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8 best baby car mirrors to keep an eye on little ones while you drive

From entertaining features to light-up designs, these will help monitor mini passengers

Zoe Griffin
Tuesday 14 March 2023 13:28 GMT
<p>We considered ease of securing the mirror into position and the angle it gave </p>

We considered ease of securing the mirror into position and the angle it gave

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If your baby goes quiet, it could be a sign they’re up to mischief. Or it could just be because they’re asleep. When you’re driving and your little one is sitting behind you in a rear-facing car seat, the only way to be sure of what’s going on is to use a car-seat mirror.

Affix a mirror to the headrest in front of your baby, then adjust the angle so it’s looking down over them and you’ll see their face every time you look in the car’s rear-view mirror. You won’t have to turn around to check on them, risking an accident. Nor will you have to pull over if you’re worried about what they’re doing. And, if you do a lot of driving after dark, or you want to be prepared for winter when the sun sets earlier, you can get mirrors that have a light around them, meaning you won’t have to turn on your rear-seat lights to see what’s happening in the back.

It’s a legal requirement for babies to face backwards until they’re 15 months old or 9kg in weight, so a mirror will provide you with reassurance for many months. Some mirrors can also be entertaining for a baby, either because they enjoy looking at their own reflections or because there are toys and rattles attached to the mirror, ready for your little one to grab.

A good baby car mirror will sit securely around the headrest, no matter how much the car travels over speedbumps, up and down hills or around twisty roads. Whether it’s attached by Velcro, buckles or straps that you need to knot, make sure the fittings are adjustable, so you can attach it without any wobble room.

To help you choose the best in-car baby mirror for your family adventures, we road-tested ones from the high street and independent brands, and mixed up classic models with more playful designs. At the end of the road, these are the best eight options out there.

How we tested

We tested the baby car mirrors during short drives around the city, as well as during trips of more than an hour, to make sure they stayed in place. We assessed each mirror on the ease of securing it into position and the angle it gave of the baby. We also watched to see how little ones interacted with each mirror, assessing the effect the mirror had on their behaviour and whether it helped them to relax and enjoy the ride.

The best baby car mirrors for 2023 are:

  • Best overall – Infantino go gaga elephant activity mirror: £19.99,
  • Best light-up car mirror – John Lewis & Partners light-up car mirror: £24,
  • Best value for money  Mamas & Papas in-car baby mirror: £16,
  • Best for road safety  Royal Rascals baby car mirror: £13.49,

Infantino go gaga elephant activity mirror

best baby car mirror uk with light for rear facing seat
  • Best: Overall
  • Dimensions: 27.5cm x 22.5cm x 5cm
  • Installation: Two ties and two rings to fit around the headrest

Infantino has designed a mirror that amuses babies and adults alike in the form of the gaga elephant activity mirror. The bright design means it’s easy to spot in your rear-view mirror for a quick check on the baby. And it also means your little passenger will have something fun to look at, making travelling more entertaining.

There are two toys hanging from the bottom of this mirror, with ribbons to grab and rings to pull. This will distract even the most reluctant of baby travellers, helping them enjoy the journey more. No matter how hard they pull, the mirror will stay in place around the headrest, thanks to secure ties and rings.

Bonus points are given for the fact it’s a versatile piece of kit – when you’re done using it in the car, release it from the headrest and use at home for tummy-time practice or to amuse your baby while they’re in their favourite rocker.

  1. £19 from
Prices may vary
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John Lewis & Partners light-up car mirror

best baby car mirror uk with light for rear facing seat
  • Best: Light-up car mirror
  • Dimensions: 19cm x 26cm x 2cm
  • Installation: Two sturdy straps with buckles

If the thought of driving after dark with your baby fills you with dread, this mirror could help calm those worries. The first benefit is that turning the light on before you put your mini passenger in their car seat makes it much easier to do up the straps in the dark.

Once our baby tester was in the seat, the LED lights captured their attention and had them mesmerised, meaning they were too distracted to complain about anything. The LED light is warm, so it’s gentle on their sensitive eyes and not distracting to the driver either.

We found the mirror really easy to install by simply clipping it round the back of the headrest and tightening the adjustable straps. The quality of the mirror is excellent, giving us a clear view of the baby without distortion.

Overall, it felt sturdy and made to last, so we felt the £24 cost was well worth it, given that the mirror can be used night and day for months to come – or even years, if you have a second or third child.

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Royal Rascals baby car mirror

best baby car mirror uk with light for rear facing seat
  • Best: For road safety
  • Dimensions: 24.5cm x 17.5cm x 5cm
  • Installation: Two adjustable buckle straps

The striking yellow colour of this car mirror means you can spot it in your rear-view mirror straightaway. This minimises the amount of time you need to look away from the road when you check on your child. It also gives a crystal-clear view in the mirror’s reflection, so you’re never struggling to see what’s happening. This is thanks to laser-cut acrylic – not glass – which is shatterproof and lightweight.

