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Otty pure plus hybrid bamboo and charcoal premium mattress review: Are sweet dreams made of these?

After weeks of snoozing hard on this premium model, here’s our verdict

Ali Howard
Friday 24 September 2021 12:31
<p>We put this model to the ultimate test: would our other half notice if we were to jump out of bed earlier and put the kettle on?</p>

We put this model to the ultimate test: would our other half notice if we were to jump out of bed earlier and put the kettle on?

Of all the new gen bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market, Otty’s pure plus looks as high tech as they come with its branded, embossed memory foam top layer that lets you know this is one seriously innovative product.

The young Yorkshire-based brand has a choice of four mattresses on offer, all of which are hybrid, meaning a blend of springs and foam. These are the original hybrid; the pure hybrid bamboo and charcoal; the aura hybrid; and the pure plus hybrid bamboo and charcoal premium. Determined to improve our sleep and wake up without the niggling backache we’ve become accustomed to, we plumped for the latter.

With an RRP of £1,299.99 for a double, the pure plus isn’t cheap, so we’ve been on a mission to find out who it suits, and if it’s worth the splurge. Choosing the right mattress isn’t just about going for the most expensive product you can afford, however. We were keen to try an Otty for its state-of-the-art materials and makeup, its high claims of ultimate comfort, and more generally, the ease of modern mattress buying – from ordering online to the brand’s reassuring 100-night trial to hulking the thing up the stairs in a dignified fashion without further damage to our spine.

How we tested

We trialled the mattress on our double slatted wooden bed frame over a number of weeks, looking for the perfect mix of comfort and support. We tested Otty’s promise to minimise motion transfer with differing wake-up times. Would our other half notice if we were to jump out of bed earlier and put the kettle on? How about the inevitable shifting in sleeping positions throughout the night? We were also able to test out the mattress’s temperature-regulating qualities over a period in which we had both hot summer evenings and inclement weather.

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Otty pure plus hybrid bamboo and charcoal premium mattress

  • Sizes available: Single, double, king, super king
  • Mattress depth: 28cm
  • Material: Memory foam and springs
  • Trial period: 100 nights

Design and features

The mattress boasts an impressive 4,000 encapsulated pocket springs, spilt across two layers, which helps to reduce any movement felt when sharing a bed. It has a 5cm foam base, two layers of high-density support foam, and a top layer of breathable and temperature regulating memory foam for comfort. Cleverly, the memory foam is infused with both bamboo and charcoal – bamboo being naturally antibacterial and antifungal, and charcoal boasting odour absorption and moisture-wicking properties. Its breathability credentials come in the form of perforated layers with reflex foam, which allow for maximum airflow.


Having accepted our delivery within our allocated time slot, we were keen to get the box upstairs. It is heavy but to our relief, small enough for two people to navigate a tricky, narrow, turned staircase. We found the instructions to be clear and simple. Handily, these are printed on the outside of the box and then replicated on the leaflet inside. The rolled mattress, in two layers of protective wrapping, slid out with ease and like magic, started to puff up as soon as we opened the plastic with our smart little complimentary tool. Around three and a half hours later the mattress looked to be at full expansion however the leaflet warns that it “may take up to 48 hours to reach full expansion and optimum comfort.” Patience is a virtue, yes, but that didn’t stop us from making up the bed and diving in post-haste.

Comfort and performance

When it comes to purchasing a mattress, the firmness factor is a matter of taste, but with many of these intelligent hybrids, we don’t get to choose between say, a 4/10 or a 7/10. Rather, brands like Otty have, with shrewd engineering, come up with the perfect balance between comfort and support. The pure plus comprises 43 per cent springs and 57 per cent foam, which gives it an overall rating of 5.5/10. We found ours to be suitably firm but without feeling hard or unyielding. The top foam layer cleverly moulds to our body shape while the sprung base provides firm but comfortable resistance.

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The mattress stayed comfortably cool when we had some hot, stormy nights but it was also warm when the ambient temperature was cooler. One slightly disconcerting feature, which we’ve now got used to, is a lack of resilience on the shoulder of the mattress. If you perch on the edge while you put your socks on, you’re liable to slide off, so sit back.

In terms of motion transfer, there’s no discernible bounce when one of us turns over, which will be music to the ears of those who sleep with a fidgeter. That said, we’d wager the fidgeting itself would ease substantially with this impressive mattress that keeps you both snug and supported.

The verdict: Otty pure plus hybrid bamboo and charcoal premium mattress

This mattress has proved a huge hit in our bedroom. Our sleep has improved substantially and our back feels much better when we get up each morning. Previously used to a firmer mattress we were intrigued to discover whether this one felt too soft. In reality, it feels super cosy – especially in the way the top layer of memory foam moulds to the body – but it’s in no way lacking in firmness, either.

We were impressed with the mattress’s anti-motion transfer features and its anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking qualities with the use of bamboo and charcoal. The mattress feels fresh and hygienic, and it promises to stay that way for a long time. Overall, this one’s a fantastic all-rounder.

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