8 best outdoor wood burners

Whether you’re after a decorative chiminea, a striking firepit or a burner that doubles up as a BBQ, Giles Bidder finds a garden warmer for the job

Bring some warmth to your summer evenings in the garden and reduce your carbon footprint with eco-friendly, log-fuelled garden warmth.

There’s a wealth of styles and looks — from Gardeco's jaunty iron chimenea, to Novo's simple and modern fire basket — and we found the best and most affordable on the market.

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The steel wood burner is a prime choice with its easy-to-use appeal and simplicity. While the Tortuga clay chiminea has a traditional aesthetic that’s hard to beat, with its homely design.

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1. Gardeco Billie Small Cast Iron Chimenea in Bronze, £59.50 

2. La Hacienda Seattle Outdoor Fire Basket, £68.99

3. Landmann firepit with weatherproof cover, £104.89

4. Novo Fire Basket, £19.99

5. Steel Fire Bowl, £34.99

6. Direct Designs Square Firepit Brazier, £90

7. Argos Steel wood burner, £19.99

8. Tortuga clay chiminea, £39.99

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