Album review: Seasick Steve, Hubcap Music (Fiction)

Hubcap Music – so titled because one of the guitars he uses was made from “two hubcaps and a garden hoe” – finds Seasick Steve back on form, with an album steeped in gritty boogie and even grittier attitude.

Ginger Baker: 'I was listening to the radio when they announced my

No other band got close to Cream – or ever will I played the drums, Eric [Clapton] was the best guitarist of all time and our sets [featuring hits such as "Sunshine of Your Love"] were never the same two nights running; it was magic. Unfortunately it didn't last [the band broke up in 1968] but the reunion at the Royal Albert Hall [in 2005] was amazing; it felt like we'd not seen one another for a few weeks, not 35 years!

My Fantasy Band - Jordan Gatesmith, Howler

Vocals - Lux Interior
He was The Cramps' frontman – he died about three years ago. His voice was so spooky and so scary, as if a ghoul or a skeleton could sing. He was really punk rock.

My Fantasy Band: Foe

Guitar - Stef Ketteringham
On guitar I've got a guy named Stef Ketteringham, from a band called Shield Your Eyes.

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Letter from the editor: i on Saturday

You can’t say that we don’t give you what you want! I’ve lost count of the number of readers who have written to us asking for a Saturday edition of their favourite daily paper (see a small selection of your comments in a special edition of @i on page 14).

The Drums to round up rollercoaster year with free gig in London

This year was always going to be a good one for The Drums. The 'next Strokes', as they have lazily been labelled, were the winners of the NME Philip Hall Radar Award 2010, an accolade picked up by the likes Glasvegas in the past. The gong is awarded to the band tipped for success in 2010, and it was right on the money.