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7 best anti-fog sprays and wipes that stop glasses from getting misty

We tested with specs and sunnies in different temperatures – and with a face mask too

Helen Wilson-Beevers
Monday 28 March 2022 09:11 BST
<p>Quick drying times and long-lasting effectiveness were on our checklist  </p>

Quick drying times and long-lasting effectiveness were on our checklist

An annoying side effect of wearing glasses is the mist that appears when any kind of steam hits the lens.

This fogginess happens after humidity in the air meets the cold surface, whether that vapour is caused by breathing, sweating or a change in air temperature.

Mask wearing is also synonymous with steamy glasses, thanks to our breath escaping and fogging up the lens. Other scenarios include going into a warm house from the fresh outdoors, or being in the rain.

Whichever causes the most hassle, there are a few different products that aim to help your glasses function more effectively. These anti-fog treatments work by creating a barrier coating to offset the moisture particles, stopping any humidity from steaming up the lenses.

From reusable cloths to sprays and wipes, we’ve been researching the best anti-fog buys.

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How we tested

Our tester wears glasses and trialled several sprays and wipes over a few weeks, both in different temperatures and with a face mask. Products making our best list had to improve or remove the appearance of fog. Our tester also considered solution drying time, value for money and how long the clearing effect lasted on glasses and sunglasses lenses alike.

The best anti-fog spray for glasses for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Zeiss anti-fog kit, pack of two: £15.06,
  • Best reusable buy – AB Mask anti-fog cloth: £6,
  • Best long-wearing anti-fog spray – Muc-Off premium anti-fog treatment: £9.99,
  • Best for use on the move – No Fog high performance lens cleaning wipes: £5.99,
  • Best for a large surface area – Tru-Tension anti-fog spray: £6.99,
  • Best budget buy – Optoplast anti-fog lens cleaner: £3,
  • Best for light mist – Tuknon anti-fog spray: £15.99,

Zeiss anti-fog kit, pack of two

Zeiss anti-fog kit, pack of two.jpg

Best: Overall

Rating: 9/10

This is a multi-pack buy of two kits including a 15ml anti-fog spray and cloth, presented in a useful reusable pouch with popper fastening. Having a designated cloth is handy, and each component can be kept together for future use. After cleaning our glasses, we sprayed both inside and outside lens areas before rubbing the solution in with the thick material.

Despite trying our best to get the lenses to fog up, including breathing heavily and wearing a mask on the train, they remained relatively clear. Plus, our glasses were free of fog appearing for about two days between applications. It’s worth noting the cloth can’t be washed, but having two offers a back-up. Although the bottles are small, we saw great value for money in the noticeable results.

  1. £15 from
Prices may vary
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AB Mask anti-fog cloth

AB Mask anti-fog cloth indybest.jpg

Best: Reusable buy

Rating: 9/10

This reusable lens wipe is about the same size as a standard spectacle cleaning cloth and needs to be kept dry, so we folded it up in our glasses case. Alternatively, the pouch packaging is resealable and could be placed in your bag. As instructed, we cleaned and dried our lenses, before breathing onto them to create fog and wiping each side with the fragrance-free cloth.

We were impressed to see no noticeable fog formed after application, and this result was most obvious when wearing a mask at the supermarket and during a GP appointment. For potential fog-causing scenarios, we used the cloth daily, rather than every 48 hours as marketed, because we found some mist reappeared after that point. The cloth lasts up to 1,000 uses, making it a reasonably priced option.

  1. £6 from
Prices may vary
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Muc-Off premium anti-fog treatment

Muc-Off premium anti-fog treatment indybest.jpg

Best: Long-wearing anti-fog spray

Rating: 9/10

This 32ml bottle is designed for use on car mirrors and windscreens, as well as glasses. After cleaning our lenses, we sprayed the solution on and wiped it across the front and back. The thin coating quickly absorbs, and we didn’t notice any remaining smudges or residue.

Any mist that developed quickly disappeared so we could see the treatment working when walking our dog in the rain or wearing a mask. And although it’s tempting to spray this straight on, the cleaner our glasses were, the better its fog-busting ability. It’s an undeniably a pricier purchase, but the anti-fog efficiency continued for a couple of days’ wear.

  1. £9 from
Prices may vary
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No Fog high performance lens cleaning wipes

No Fog high performance lens cleaning wipes indybest.jpg

Best: For use on the move

Rating: 8/10

This box holds 30 wipes in small individual sachets for easy storage in your bag or briefcase. We found the solution dries fast, but there was a slight smear left on our lenses that needed rubbing in. The scent of the alcohol in there as a humidity evaporator is softened by a lemon fragrance.

Our tester noted significantly reduced lens fogging when going into a shop wearing a mask, which made our trip much more manageable. Although a bit of mist lingered at times, we did find the wipes minimised the amount of lens-blocking fog over a full day and we kept a sachet in our bag for extra top-ups.

  1. £5 from
Prices may vary
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Tru-Tension anti-fog spray

Tru-Tension anti-fog spray indybest.jpg

Best: For a large surface area

Rating: 7.5/10

The generous 75ml bottle has a spray nozzle and we applied the solution to lenses before rubbing it in on both sides. A tiny spray provides enough product for one entire lens, and the liquid quickly buffs in without smearing.

The product barrier gets to work immediately, and even when purposely trying to fog up our glasses, any mist was less dense. Although it didn’t completely clear, the minimal fog which started to form dissipated quickly. Because of the product coverage created with a small amount, we’d use this spray on big sunglasses and larger lenses.

  1. £6 from
Prices may vary
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Tuknon anti-fog spray

Tuknon anti-fog spray indybest.jpg

Best: For light mist

Rating: 7/10

This box contains two sprays, if you’re looking to double up. We sprayed the treatment onto clean lenses and subsequently wiped them with a separate microfibre cloth. At first, we couldn’t see much improvement, but after spraying on a few layers in quick succession, this product became more effective. On a rainy dog walk there was less misting than usual. As long as you’re happy to build up coats, this spray works for scenarios when glasses get slightly steamed-up rather than full-on foggy.

  1. £15 from
Prices may vary
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The verdict: Anti-fog spray for glasses

Our best buy goes to Zeiss’s anti-fog kit, for being an all-in-one solution that stopped our glasses getting foggy. Meanwhile, AB Mask’s anti-fog cloth is a reusable wipe option that gave us at least 24 hours’ fog-free wear, for a reasonable price. Finally, Muc-Off’s premium anti-fog treatment provided a long-lasting coating to eradicate lens mistiness.

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