The Ten Best Tennis Rackets

We're in the middle of Wimbledon fortnight - so if you're game for a set yourself, our guide to ace rackets could serve you well.

Simon Rice
Wednesday 23 September 2015 10:15

In Pictures - The Ten Best Tennis Rackets

Wilson [K] Six.One Tour - £145

This racket is built to the personal specifications of the world No 1, Roger Federer. Better suited to advanced players, the large sweet-spot and open feel to the stringbed make it excellent for enhancing spin and pace.; 01276 404 800

Prince 03 Hybrid Shark - £79.95

The wonderfully named Hybrid Shark uses so-called "03 technology", which allows the strings more flexibility and increases the speed of the ball. It also benefits from excellent grip. Tennis coach Bert Rowley recommends this racket for intermediate players who practice twice a week; 01539 622 322

Head Ti Murray - £19.99

An aluminium-framed racket which shares the same paint job as the one used by British No 1 Andy Murray. Rowley describes it as a "solid racket at an excellent price", making it a smashing choice for beginners.; 01539 724 740

Head MicroGel Prestige - £139.99

Rowley recommends this racket for advanced players. "It's not forgiving but it will produce superior results in the right hands," he says. It is heavier than the average racket with a smaller head size.; 01539 724 740

Prince 03 Speedport - £200

If you want to splash out on the (strawberries and) cream of rackets then this is the one for you. Mind you, according to Rowley, spending your money on lessons rather than a pricey racket would be a wiser investment.; 01539 622 322

Yonex RQiS-1 Tour - £120

Yonex serves up this lightweight racket which offers tremendous control and feel - ideal for players with a strong, full stroke. It helped propel the young Serb Ana Ivanovic to the French Open title, as well as to the world No 1 spot.; 020-8743 0942

Babolat Aeropro Drive - £150

The choice of racket for Rafael Nadal, it's excellent for hitting the ball with topspin. To complete the Spanish-sensation look, wear a lime green T-shirt - although those wishing to emulate his performance may need a few lessons.; 01932 844 344

Head Airflow 7 - £140

The oversized head on this racket will generate extra power. It's perfect for those who like to smash the ball with a bit of fizz but, because the racket does much of the work, it's not a requirement to have arms the size of Rafael Nadal's.; 01539 724 740

Prince 03 White - £150

A racket that produces a fast swing and a power that will have ballboys running for cover. The aerodynamic frame and the highly responsive stringbed make it a popular choice for professionals, including, most notably, the Australian Open winner Maria Sharapova.; 01539 622 322

Wilson [K] Six.One Junior - £49

Rowley recommends this racket for youngsters dreaming of Centre Court. He says, "it's a quality frame at an excellent price". It will produce a solid punch from anywhere on the court and it's also available in various sizes for different ages.; 01276 404 800

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