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The Lego Atari 2600 set is out now and it’s perfect for nostalgic gaming fans

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Jasper Pickering
Monday 01 August 2022 12:03 BST
Get your game on with this Eighties icon
Get your game on with this Eighties icon (iStock/The Independent)

The Atari 2600 is one of the most famous home video games consoles ever made and now Lego has announced a new set to commemorate Atari’s 50th anniversary – and it’s available now to purchase.

Lego has been building elaborate gaming-themed Lego sets for a while, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (£199,99,, and now it’s taken on another icon of the Eighties. Not only does this new set feature Atari’s home console but a replica of the system’s joystick that can even articulate like the real thing.

The 2600 was first introduced to living rooms in 1977 and the new Lego set is based on the four-switch revision which debuted in 1980. The platform was responsible for popularising major titles – and also helped cause the video game crash of 1983, though the less said about that, the better.

Miniature 3D recreations of three of Atari’s titles, Asteroids, Centipede and Adventure, are also included as part of the set, as well as cartridges of each title, which can be inserted into the console and matching storage unit.

To find out how to buy Lego’s Atari 2600 set and what features are included, keep on reading.

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Lego Atari 2600 set: £209.99,

  • Price: £209.99
  • Model number: #10306
  • Dimensions: H8cm, W33cm, D22cm
  • Number of pieces: 2,532
  • Ages: 18+

The Lego Atari 2600 not only comes complete with a faux lacquered wood casing but also includes three game cartridges, as well as a moveable joystick.

There’s even a secret compartment inside the console itself that reveals a diorama of a games room that looks like it was ripped straight out of the Eighties. Each game that comes included with the system also includes a model display of each game, as well as illustrations of the game on each of the three cartridges, that can be inserted into the 2600, as well as amakeshift shelf.

The set is currently priced at £209.99 and is now available to purchase.

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The set is a similar size and also includes a cartridge of the original Super Mario Bros as well as a TV set featuring a revolving recreation of the first level. In our round-up of the best gaming-themed Lego sets, we described the set as “a glorious tribute to Nintendo’s long video game history and a challenging but rewarding build for older fans that deserves to sit on your shelf.”

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