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11 best baby blankets to keep them snug as a bug in a rug

Quilted, knitted and muslin squares for your little bundle

Ella Delancey Jones
Wednesday 05 October 2022 13:12 BST
<p>We put these to the test during nursing, tummy time and play </p>

We put these to the test during nursing, tummy time and play

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Aside from the other essentials like nappies, monitors, and toys, a baby blanket is usually high up on a parent’s wish list. They make fabulous gifts, but the problem is that the choices – which range from beautiful heirloom pieces right through to easily-washable muslin squares – are endless.

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. However, we suggest you start by looking at functionality and versatility. Can it be used as a mat for playtime, or as a handy burp cloth? Can you play a little game of peek-a-boo with it?

Additionally, you should consider the time of year that you’re buying. A thicker blanket may be best in winter, particularly if using in your baby’s pram, while, during the hotter months, a thinner cellular or light muslin may be better suited.

Of course, much like purchasing nursery furniture, there’s also a great deal of personalisation to consider. So, if you are gifting it to a new parent or mum or dad-to-be, it’s best to see whether they’d prefer something neutral or more specific.

A quick word of advice too, according to The Lullaby Trust, babies should never be left unattended with any form of bedding or blanket under one year and their bed space should be clear and empty for safe sleep practice. Keep an eye too on your baby’s temperature. It can be easy to think that babies should be kept very warm, but according to the NHS, an environment between 16C-20C is ideal.

How we tested

We tested several blankets and looked for comfort, versatility, sustainability, longevity, washability, style and of course, price. We used the blankets in different scenarios depending on what we deemed them best for: to keep warm, to keep cool, while nursing, for tummy time and play and also to help decorate a stylish, modern nursery. These are the ones that kept our 10-month-old mini tester snug as a bug.

The best baby blankets for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – The White Company star patchwork baby blanket: £42,
  • Best for comfort – Bedfolk soft touch cuddle blanket: £35,
  • Best for sustainability – Turtle Doves cashmere blanket: £65,
  • Best for beautiful prints – Little Dutch cot blanket: £62.95,
  • Best for multifunctionality – Avery Row merino wool blanket: £68,
  • Best for making a statement – Scamp and Dude blush leopard baby blanket: £25.60,
  • Best for longevity – Kabode wildlife quilt: £79.95,
  • Best for cognitive development – Etta Loves terrazzo knitted blanket: £48,
  • Best for newborns – Happiest Baby organic swaddle blanket: £12.95,
  • Best for UK manufacture –  The British Blanket Company bumblebee merino lambswool baby blanket: £45.99,
  • Best as a hand-me-down – Forivor the enchanted forest quilted blanket: £140,

The White Company star patchwork baby blanket

The White Company star patchwork baby blanket.jpg
  • Best: Overall
  • Dimensions: 75cm x 100cm
  • Material: 100 per cent cotton

The White Company is renowned for its luxury bedroom and home goods, and its baby range is just as lovely as the rest. We loved this blanket for its neutral, soft and warm but breathable features. We liked that the patchwork design added detail with white intarsia stars and different textured knits. We used the blanket in our pram on a cooler day as well as on the sofa for supervised daytime naps.

Also available in baby pink, we think this would make a brilliant gift for new parents, and, although it’s fairly pricey, it is high quality enough to be kept and passed down. The blanket is made from 100 per cent soft cotton and can be machine washed to keep it at its best.

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Bedfolk soft touch cuddle blanket

Bedfolk soft touch cuddle blanket.jpg
  • Best: For comfort
  • Dimensions: 110cm x 100cm
  • Material: 100 per cent long-staple Turkish cotton

Luxury bedding brand, Bedfolk, recently launched its first Baby & Toddler Collection, a mini version of its existing range. We loved the premium quality feel of this blanket and wanted to grab the adult-sized version for ourselves! We liked the waffle-like design, and its three attractive colours (ink, rose and snow).

