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The Valentine’s Day supermarket meal deals to know for date night, including M&S, Aldi and more

Fan the flames of love with a feast for two

Lois Borny
Friday 09 February 2024 10:45 GMT
Supermarket dine-in menus are here to take the faff out of date night
Supermarket dine-in menus are here to take the faff out of date night (iStock/The Independent)

It’s here – Valentine’s Day has arrived, so, many of us will be enjoying a feast for two. If you don’t fancy vying for a table at a restaurant, standing over a hot stove or ordering a takeaway, supermarket Valentine’s Day meal deals could send your heart aflutter.

Year after year, in the lead-up to 14 February, all the big supermarkets share their dine-in deals, typically consisting of a three-course meal with sides. You can often wash it all down with a bottle of wine or non-alcoholic beverage that comes included, and, with everything reduced for the occasion, there’s a little cash to be saved, too, so, what’s not to love?

If the idea of a dinner deal is enough to make you swoon, here is where you’ll find intel on the Valentine’s Day dine-in menus available from supermarkets this year, from meal deal prices to availability. From vegan vegetable bao buns to pistachio hearts and celebratory fizz, keep reading for some of the meal deals available so far.

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Sainsbury’s Valentine’s Day meal deals

  • Price: £15
  • Availability: Now, until 14 February
  • What’s included: Starter, main, side, dessert and drink 

Sainsbury’s is pulling out all the stops for those of us dining in this year, with a lovely sounding, extensive Valentine’s Day menu. You can choose from the 25 different items across starters, mains, sides, desserts and boozy or non-boozy beverages. You could be kicking off your date night dinner with a leek and cheddar tart (£5,, breaded camembert with cranberry (£4,, or vegan vegetable bao buns (£4,

As for the main event, there’s a choice of salmon, spinach and cheddar en croute (£6.50,, steaks (£9,, nduja pork cutlets, (£6.50,, plant-based wellington (£6.75, and more to devour. Meanwhile, sides include chunky triple-cooked chips (£2.75,, cauliflower cheese (£2.75,, dauphinoise potatoes (£2.75,, a veg medely (£2.75, and if you’re keeping it simple, mash (£2.25,

Then, to bring the meal to a decadent finish, the desserts on offer sound equally promising, from the rhubarb-and-custard cheesecake (£3,35, slices to lemon tarts (£3.35, and chocolate melt-in-the-middle desserts (£3.35, – we’ve got our heart set on the vegan raspberry and chocolate torte (£3.35, Fancy some bubbles to share? Prosecco (£8.50, features on the menu, as do 75cl bottles of red, white and rosé. If you’re giving booze a miss, plump for one of three alcohol-free tipples, including pink fizz Shloer (£3.85, and Lucky Saint lager (£6,

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M&S Valentine’s Day meal deal

(M&S )
  • Price: £25
  • Availability: Now, until 14 February
  • What’s included: Starter, main, side, dessert and drink 

This isn’t just any Valentine’s Day menu, this is M&S’s Valentine’s Day menu, and there’s plenty to get hearts racing. With starters, mains, sides, dessert and a drink for two, it’s on the pricier side, at £25 all in.

Starters to look forward to include coquille St Jacques (£7,; breaded camembert (£4.75,; and tempura veg fritters (£4,, followed by scrumptious-sounding mains, such as rump steak with peppercorn sauce (£10,; seabass and herb butter (£8.50,; mushroom stroganoff pie (£8.25,; and chicken cordon bleu (£9.50, Sides sound delectable, from cheesy green-vegetable bake (£4, to truffle mash (£3.75, and triple-cooked chips (£3.75,

For the finale, you could be digging into delicious-sounding desserts such as melt-in-the-middle chocolate pud (£475,; tiramisu mousse cake (£4.50,; salted-caramel profiteroles (£4,; and white chocolate and raspberry mousse hearts (£4.50, Drinks for the table? Think prosecco (£12,, red or white wine, and canned cocktails (£9, Who said romance is dead?

