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We tried No7’s new skincare analysis device to see if it could revamp our complexion

The free in-store service is available at over 400 Boots stores nationwide

Lauren Cunningham
Wednesday 11 May 2022 13:54 BST
Your new easy skincare routine
Your new easy skincare routine (iStock/The Independent)

No7 has been around for what feels like forever (86 years to be exact) but it’s still going strong. So, when it launched a free, dermatologist-grade diagnostic device across stores nationwide, it was quite the statement. Reminding us once again that although the brand is old, it’s certainly keeping up with (and possibly leading) new innovation.

Called the pro derm scan, you may have seen it make recent headlines, or pop up on Instagram with your favourite celebs and influencers showing off the new device. But, what happens after your face has been scanned and how does it help your skincare routine?

We tested out the 15-minute face scan one month ago and have been using only the No7 products it recommended – bar a Chanel sunscreen for added sun protection when on holiday – every day since. Now we’re finally ready to share with you just how the process works and, more importantly, the results.

Spoiler alert, they’ve blown us away, and, while most beauty reviews are just done by look and feel alone, this time we got a follow-up scan to see, in numbers, just how much of an impact these products had.

So, keep reading below to find out how it all works, what products we used and just how big a difference they made.

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How does the No7 pro derm scan work?

Available for 15-minute bookable appointments or walk-ins, these scans can be found at No7 counters in 429 Boots stores nationwide.

The pro derm scan is a small handheld device that attaches to an iPhone used by the No7 rep and the device scans the skin for four core elements – hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, pores and oil balance – giving each one a score out of five from poor to good. Bear in mind that 5 is the best score for all areas bar the oil balance which has an optimum score of 3. Our results were as follows:

Results before using the No7 skincare routine:

  • Hydration: 3/5
  • Fine lines and wrinkles: 3/5
  • Pores: 5/5
  • Oil balance: 1/5

This tech has been developed over six years with Canadian firm FitSkin and consultant dermatologist Prof. Rod Hay. The device has three core elements – a hydration sensor, a magnification lens, and multispectral-lighting – which capture images of twenty million skin areas at 30 times magnification, detect features five times smaller than a human hair, and use machine learning technology to evaluate the results.

Once the scan is finished, you’ll be given a recommended and tailored skincare routine to suit your skin needs as well as a make-up colour match too.

The skincare routine

After conducting its own research, No7 found that “75 per cent of women only use a third of their skincare and makeup with a further 86 per cent confirming they have bought a skincare product only to try it and find it doesn’t suit their skin”.

So, the aim of the scan is to reduce people buying products that won’t work for them, develop a skincare routine targeting areas your skin could improve in and provide everyone with a simple daily routine that is easy to follow – which seems like a win on all fronts.

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Of course, there’s no need to actually buy any of the products after having the free scan, but if you are coming to the end of a lot of your skincare products, then starting again with a new tailored routine is definitely worth a go. And, what’s better, all products purchased come under the No7 challenge, meaning if you aren’t happy with the results after four weeks of usage then you can send them back for a refund.

We were recommended the following seven products for a full new skincare routine, which, may either seem like a huge amount or not nearly enough, depending on your own current routine. Here are the products we used.

No7 radiant results revitalising micellar cleansing water: £6.95,


Micellar water is one of the most basic beauty essentials anyone can use quickly and easily. Cleanse morning and evening by simply adding some of the liquid to a cotton wool pad – we recommend the re-usable face halo pads (£14.40, – swipe across the face and neck and that’s it. We would note for anyone wearing make-up a double cleanse is always advisable with a heavier cleanser like the below.

Buy now

No7 cleansing balm: £12.95,


Heavy eye make-up, foundation and even glitter melted off with this cleansing balm beautifully. We didn’t use it every day, only on days when we had make-up on or felt like a double cleanse was really needed, but it was great to have in the back of the cabinet in case.

Buy now

No7 protect and perfect intense advanced eye cream: £17.95,


No basic skincare routine is complete without an eye cream both morning and evening. With shea butter and hyaluronic acid for hydration, ginseng extract to revive tired-looking eyes and an antioxidant complex to help protect against free radical damage, this is a great option. And, the proof is in the pro derm scan with this one as fine lines and wrinkles went from a 3/5 to a 5/5.

Buy now

No7 protect & perfect intense advanced serum: £29.95, 


Another one we used both morning and evening, this serum was an easy extra step in our new routine. No7 claim that when using this product, “after 4 weeks fine lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced”, but while we can’t pinpoint exactly which product worked to improve our skin the most, the full regime definitely did live up to this claim.

With hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C and E, mulberry and ginseng extracts and pro-retinol, it acts a bit like a super smoothie for your skin. And, a little goes a long way, our tube seems still nearly full – so, if you only buy one product, we’d urge you to pick this.

Buy now

No7 protect & perfect intense advanced day cream: £24.95,


Now, the day and night creams were the only product we had a slight issue with, and that’s because they are open top jars. With any pot style product that you have to put your fingers in there’s always a risk of bacteria transfer, so just be sure to either wash your hands thoroughly before or use a cotton wool pad or spatula to take the product out.

Aside from that though, this cream is rather lovely. It has similar ingredients in it to the serum and eye cream including ginseng extract, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and also rice peptides, and really helps to seal all of the products in with a good burst of moisture. It does include an SPF15 and 5 star UVA protection which is a bonus, but, please do add an additional higher factor SPF when going outside in summer months.

Buy now

No7 protect & perfect intense advanced night cream: £24.95,


Working as a mirror image of the day cream but for nighttime, this cream is slightly thicker and uses a blend of anti-oxidant vitamin E, hydrating shea butter, and has a slight fragrance to help you drift off.

Buy now

No7 advanced ingredients hyaluronic acid & camellia oil facial capsules: £19.95,

(No7 )

For just an added extra boost on days where we wanted to treat ourselves that little bit more, these plant-based capsules were a great addition. Simply open and blend into the night cream for an added hit of hyaluronic acid and nourishing camellia oil.

Buy now

The results

After 30 days testing we noticed a visible improvement in how even our skin tone was, how plump and hydrated our face felt, and most importantly to our tester, how much the lines across our forehead and corners of our eyes had faded. And when we went back to the No7 counter the proof was in the pudding

Results after using the No7 skincare routine:

  • Hydration: 4/5
  • Fine lines and wrinkles: 5/5
  • Pores: 5/5
  • Oil balance: 3/5

The results speak for themselves, this routine really did work and we couldn’t be more impressed.

The verdict: No7 skincare analysis

It’s one thing to think your skin is looking healthier, brighter and plumper, but having real-time results is a gamechanger. With that, we can’t fault this new routine and would encourage everyone, whether you want to buy the products or not, to try the pro derm scan when next walking past a Boots store. Our tester has converted their routine and it doesn’t look like they’ll be going back.

As a reminder here was our full skincare routine below:


  • No7 radiant results revitalising micellar cleansing water: £6.95,
  • No7 protect & perfect intense advanced serum: £29.95,
  • No7 protect & perfect intense advanced eye cream: £17.95,
  • No7 protect & perfect intense advanced day cream: £24.95,


  • No7 radiant results revitalising micellar cleansing water: £6.95,
  • (If wearing make-up) No7 cleansing balm: £12.95,
  • No7 protect & perfect intense advanced serum: £29.95,
  • No7 protect & perfect intense advanced eye cream: £17.95,
  • (For an added treat) No7 advanced ingredients hyaluronic acid and camellia oil facial capsules: £19.95,
  • No7 protect & perfect intense advanced night cream: £24.95,

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