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Dyson corrale review: Does the hair straightener that put cordless styling on the map really live up to the hype?

The portable tool teams stylish design with cutting-edge science, here’s what we thought

Sarah Young
Thursday 22 July 2021 16:48 BST
<p>The gadget can straighten and create curls while reducing heat-styling damage</p>

The gadget can straighten and create curls while reducing heat-styling damage

Back in 2016, Dyson – the brand we all associate with high-end vacuum cleaners and powerhouse fans – made a surprise entry into the world of beauty with the launch of its supersonic hair dryer (£299.99, It looked like something plucked from the future and promised intense power with minimal noise and heat damage.

Then, two years later, it released what is arguably one of the most innovative hair tools on the market to date: the airwrap (£449.99, A multi-use gadget, it practically broke the internet with its ability to not just curl and volumise hair, but also simultaneously blow dry it using air, rather than direct heat.

However, the latest addition to Dyson’s range of cutting edge haircare products, the corrale cordless straightener (£399,, doesn’t use air.

Launched for the first time in April 2020, the corrale is the third hair tool in Dyson’s beauty arsenal. It took the brand seven years to develop and has an impressive £25m worth of research behind it. And, with cord-free styling gadgets hard to come by, it immediately stood out from competitors, not only for its unique design but its impressive technology.

The corrale aims to create smooth hair without the associated level of heat damage caused by traditional straighteners; up to 50 per cent less, according to Dyson. This is all down to the flexibility of the plates, which adapt to the hair’s thickness and apply only the necessary amount of tension and heat all the way along the hair’s lengths.

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Like any Dyson product though, the corrale is expensive. Costing £399, its price tag is sure to make most people grimace. So, before you add it to your basket, we’re here to help you figure out if the tool really lives up to the brand’s bold claims and if it’s worth the hefty investment.

Dyson corrale cord-free hair straighteners

Buy now £399,

  • Temperature settings: 165C, 185C and 210C
  • Weight: 560g
  • Charge time: 70 minutes
  • Styling time: 30 minutes
  • Rating: 8/10


While the corrale uses heat unlike any other pair of straighteners, it looks and feels different to most other tools. As you’d expect from Dyson, the overall appearance is well thought out and sleek. But, owing to its four-cell lithium-ion battery, the straightener is chunkier and feels weightier in your hands than most standard models, though not unpleasantly so. The tool also comes with a stylish charging dock – which uses a magnetic cable – as well as a heat-resistant pouch, which doubles as a heatproof mat.

Another big point of difference that’s noticeable at first glance are the tool’s flexible flat iron plates. Made from copper alloy, the plates sit on top of a layer of “microhinges”, which help to gather every single hair as you style. Dyson claims that this prevents the need to clamp down or go over sections multiple times, meaning there’s less tugging on your tresses and a shorter styling time, equating to less heat damage.

It’s also worth noting that the corrale has a host of high-tech features that make the styling experience not only more enjoyable but practical. The cordless functionality gives you the freedom to move, meaning you no longer need to worry about where the nearest plug socket is. Plus, if the extra weight doesn’t put you off, you can even pop them in the aforementioned heat-resitant pouch and then your bag – ideal for touch-ups throughout the day or a complete style change before a big night out.

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Another big bonus is the OLED screen, which clearly shows the selected heat setting and battery level. There’s also a handy flight mode feature, where all you need to do is remove the small square that has an aeroplane sign on it, making the battery safe to be packed into your cabin luggage. There’s also a lock to keep the straightener closed when it’s not in use, which is not only useful when it comes to storage or packing, but a great safety function that helps avoid burnt fingers.


When it comes to styling, there are three different heat settings to choose from – 165C, 185C and 210C – which means it’s great for all hair types, and you adjust this using a simple control pad between the plates. With a separate wireless charging stand, the device takes 70 minutes to fully charge and, at full capacity, provides 30 minutes of cord-free styling. However, you can also use it corded too, as it comes with a 4.7m cable that magnetically swivels for easy manoeuvring.

When the tool reaches the selected heat setting, it chimes to let you know it’s at the desired temperature – and this is when the fun really starts. We found that the corrale took just 30 seconds to reach 185C and, thanks to the flexibility of its copper alloy plates, we didn’t need to repeat any sections as the tool managed to smooth over every strand in one swipe, including pesky flyaways. The cord-free function also makes it very easy to reach around tricky sections, such as the back of the head, and we were able to straighten our locks fully in just five minutes – far quicker than normal. And we were left with sleek hair that was noticeably less frizzy.

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If you like to use your straighteners to create curls, we found that the curved body of the tool is ideal for creating loose waves and the results last well; our hair stayed smooth and bouncy all day. Because of the heavier weight, we were initially concerned that the tool would put a strain on our arms while straightening and curling but we were pleasantly surprised – it didn’t make much of a difference to the experience at all, but this could be down to the corrale’s speedy styling time.

The verdict: Dyson corrale cord-free hair straighteners

To say we’re impressed by Dyson’s corrale would be an understatement. A truly innovative tool, it makes styling your hair – whether that’s straight or curly – a breeze, as you don’t need to navigate around a wire. And, despite being cordless, it doesn’t scrimp on efficiency. The flexing plates make straightening in one pass a reality, meaning your hair can be heat-styled quickly and with less heat damage.

The biggest downside is the price. At £399 the corrale is a real investment but, if you are someone that heat styles their hair on a regular basis, we think that it is well worth the splurge not only for the reduction in styling time but also the freedom that a cordless device offers you.

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