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Ruggable review: Did the washable rug survive coffee spills and muddy paws?

We put one of the brand’s designs to the test, to find out just how practical the rugs are

Eva Waite-Taylor
Thursday 20 June 2024 08:45 BST
We purposefully spilt drinks to see how the washable rug coped
We purposefully spilt drinks to see how the washable rug coped (The Independent)

Whether you have a pet or little ones running around, keeping a rug looking clean and fresh is no mean feat. They’re subject to the general wear and tear of your home and can occasionally be more hassle than they’re worth.

So, what’s the solution? Washable rugs, of course. This may conjure up negative thoughts of wipeable items, but we think we’ve found a company that proves otherwise.

One such brand is Ruggable. What started out as a US sensation has since brought its rugs over to the UK, and they’ve been seen all over Instagram. If you’re yet to be initiated to the company’s take on floor coverings, it essentially offers machine-washable mats.

A Ruggable rug includes a non-slip rug pad and a removable cover. The cover is lightweight and designed to be put in the washing machine, so you can spill things on it to your heart’s content.

The brand produces indoor and outdoor rugs, and there are thousands of designs to choose from, including Disney and Star Wars-inspired options. However, are they as practical as they sound? We put them to the test, to find out.

How we tested Ruggable

Initially, we assessed the number of designs that the brand offers, looking for those that can be placed indoors and outside. When the rug arrived, we tested how it fared in areas of the home that get a lot of use (we have a dog and a cat running around), and we even purposefully spilt drinks on it to see how it coped – popping it in the washing machine to see whether it came out looking as good as new.

Ruggable kamran coral rug

Ruggable indybest review kamran coral rug
  • Sizes available for area rug: 60cm x 90cm, 90cm x 150cm, 120cm x 185cm, 150cm x 215cm, 185cm x 275cm, 200cm x 290cm, 245cm x 305cm, 275cm x 365cm, 305cm x 425cm
  • Rug pad thickness: 0.3cm or 1cm
  • Material: Polyester with polyurethane barrier
  • Why we love it
    • Variety of sizes and designs
    • Convenient choice for pet owners
    • Rug cover can be changed (instead of buying a whole new rug)
    • Machine washable
    • Good price
  • Take note
    • Difficult to allign rug and pad perfectly
    • May need laundrette if you have a small washing machine


With so many different designs, it was a tough call choosing one to test, but we picked this neutral option, which we thought would go with just about every home decor. Underneath the kamran, we opted for a cushioned rug pad – this layer gives a bit more bounce than the brand’s classic pad, which it recommends for under doorways or rolling furniture.

Having said that, we were also particularly taken by the Delphina delft blue rug (from £99,, while this flatwoven warm sand re-jute rug (from £179, would be the ideal natural addition to your home. Similarly, the Moroccan diamond plush rug (from £109, is a bang on trend, Berber-style option.

For outdoor use, we’d recommend opting for something with darker tones, owing to the British weather. We fell in love with the Havana multicolour rug (from £159,, which would add a nice pop of colour to your garden.

Each rug is available in a range of dimensions, too, so you should be able to find the perfect fit for your home.

Underfoot, we found the rug to be soft but not a thick, dense pile. The company does offer some plush options, however, if you like the feeling of your feet sinking into the pile.


The rug arrived rolled up in a cardboard box. We’d advise making sure the area where you want to put your rug is completely clear of items, so you can make sure there are no lumps or bumps. It’s worth noting that the corners of our rug didn’t completely align with the non-slip pad, owing to the fact the pad was smaller than the top layer – this made it difficult to ensure a neat fit.

Owing to the way in which the rug and pad come packaged, we would have rather had them pre-stuck together, which would have avoided the struggle of getting it to look as neat as possible.


To see how well the rug washed, we committed an act of pure sacrilege and spilt coffee on it, and allowed muddy paws to run free.

When it comes to washing the rug, it is simple, but washing instructions do vary depending on the type of cover you’ve opted for.

For ours – a chenille rug – we simply removed the cover from the pad and put it in the washing machine, with the design facing outwards and washed it on a cold setting with a non-bleach based detergent. It was a little bit of a squeeze trying to get the rug in, so, if your washing machine is on the smaller side, we’d recommend a trip to the laundrette, which should set you back less than £5. While the brand says you can tumble dry the rug on a low-heat setting, we air-dried ours.

We were impressed with how well it looked, with no muddy paw prints or coffee stains in sight.

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Ruggable FAQs

Are Ruggable rugs worth it?

When it comes to making sure a rug stays clean and looking as good as new, a Ruggable rug is a great option. Being able to easily put it in the washing machine to freshen it up is ideal, and it is certainly worth it for those with pets or kids around.

Can I buy Ruggable in store?

You can only buy a Ruggable rug online, as the brand does not have any stores in the UK.

Are Ruggable rugs good for dogs?

The rugs are designed to be pet-friendly, as the cover can be easily removed from the pad and cleaned in the washing machine to remove dirt (and slobber).

Can you get Ruggable in the UK?

The brand launched in the US in 2010, and after becoming a huge hit across the pond, Ruggable is now available in the UK.

Where are Ruggable rugs made?

Ruggable rugs are made in Birmingham, England, using imported materials.

How to set up a Ruggable rug

Assembling the rug’s top layer to the non-slip pad isn’t the easiest thing to do, particularly if you’re low on space. First of all, after removing it from the box, we’d recommend unrolling and re-rolling the rug cover, design side in, before moving to one side. Once you’ve done this, you can unroll the rug pad onto the floor. When it’s in place and flat, you’re ready to align the rug cover over the top. The back of the rug cover is a soft fabric that’s designed to stick to the pad, so you’ll want to remove any lumps or bumps quickly as you unroll it.

The verdict: Ruggable rugs

There are a number of reasons to opt for Ruggable rugs. Firstly, there is a huge number of designs to choose from, so there’s bound to be one that will complement your home interiors. There’s also a number of different sizes, meaning there’ll certainly be one to fit every space in your house.

Secondly, if you have a busy home, with four-legged friends and little ones causing spillages, you’ll be glad that you won’t need to get your rug professionally cleaned.

Finally, once you’ve bought your rug and rug pad, you can change the rug cover for a new one, should you change your mind, which is obviously a more pocket-friendly way of buying a new rug.

Depending on the size, they’re affordable and certainly bring a space to life. We absolutely love the way the Kamran coral rug looks in our home and the convenience of being able to clean it in the washing machine is a serious bonus.

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