The best Amazon Gaming Week deals: Discounts on laptops, headsets, keyboards and more

All the peripherals you could ever want are currently on offer

Alex Lee
Wednesday 12 May 2021 13:04
<p>Whatever kit you need to improve your game, we’ve tested plenty of products</p>

Whatever kit you need to improve your game, we’ve tested plenty of products

It’s not every day that we see a massive sale on mountains of gaming gear. But for one week only, laptops, keyboards, mice and many more are on sale at Amazon. We’ll never say no to a little discount when it comes to killer gaming setups that give us an edge.

It’s Amazon Gaming Week, meaning there are promotions and discounts on many of our favourite gaming accessories, all ahead of Amazon Prime Day in June. And, better yet, the Gaming Week sales are open to non-Prime members as well.

The retailer is also running a daily quiz, giving you the chance to win gaming gear prizes. From what we can see, the questions are pretty easy and nothing that a quick Google won’t bring up.       

While the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 aren’t included in the sale – we’re all still struggling to get a hold of one, let alone get one at a discount – you can find plenty of PS5 accessories. There’s also up to 60 per cent off some Razer and Logitech mice, headsets and keyboards, and the price of some gaming laptops have been slashed.  

We’ve scoured high and low through Amazon’s Gaming Week sales to find the best deals. You can find our top picks on gaming products below.

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Amazon Gaming Week deals: Where to get them

Below we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite gaming peripherals included in the Gaming Week sale, but for the full list, check out the Amazon Gaming Week page.

Best gaming mouse deals 

Razer viper: Was £79.99, now £54.99,

The Razer viper 8k is our top pick in our round-up of the best gaming mice, and while it isn’t discounted in Amazon’s Gaming Week sale, its slightly less-powerful little brother, the Razer viper, is. Amazon is giving you £25 off its usual price – a 31 per cent saving.

The Razer viper has a 5G optical sensor, engineered with up to 16,000 dpi sensitivity and a 99.4 per cent resolution accuracy. It only weighs 69g and boasts an ambidextrous chassis instead of a skeletal body. There’s also a speed flex cable for minimal drag and smooth control.

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Corsair katar pro XT: Was £34.99, now £24.99,

Corsair’s ultra-light gaming mouse is one of our favourite budget options, and the pro XT made it into our round-up of the best gaming mice – it’s £10 cheaper during Gaming Week. In our gaming mice round-up, our reviewer said that it is “designed with FPS and MOBA games in mind”, and that “it offers an 18,000 dpi optical sensor that can be easily customised in one dpi increments if needed”. 

According to Corsair, the Omron switches in the device are guaranteed for 50 million clicks, although obviously we weren’t in a position to confirm that. “Response times when clicking feel instant to the human eye and its highly lightweight design (of just over 70g) is ideal if you need the lightest mouse possible,” our reviewer added. Plus you can switch profiles at the click of a button, handy if you need different setups for different games.

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Corsair M65 RGB elite: Was £59.99, now £39.99,

Another Corsair mouse which made it onto our round-up of the best gaming mice is on sale right now. The M65 RGB lite is just £39.99 at the moment, giving you a nice saving of £20. In our gaming mice round-up, our reviewer said that it offers a few notable features over its rivals, including adjustable weights that you can add or remove to ensure you get the correct feeling in your hand.

Alongside that are some neatly located programmable buttons – there are eight in all, “including one with crosshairs on it that is referred to as a “sniper button”. Well placed, they’re ideally suited for FPS gaming and “do feel like they make a difference as you play”, our reviewer added. It’s a chunkier mouse than others, so it’s more suited to bigger hands and it has a dpi optical sensor of 18,000, with the ability to adjust it in one dpi increments.

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Asus ROG strix impact II: Was £69.99, now £54.99,

While the Asus ROG pugio II, featured in our round-up of the best gaming mice, isn’t on sale at the moment, the Asus ROG strix impact II is. You can currently get £15 off its usual price of £69.99.  

The mouse has a 16,000 dpi, 400 IPS optical sensor and up to 89 hours of battery life if you leave the RGB lighting off. The company’s “smarthop” technology always switches to the cleanest channel, giving you smooth control.

There’s also a pivoted button mechanism for faster and more responsive mouse clicks, and an on-the-fly dpi button to help you adjust the sensitivity of the mouse without having to navigate into the settings. 