The blanket is made from 100 per cent long-staple Turkish cotton and is machine washable at 30C. While it is super-soft and warming, we also used it as an impromptu play mat while out with friends, and while nursing and as a burp cloth, safe in the knowledge that the natural material would be safe on our baby’s delicate skin.

  1. £35 from
Prices may vary
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Turtle Doves cashmere blanket

Turtle Doves blanket
  • Best: For sustainability
  • Dimensions: 95cm x 70cm
  • Material: 100 per cent recycled cashmere

Want a unique but sustainable blanket for your baby? Turtle Doves have saved 50,000 cashmere jumpers from going to landfill – the equivalent to 140 tonnes of jumpers, or 20 Olympic-sized pools! The cashmere is repurposed into 100 per cent recycled cashmere one-of-a-kind accessories, including this lovely blanket. We found it really cosy and warm, so perhaps one for the winter months to wrap up against the cold.

Customers can choose from pre-made colourways, and also pick a customised blanket as well, so they can give a really unique, but earth-friendly baby gift. Measuring approximately 95cm x 70cm, it’s possible to machine wash Turtle Doves’ blankets on a cold setting, meaning even the littlest of babies can be wrapped in luxury and not have to keep this blanket only for best.

While the teddy bear colourway that we tested is out of stock, it is still available in other colours such as pink and blue. Alternatively, you can sign up to be notified via email when it’s back.

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Little Dutch cot blanket

Little Dutch cot blanket.jpg
  • Best: For beautiful prints
  • Dimensions: 110cm x140cm
  • Material: 100 per cent cotton

When researching this article, we were drawn to this brand’s array of beautiful prints. We chose the little pink flowers design from Little Dutch, which has a beautiful pale pink tone and detailed flower accents. Also on offer are the sailors bay and flowers and butterflies colourways. The blanket is cool and smooth on one side, with its soft cotton pattern, whereas the other side is ready for snuggling with its thick teddy material.

This is definitely a blanket for cooler evenings, with its heavy tog of 3.7. However, we used it during the heatwave as an aesthetically-pleasing picnic blanket in the park, and as a buffer for a play area on some hard wooden floors. Luckily, it’s machine washable at 30C.

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Avery Row merino wool blanket

Avery Row merino wool blanket.jpg
  • Best: For multifunctionality
  • Dimensions: 80cm x100cm
  • Material: 100 per cent merino wool

Slightly more expensive than some blankets on the market, this one from Avery Row feels very luxurious when wrapping our baby up in it. It’s 100 per cent merino wool and we think it would make a great gift for new parents – we know they’d thank you for it. Despite the wool, we can use the blanket all year round, thanks to its thermo-regulation properties. We even used it as a throw over our baby’s legs in the pram as the day turned to evening.

Choose from classic, trendy colours such as storm blue or cloud blue. We also like that Merino wool is irritation-free for even the most sensitive skin. A heads up – we were able to machine wash this blanket but we’d recommend a cool wash.

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Scamp and Dude blush leopard baby blanket

Scamp and Dude blush leopard baby blanket.jpg
  • Best: For making a statement
  • Dimensions: 80cm x 80cm
  • Material: 100 per cent organic cotton

There’s no blending in with Scamp and Dude. The fearless brand designed this blanket to be used in the pram, in bed, for snuggling at home and also as a play mat, so you won’t be limited. We loved the bold design, the feel of the 100 per cent organic cotton and were able to use it in the summer heat as a soft throwover during nap times in the pram. We also loved how small it folded down for on-the-go.

At 80cm x 80cm, it may be a little smaller than some blankets on the list, but it worked well as a small playmat when visiting baby groups and would suit very young babies as a swaddle. For those who love to match, vests and baby grows are also available to complete the set.

While this blanket is sold out for the time being, you can sign up to be notified once it is back in stock.

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Kabode wildlife quilt

Kabode wildlife quilt.jpg
  • Best: For longevity
  • Dimensions: 100cm x 120cm
  • Material: 100% organic cotton

Brand new to the market, Kabode bedding sets and quilts are made with organic cotton and breathable bamboo. We really loved the safari theme sets, but equally pleasing are the ankara, alphabet, rainbow and robot sets. Our child is a little young for a quilt at the moment, however the quilts are of great quality and size at 100cm x 120cm so we’re using it as a playmat for the time being, and will begin using the quilt as bedclothes once our baby transitions into a toddler bed. The range also includes fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and more, meaning that you can buy just once.