Despite being one of the most affordable mirrors we tried, this felt extremely high-quality, with a sturdy mount and two straps for a super-secure fit.

We loved the 360-degree ball joint that means it can be adjusted and turned easily to give the best possible view of your baby. As a bonus, it comes with a free “Baby on Board” sign for your rear window.

  1. £13 from
Prices may vary
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BeSafe mirror XL2 with light

best baby car mirror uk with light for rear facing seat
  • Best: For a full view
  • Dimensions: 29cm x 22cm x 5cm
  • Installation: Two adjustable straps with buckles

The XL2 lives up to its name, as it has an extremely large surface area, which we loved. The convex design gave us a wide angle of our baby passenger, providing a great snapshot of exactly what they were doing behind our back.

As the mirror is so large, you never have to worry about adjusting the angle, as you can see your little one no matter where the mirror’s affixed.

We loved how this mirror lights up for driving after dark – operated by a remote control that attaches to a sun visor to ensure it’s never misplaced. Use it to see what your baby’s doing at night without fear of waking them. The light automatically switches off after two minutes, so it’s never a long-term distraction.

If you want your baby to sleep peacefully in the car, this is one of the best mirrors for the job.

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Brica 360 baby in-sight car mirror

best baby car mirror uk with light for rear facing seat
  • Best: For a secure fit
  • Dimensions: 29.5cm x 7cm x 21cm
  • Installation: Two sturdy straps made from seatbelt material

Super easy to install, sturdy straps made of seatbelt material buckle onto a headrest. Once tightened, the durable straps provide no room for it to wiggle or fall out of place, giving you one less thing to worry about while you’re on the road.

The mirror rotates a full 360 degrees, helping you to find the perfect angle for a good view of your baby with ease. And when you’re looking backwards, you’ll appreciate the large surface area that allows you to have a bigger picture of your baby.

The minimalist black design provides a distraction-free driving experience, which could be appreciated if your little one likes to sleep in the car and you often go for a drive in the hope of getting them to nod off.

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Benbat oly car mirror

best baby car mirror uk with light for rear facing seat
  • Best: For distracting baby
  • Dimensions: 25.5cm x 29.5cm x 8cm
  • Installation: One adjustable strap that affixes vertically around the headrest

This cute mirror in the shape of a robot definitely provided the most entertainment for our baby passenger. It was the only mirror we tested that could play music, which turned into both a blessing and a curse. It was sweet to watch our baby’s reaction for the first five minutes, but the music did start to grate a bit after 15 minutes or so.

That said, we did quite enjoy the four different white-noise options, which really settled our little traveller and gave us some much-needed calm.

The music and white noise, as well as the blinking-eyes and light-up antennae, can be operated via a remote control, so you can choose just how much entertainment to offer and ensure it doesn’t distract you from the road.

The warm-red antennae will allow you to monitor baby after dark without blinding them with white light, which is a clever design feature.

  1. £29 from
Prices may vary
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Mamas & Papas in-car baby mirror

best baby car mirror uk with light for rear facing seat
  • Best: Value for money
  • Dimensions: 23cm x 32cm x 1cm
  • Installation: One thick strap with clip

Babies can be expensive, so we’re all up for making savings wherever possible. This mirror has multiple attachments to ensure it fits in different vehicles, and a convex design, so you can see out to the sides as well as directly behind, making it excellent value for £16.

The mirror’s 32cm width was one of the biggest we tried, and we found that, if you angled it just right, you could see two children in the back at the same time.

Despite the affordable price point, there’s no compromise on safety features, as the mirror part is shatterproof and the frame is soft to the touch. This is a high-quality, well-made car mirror for an unbeatable price.

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Munchkin Brica swing baby in-sight mirror

best baby car mirror uk with light for rear facing seat
  • Best: For a young baby
  • Dimensions: 30.5cm x 31.1cm x 6.9cm
  • Installation: One wide adjustable strap with clip

Small babies can occasionally find being placed in a back seat disturbing, especially if they don’t have any siblings to sit with. However, this adorable baby mirror features two little friends in the form of a ladybird and a monkey to give baby something fun to look at. Even better is that the animals swing with the motion of the car, which will captivate a little ones’ attention, even if they’ve seen it moving several times.

The mirror features Brica’s clear-sight mirror technology, so you’ll be able to check up on your baby with just a quick backwards glance. When we tested this mirror, there were a few occasions when we looked back to see our young traveller giggling or smiling, which made for a more enjoyable drive.

As children get past the six-months mark, they may need more entertainment to distract them, but even at that age, this mirror will still be useful to see what they’re getting up to behind your back.

  1. £23 from
Prices may vary
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The verdict: Baby car mirrors

With a large surface area providing a great view for parents and toys to entertain the baby, the Infantino go gaga elephant mirror will improve car journeys for adults as well as kids. However, if you’re nervous about night driving, the light-up mirrors from John Lewis & Partners and BeSafe are both affordable options that will provide you with extra peace of mind after dark.

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