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Asda Valentine’s Day meal deal

  • Price: £12
  • Availability: Now, until 20 February
  • What’s included: Starter, main, two sides, dessert and drink

Also hoping to win you over is Asda, with a starter, main, two sides, a dessert and an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink included in its Valentine’s Day meal deal for two. Priced at £12, the menu starts with dishes such as tempura prawns; mushroom arancini; goat’s cheese tartlet; and vegan brie hearts. Meanwhile, the supermarket’s 13 main courses cover everything from steak with wild garlic butter hearts to vegan mushroom stroganoff pies; chicken, chorizo and king prawn paella; shepherd’s pie, and more.

When it comes to sides, there are parmesan fries with smoky garlic butter; chantenay carrots with maple and orange; creamy mash; and cauliflower cheese, to name a few. For dessert, the sticky toffee pudding and tiramisu both sound as delectable as the salted caramel chocolate and lemon cheesecakes, so leave room for pud. To wash it all down, you could be pouring a glass of red, white, rosé or bubbles if you want a bottle of something boozy. However, opt for the Kylie Minogue alcohol-free sparkling rosé or elderflower presse, if you don’t want to risk the hangover.

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Waitrose Valentine’s Day meal deals

  • Price: £20
  • Availability: Now, until 14 February
  • What’s included: Starter, main, side, dessert and a drink or box of chocolates

Waitrose has your romantic dining covered, with its £20, three-course meal deal. Choose a starter, main, side dish and dessert, accompanied by a choice of drinks or, if you’ve a sweet tooth, a box of chocolates.

There’s prawn cocktail (£4.25,, spinach ravioli (£3.40,, cheddar and emmental soufflés (£4, more to start. Then, the choice of mains spans sirloin steaks with garlic and herb butter (£10,; wild garlic chicken (£9,; beetroot risotto (£8.50,; no-beef bourguignon (£8,; fish pie (£9.75, and more.

These can be paired with a variety of sides, from triple-cooked chips (£3.90, and Mediterranean roast vegetables (£2.75, to beetroot salad (£2, and maris piper mash (£3.50,

Vanilla and pistachio hearts are among the puds to look forward to (£4.50,, as is a selection of cheeses (£4.50, for the fromage lovers if the company is already sweet enough. When it comes to toasting the celebrations, choose from cocktails or red, white or rosé wine. Looking to skip the booze? There’s a vegan, alcohol-free fizz (£9.50, that might take your fancy, too.

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Tesco Valentine’s Day meal deal

  • Price: £18 with a starter, £12 without
  • Availability: Now, until 14 February
  • What’s included: With or without a starter, main, side, dessert and drink

Tesco’s scrumptious-sounding Valentine’s Day menu includes 27 new and improved items this year, from camembert swirls (£5, to a chocolate brownie heart (£3.75, You can either opt for the £18 deal, which includes a starter, main, side, dessert and drink, or you can go without a starter and pay £12 for a meal deal that you can buy either in-store or via Whoosh, Tesco’s super-speedy delivery service. Although, bear in mind the discounts will only be available with a Tesco clubcard.

When it comes to the menu, you could be wowing someone special with starters such as vintage-cheddar-and-leek tarts (£4.50,; a vegan Mediterranean antipasti platter (£4.50,; porcini mushroom arancini with black garlic dip (£4.50,; or pork liver pâté with pear glaze (£6, Onto the mains, think slow-cooked duck legs with morello cherry hoisin sauce (£7.50,; ranch steak with béarnaise butter (£7.50,; a vegan harissa butternut galette (£7,; al forno lasagne (£7.50,, and more to tickle your fancy.

To keep your main company, there are plenty of tempting sides, too. We particularly like the sound of rainbow plum tomatoes in a balsamic glaze (£2.75,, but dishes such as heart-shaped potato croquettes (£2.75, or hasselback potatoes (£2.75, could also hit the spot. As for desserts, on the menu is mango and passionfruit meringue clouds (£3.75,; orange blossom Basque cheesecake heart (£3.75,, and more for two to devour.