  1. £79 from
Prices may vary
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Etta Loves terrazzo knitted blanket

Etta Loves terrazzo knitted blanket.jpg
  • Best: For cognitive development
  • Dimensions: 100cm x 80cm
  • Material: 100 per cent cotton

Very young babies love high-contrast colours as well as black and white patterns. The reason for this is that their sight is not fully developed at birth, so anything that helps attract their attention is a huge win developmentally speaking. And Etta Loves does it brilliantly.

Our blanket has a black and white terrazzo design on one side and is brightly coloured on the other. It’s also a good size, too: 100cm x 80cm, and is machine washable at 30C. It’s knitted but it doesn’t feel too warm, even during the warmer months, and can easily be folded twice to create another layer to keep our baby cosy.

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Happiest Baby organic swaddle blanket

Happiest Baby organic swaddle blanket.jpg
  • Best: For newborns
  • Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm
  • Material: 100 per cent organic cotton

In those early days, muslins are super essential items. If anyone ever asks us what advice we have for having a newborn, we always say: “More muslins than you think you’ll need”. These ones from Happiest Baby are available in a range of patterns: hearts, stripes, galaxy, and dots.

Created by Dr Harvey Karp who advocates for swaddling, these muslins are big enough to properly envelope a newborn without running out of fabric. Our baby may no longer be a newborn, but we found a lot of use using these muslins as a play mat in a public place. We love that these are super-soft and not scratchy or slightly rough as some muslins can be. Because of this, we were able to use them as a light cover during a contact nap during the heatwave. A must-have for new parents.

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The British Blanket Company bumblebee merino lambswool baby blanket

 The British Blanket Company bumblebee merino lambswool baby blanket.jpg
  • Best: For UK manufacture
  • Dimensions: 126cm x 72cm
  • Material: 100 per cent natural merino lambswool

Created by brother-sister duo Bethan and Joe John, The British Blanket Company creates its quality, super-soft merino lambswool blankets which are woven in a small, traditional mill in Ireland. We love the range of colourways, suitable from the most neutral of nurseries to the most colourful. It’s machine washable on a wool setting, making it a practical choice too.

We found the blanket really soft, light and breathable – almost like a pashmina. The blanket is a versatile size, 126cm x 72cm, which should see our baby through to toddlerhood and is a luxurious option if you’re looking for a snuggly baby blanket that’s soft against your baby’s delicate skin.

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Forivor the enchanted forest quilted blanket

Forivor the enchanted forest quilted blanket.jpg
  • Best: As a hand-me-down
  • Dimensions: Small 150cm x 120cm, large 140cm x 200cm
  • Material: Cotton satin

This luxuriously soft 318 thread count cotton satin baby blanket has hand-illustrated magical scenes, created “to provide memorable memories for childhood”. We loved that the blanket has a “day to night” design with such beautiful details. It can be used as a warm blanket but can also be laid on the floor as a playmat to be examined by parents and children alike. We could easily make up stories about the characters and it put a different spin on storytime.

According to the brand, this reversible blanket is its most luxurious and bestselling heirloom piece – and we can see these being passed down for generations. Despite the detail, Forivor blankets are machine washable at 30C, but it is recommended this is done sparingly. The beautiful organic cotton quilted blankets start from £140 upwards and can be complemented with a branded suitcase and character cards.

  1. £140 from
Prices may vary
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The verdict: Baby blankets

We loved the traditional white blanket from The White Company. It’s soft, stylish and the perfect item to bring your baby home from the hospital in, or to gift parents of a new baby. For an heirloom piece that will span generations, you can’t beat the whimsical and mysterious images on the Forivor blankets. For versatility, we preferred the super large and breathable muslins from Happiest Baby.

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