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TikTok’s obsessed with these leggings that make your bum look big, and they’re just £21 on Amazon

Whether its squatting, stretching or strutting, we put these through their paces

Evie Breese
Thursday 08 April 2021 16:02 BST
More than just keeping their shape theys gave us a perky peach and banished baggy crotches for good
More than just keeping their shape theys gave us a perky peach and banished baggy crotches for good (The Independent)

When something blows up on Tiktok it’s hard not to notice it. Little Moons mochi balls? They’re everywhere. An £11 lipstick that everyone’s claiming is smudge-proof? We’ve seen it ten times already! With 161.8 million views of the #tiktokleggings and 135.8 million for #amazonleggings we knew something was popping off. 

The claims are bold. Can a pair of leggings from Amazon really enhance your booty? Countless users seem to think so. I watched hundreds of unboxing videos and each one ended with a delighted customer showing stunned family and friends their newfound rounded and plumped peachy bottom.

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It was only natural that celebrity endorsement would follow with the likes of beauty entrepreneur and ex-Kardashian clan member Jordyn Woods only adding to the hype. In her viral video the model could be seen checking her rear in the mirror and claiming “these are the truth for real.”

Though since Jordyn already has an infamously fabulous booty – arguably rivalling Kylie Jenner’s – I wasn’t convinced.

In normal circumstances, I’d be out climbing at the local bouldering gym, playing tag rugby in the park, or cycling into work, so we’re always on the hunt for a pair of reliably well-fitting and comfortable leggings.

They need to keep their shape, never fall down at the back or be too baggy on the crotch, and not only reach the ankles but stay there, too.

But let’s not kid ourselves, we all know what the real goal of this purchase is. So could they live up to the hype? I ordered a pair to get to the bottom of this viral sensation.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent.

Riojoy gym leggings women high waist sports butt lifting scrunch yoga pants

Riojoy .jpg

There are a few different versions of these infamous Amazon leggings out there, but the main factors in common are the textured material, wide waistband, and the ruched seam down the bum.

While the style everyone has been raving about seems to be grey with a white pattern, I wasn’t quite ready for this statement, so instead opted for the classic black on black. There are 14 colours to choose from though, so you can go with whichever pair suits you best.

I was impressed with the sizing options for these leggings, ranging from a S-XL. But if you’re unsure which bracket you fall under the handy size chart will break it down for you. As a size 12 in jeans, I opted for the medium size, and – no exaggeration – they fitted perfectly. The legs were amply long enough for my 5”7 frame, and still had an inch or two to spare. The textured material is particularly flattering and adds some fun detail to an otherwise simple piece.


The thick waistband is the real stand-out factor to these leggings. Around 4in wide, this is a serious piece of paneling that holds both stomach and waist in place, while giving a synching look. It is pretty snug, like a firm hug or body-shaping underwear, but, due to the band’s thickness, it doesn’t cut in uncomfortably.

In fact, thanks to the snugness of the waistband, there is no chance these will fall down or leave an undesirable gap between skin and fabric. Fair warning though, these leggings take “high-waisted” to the next level; pull them up too high and you may stray into strapless jumpsuit territory.

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In order to really put these leggings to the test, I had to see how they’d handle my workout, namely how they’d hold up during squats. Thankfully they passed with flying colours. Unlike some of our other gym gear, the material remained a solid black despite the amount of squatting, stretching and strutting I did throughout the workout. I felt comfortable and confident.

Although I was slightly disappointed not to find any pockets – a small inner pocket, even without a zip would be handy to pop in a house key or lip balm. That said, I’m not going to hold it against them; while it would be a wonderful bonus, you’re not going to want to return them over this relatively minor factor.

Peach or pancake?

Being in lockdown it was a bit tricky to get feedback on them though, butI wasn’t about to interrupt strangers’ daily walks to ask for their opinion on my derrière. So, committed to the cause and after a couple of glasses of wine, it was time to assemble a Zoom panel for “The Judges’ Critique”.

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Even over a slightly unstable connection, the response was overwhelming. “You’re a peach on legs!” declared one enthusiastic friend. “They lift your buttocks like breasts overflowing a corset,” claimed another who had clearly been watching too much Bridgerton. “No need to carry a cushion,” added another particularly practical chum. 

Surprisingly though, there is no built-in support or padding around the bum area. Rather, it’s the ruching down the middle which adds definition to your peach. This essentially enhances the bum’s natural shape, with the V of the waistband further accentuating that curve.

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The verdict: Riojoy gym leggings

If you’re looking for something with a practical pocket and aren’t willing to undergo some light corseting, you might be better off with a pair of Sweaty Betty’s power gym leggings.

But, if you’re keen to embrace and emphasise your behind, these are the leggings for you. So check your measurements, pick a colour, and you’ll no doubt be as pleased as we were.

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