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Co-op Valentine’s Day offers

  • Price: From £7
  • Availability: Now, until 14 February
  • What’s included: Varied 

Another supermarket hoping to woo its customers with its Valentine’s Day offering is Co–op. To get the best deal possible, you will need to be a member. If nothing screams a romantic meal at home than an Italian-style menu, then plump for the prosecco and pizza meal deal, which is £10 for members, saving you £4.45, while non-members will pay £12. There’s chianti beef; chicken florentine; carbonara bianca, and more on the menu. Cash can be saved on steak (£7, and chips (£3,, too, among several main and side dish combinations – think lasagne al forno (£7.65,, and chicken, leek and smoked ham pie (£6.35, If you have a soft spot for something sweet, the supermarket has strawberry cheesecakes (£2.50,, chocolate melting-middle puddings (£3,, and Valentine’s Day cupcakes (£1,25,

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Morrisons Valentine’s Day meal deals

  • Price: £15
  • Availability: Now, until 14 February
  • What’s included: Starters, mains, two sides, a dessert and a drink

Morrisons will also be vying for a spot at your Valentine’s Day dinner table. From the menu, pick starters, mains, two sides, a dessert and a drink from the supermarket’s The Best range, for £15 all in. You could fan the flames of love with starters such as tempura prawns with a sweet chilli dip (£4.25,; camembert heart (£4.99,; and a Mediterranean mezze (£4,

Then turn up the heat with main courses such as chicken parmigiana (£6.50,; Smoked salmon with lemon and pepper butter (£7.50,; mac and cheese (£6.99,, and more. Add sides such as roasted chantenay carrots with acacia honey butter (£2.75,; ciabatta sticks (£2.20,; cauliflower cheese (£2.75,; parmesan and truffle mash (£2.75,, and a handful of other dishes sure to make a foodie’s heart skip a beat.

If all of that wasn’t enough, you can tuck into desserts such as raspberry profiteroles (£3.50, and cheesecake pots, from black forest (£3.50, to lemon (£3.75, Drinks span boozy bottles such as The Best prosecco (£7, and Peronis (£7,, but alcohol-free options haven’t been neglected, with Sicilian lemonade (£2.15, and ginger beer (£2.15, among the offerings, too.

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Amazon Fresh Valentine’s Day meal deal

  • Price: £9
  • Availability: Now, until 21 February
  • What’s included: Mains, sides and desserts

Amazon Fresh is hoping you’ll love its £9 Valentine’s Day meal deal for two. Running until 21 February, it covers a main and side from the By Amazon range, followed by dessert (availability may depend on your region). The Amazon Fresh online grocery store is available only if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime, but you can still sign up for a 30-day free trial.

You’re in the right place if meaty mains are right up your street. The likes of hoisin sauce duck legs (£7.25,, pulled pork with apple BBQ sauce (£5.50,, slow-cooked buffalo chilli wings (£3.35,, beef brisket with BBQ sauce (£7.75,, and lamb shanks with minted gravy (£8.40, are on the menu, but if you’re vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

To couple with your main, choose from sides such as sweet potato fries (£2.25,, triple cooked chips (£1.46,, fine beans with mangetout and tenderstem broccoli, and a Mediterranean-style vegetable mix with garlic purée (£1.60, To round things off, cheesecake lovers will adore the Gü delights on offer, including zillionaire (£1.76,, lemon (£3.30,, strawberry and clotted cream (£3.35,, salted caramel (£3.35,, and Free From vegan chocolate and vanilla cheesecakes (£3.35,

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Aldi Valentine’s Day meal deal

  • Price: From £6.77
  • Availability: Now
  • What’s included: Varies

Budget supermarket Aldi has announced its Valentine’s Day meal deals will be landing on shelves from 9 February, with prices starting at less than £3.50 per person, or £6.77 for two people.

This most inexpensive combination of dine-in dishes includes heart-shaped garlic bread (£1.29), followed by lobster pasta (£2.99), and white chocolate and raspberry panna cotta twin pots (£2.49). If you want a bottle of something boozy to share, it’s worth keeping in mind this will bump up the price a tad – so, if you were to add a bottle of sauvignon blanc, the price would be bumped up to £10.86 for two people.

If these picks from the new menu don’t float your boat, other mains include nduja-style bacon-wrapped chicken breast with sundried tomato (£4.49), wagyu beef pizza and sticky Asian glaze (£4.99), sea bass fillets with Asian inspired butter (£4.49), and for the plant-based option, a vegan pie (£1.99). To accompany your main dish, you might want to choose one of the sides available, whether that’s a green veg medley (£1.99) or wagyu thick-cut chips (£2.29). As for the puds, should the panna cotta not take your fancy, the tear-and-share cookie (£2.99), or a vegan chocolate brownie might catch your eye.

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