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Best gaming headset deals

Razer kraken tournament edition: Was £99.99, now £58.99,

The Razer kraken X makes a noble appearance in our round-up of the best gaming headsets, and the tournament edition of the kraken is just as good. You can save a whopping £41 during the Gaming Week sales on Amazon.

The kraken has full audio controls thanks to the USB audio controller, letting you turn on THX spatial audio for 360-degree sound, control over both the volume and bass levels and even configure the game and chat balance, ensuring your teammates never overpower the game audio or vice versa. 

The headset features custom-tuned 50mm drivers, providing you with a wide soundscape so that you can hear those subtle footsteps sneaking up behind you, as well as the boom of those gunfights and explosions.

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Astro A10 gaming headset: Was £59.99, now £49.79,

Although the wireless Astro A50, which features in our round-up of the best wireless gaming headsets, isn’t on sale at the moment, the wired Astro A10 are only £49.79. The A10 has a neutral sound spectrum, delivering you true-to-life sound.

The A10 prioritises comfort, with Astro saying that it has been designed for marathon gaming sessions, with cloth and synthetic leather ear cushions for comfort and acoustic performance. Plus the brand says that they fit comfortably, even if you’re gaming with a VR headset.

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Best gaming keyboard deals

Razer blackwidow V3 pro: Was £249.99, now £149.99,

The pro version of the blackwidow gaming keyboard currently has a massive £100 off its usual price. The standard blackwidow V3 keyboard appears on our round-up of the best gaming keyboards and the blackwidow V3 pro is a step up from that.          

The V3 pro takes advantage of Razer’s “hyperspeed” wireless technology, but also lets you connect up to three devices using Bluetooth. You can toggle between them seamlessly with one switch. There’s also a transparent switch housing, letting you see those dynamic lighting customisations. 

The V3 pro keycaps also have extra-thick walls which make them tough enough to withstand constant spamming of the trigger button.

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Asus ROG strix scope RX: Was £124.99, now £99.99,

Another gaming peripheral that appears on one of our round-ups is on sale this week. The Asus ROG strix scope RX is one of our best gaming keyboards, and it’s aimed squarely at those who play first-person shooters.

It has an extended left ctrl button for easy crouching and a compact design to give players maximum mouse movement. It also has a “stealth” button to instantly hide everything on screen. In our round-up, our reviewer said that they found the keys a little too sensitive for day-to-day typing and gaming, “but for twitchy FPS, that mild negative can easily be recast as a positive”. 

On top of that, our reviewer added that “the construction is solid, it feels robust and it’s even IP56-certified for protection against water and dust, meaning gamers can drink nearby with confidence”. 

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Best gaming monitors and gaming laptop deals 

Samsung LC49RG90SSUXEN 49in curved LED gaming monitor: Was £1,099.99, now £799,

This massive 49in dual QHD curved gaming monitor is the equivalent of two 27in QHD displays put side by side, and it now has £300.99 off in the Amazon Gaming Week sale. It has a smooth 120Hz refresh rate with AMD free sync 2 technology, so you get crisp HDR content, supporting a peak brightness rating of 1,000 nits. 

On top of that, the Samsung LC49RG90SSUXEN also has a super ultra-wide 32:9 (5120x1440) aspect ratio, ensuring the display curves around your field of view so that you feel like you’re really in the action.

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LG Ultragear 27GL83A-B 27in gaming monitor: Was £439.99, now £369.99,

If you’re in the market for something a little smaller than the gigantic Samsung gaming display, then the LG UltraGear might do it for you. It’s a 27in QHD gaming monitor and it currently has £70 off.    

It has an ultra-smooth 144Hz refresh rate, and is G-Sync compatible, meaning that any screen tearing or stuttering will be eliminated, keeping you ahead of the game. Dynamic action sync also reduces any input lag you might have. For any FPS gamers, LG says the crosshair is perfectly centred to increase your shooting accuracy.     

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HP pavilion 15.6in 15-dk1019na full HD gaming laptop: Was £1,149.99, now £899.99,

This HP Pavilion laptop is powered by a 10th-generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor for gaming and multitasking. It’s got improved thermal cooling for overall performance and stability. High-grade graphics come built-in thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card.

There’s also a  dual-fan system for enhanced thermal cooling which will keep your laptop from overheating when you’re in a long gaming session. You can currently get £250 off the original price this Gaming Week.  

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