these episodes is about 20 minutes long and focuses on one extraordinary woman – read by another extraordinary woman. Greta Thunberg's story read by Jameela Jamil is one standout episode, while the sublime Pamela Adlon reading Frida Kahlo is nothing short of a treat. And don’t let the gendered title put you off – these stories are for everyone.

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‘Peace out’: Free, Bedtime.fm

Best: Mindfulness podcast

This gentle podcast is perfect for children who struggle to wind down or who might need a little help turning off at the end of a busy day. These short stories all promote mindfulness and seek to instil some inner calm into the often-fraught minds of little ones. All will help with relaxation and include breathing exercises. Chanel Tsang who presents the podcast has a very soothing, soft voice, backed up by the kind of music you might listen to during a deep-tissue massage. Even without the content, the sound itself is so restful.

We love the visualisation she practises in many of the episodes – imagining a bed for example. We defy anyone, adults included, not to want to head off to the land of nod after listening to this. Our three-year-old listener yawned a big yawn at the end and said: “I’m so cosy,” which is a ringing endorsement of a podcast promoting peacefulness.

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‘Circle Round’: Free, Npr.org

Best: Music podcast

This is such a lovely podcast – combining music and folklore to create audio to suit children aged between four and 10 years old. Each episode will have a moral hinge for children and parents to focus on – including kindness and tenacity. We especially loved listening to the recent “the king and the cobbler” episode and really appreciate how the producers addressed how important one’s imagination is in challenging times, such as the current global crisis. As well as the audio play, they suggest a range of at-home activities for children to get on with, either during or after listening.

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‘The Story Pirates Podcast’: Free, Storypirates.com

Best: Storytelling podcast

These stories are written by kids – and many of them are read by celebrities, including the brilliant Claire Danes. The titles alone are superb (if the likes of The Monkey and the Ice Skates or My Family are Tigers don’t whet young appetites for fiction, we don’t know what will) and the stories themselves are all imaginative, original and beautifully written. We think knowing these are written by their peers will be endlessly inspiring to young listeners.

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‘Brains On!’: Free, Brainson.org

Best: For mini scientists

This is one for curious scientists, both children and adults. Hosted by reporters and young scientists, Brains On tackles big topics directly through conversation and discussion and a healthy dose of humour and silliness. The secret world of dust was fascinating and there is also a brilliant episode all about memory and the feeling of deja vu. At 30 minutes each, these are best suited for children aged six or older, who have more-honed attention spans.

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‘Stories Podcast’: Free, Storiespodcast.com

Best: Lively narration of stories

These weekly episodes are essentially performances of some of the world’s best-loved children’s stories, including fairytales, fables and Greek mythology. The narrator has a lively, lyrical voice full of depth and expression, which really helps children to engage with the plot and characters. The episodes last from around 15 to 30 minutes.

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‘Chompers’: Free, Gimletmedia.com

Best: For making teeth-cleaning fun

This one is for all the reluctant teeth-brushers out there. Dentists recommend children should be brushing for two full minutes twice a day, so these episodes offer two minutes’ worth of jokes, songs and facts, to be played during brush time, so as to provide some fun and distraction. There is also a little reminder of how to best clean your teeth at various points during the podcast, encouraging children to focus on different areas within the mouth. These are short, sweet bursts of information and encouragement that ensure better dental hygiene.

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The verdict: Kids’ podcasts

We loved You’re Dead To Me – it’s funny, fact-filled and perfect for families to listen to and discuss afterwards. We’d wager this sparks the ambition of many future historians.

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