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8 best potties to crack toilet training

From fun designs to portable fold-aways, help your tot master grown-up seats in no time

Catherine Hufton
Tuesday 30 November 2021 10:21 GMT
<p>There’s no potty situation we haven’t thought of – toilet emergencies in the wilderness included </p>

There’s no potty situation we haven’t thought of – toilet emergencies in the wilderness included

So, you’ve got to the stage where you need to potty train your toddler, and like most of us, you’re probably unsure of where to start. While every child reaches this point at different stages (some take a few days while others take a few weeks), the right potty is essential.

We asked Grace Tindall, founder of Scandiborn, for her best advice on choosing a potty. “Potty training can be a stressful experience for some but having the right kind of potty for your child will mean toilet training can be a breeze,” she says. “There are really three types of potties: a simple potty, one with a removable bowl, or a travel potty”.

Grace also advises asking yourself a few questions such as do you want a potty that is easy to clean? If so, choose a potty with a removable bowl, or if you want one that’s fun but fits in with your home decoration, go for a simple potty. Always on the move? You’ll need a travel potty that is lightweight and easy to take out with you.

“Having the right potty can make the whole experience go smoothly,” Grace continues. “When potty training has been mastered, transition to a toilet trainer which provides a sense of comfort and security, and much needed when a toddler first starts using an adult toilet”.

How we tested

We tested a range of potties to suit different stages including those that can be folded away in the bottom of the pram, and those that feature removable seats to go on top of the main toilet. We’ve even found biodegradable options for toilet emergencies in the wilderness. Rest assured, there’s no potty-training situation we haven’t thought of.

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The best potties for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Bumbo step and potty: £49.98,
  • Best for encouraging potty training – My Carry Potty: £21.95,
  • Best for days out – Pottiagogo potty: £14.99,
  • Best design – Scandiborn liewood Jonathan potty: £29.95,
  • Best for long walks and outdoor events – Hippychick tron disposable potty: £8.50 for a pack of three,
  • Best for making potty training fun – Nuby my real potty: £29.99,
  • Best for every eventuality – Potette max 3-in-1 portable folding travel potty and toilet trainer seat: £24.95,
  • Best for price and value – Fisher-Price 3-in-1 potty: £24.94,

Bumbo step and potty

Bumbo step and potty indybest.jpeg

Best: Overall

Rating: 10/10

If, like us, your toddler has nailed potty training and is transitioning to using the toilet, the Bumbo step and potty is ideal. It has a convertible design that can be used initially as a potty and later switched to become a comfy child’s toilet seat and step. Our children are very much in the “I can do it by myself” stage but aren’t quite big enough to hold themselves comfortably on the toilet. So, we found this to be a really helpful way of granting them a bit more independence without worrying about them falling in the loo.

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My Carry Potty

My Carry Potty indybest.jpeg

Best: For encouraging potty training

Rating: 9/10

The My Carry Potty is designed in the style of a mini case that opens up to reveal a potty inside. It’s award-winning for many reasons including its leak-proof, hygienic and easy-to- carry design that’s as cute as it is convenient. We found that this potty was also a great way of getting our toddlers excited about going to the toilet, so we didn’t have to keep reminding them to go quite as much. And that, in all honesty, is half the battle.

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Pottiagogo potty

Pottiagogo potty  indybest.jpeg

Best: For days out

Rating: 8/10

One of the trickiest parts about potty training is venturing into the outside world and finding a toilet on time. Pottiagogo is designed to help avoid any accidents, with a lightweight plastic design that folds flat (ideal for slipping into the bottom of the pram) and opens up to create a comfy seat. You simply hook the liner bag over the sides of the potty, and then remove and throw away once your little one has used it. For us, it took so much anxiety away from potty training and the common issue of what to do with number twos when out and about. It’ll remain safely stowed away in our prams for future toilet emergencies.

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Scandiborn liewood Jonathan potty

Scandiborn Liewood Jonathan potty indybest.jpeg

Best: Design

Rating: 8/10

This potty is made from bamboo fibre and melamine and shaped with cute bear ears at the front. We have to admit that it makes a nice change to plastic and looks very sweet in the bathroom – we also didn’t feel the need to hide it like we do other potties. It’s easy to clean and feels hygienic, and comes with a cut-out at the back to make picking it up easier. It also comes in a nice range of colours if you wanted to match it to your bathroom’s scheme.

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Hippychick tron disposable potty: £8.50 for a pack of three

Hippychick tron disposable potty indybest.jpeg

Best: For long walks and outdoor events

Rating: 7/10

Whether you’re trying to avoid public toilets at the moment or like the reassurance of always having a potty on hand, the Hippychick tron is a great essential to keep in your bag when you’re out with the kids. Each biodegradable potty comes flat packed and pops up to create a seat. It then collapses, once your little one has used it, and can simply be discarded. We used ours at an outdoor event where the only toilets available were Portaloos (which our toddlers refused to enter) and saved a whole lot of stress. We’ll definitely be purchasing more of these for winter walks and car trips (they can also be used for travel sickness) but we marked them down a little, simply because each potty is single use.

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Nuby my real potty

Nuby my real potty indybest.jpeg

Best: For making potty training fun

Rating: 8/10

If you want to bring some fun to your potty-training journey, the Nuby my real potty is a very cute option. It’s designed to look like a miniature toilet with a potty bowl that sits beneath the loo lid and a button at the back with a flushing sound effect. There’s also an integrated splash guard, anti-skid base and back tank that can be used to hold wipes. If we had one criticism it would be that our toddlers loved the novelty of this potty, but we did struggle at times to make them understand that it wasn’t a toy, and only something to be used in the bathroom.

  1. £29 from
Prices may vary
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Potette max 3-in-1 portable folding travel potty and toilet trainer seat

Potette max 3-in-1 portable folding travel potty and toilet trainer seat indybest.jpeg

Best: For every eventuality

Rating: 9/10

If you’re looking for an all-round solution, the Potette max 3-in-1 is one of our favourites. Lock the legs in to use it as a standalone potty or leave it in the open position using the legs to create handles that sit over a toilet seat. It also comes with disposable liners if you’re using it outside and has thoughtful details such as a wee guard for boys. It also folds down flat so you can stow it in the bottom of your pram or car boot. We like that this potty can be used at home and on the go, so is ideal for children who get attached to certain things (like potties) and prefer consistency.

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Fisher-Price 3-in-1 potty

The Fisher-Price 3-in-1 potty indybest.jpeg

Best: For price and value

Rating: 8/10

This cute three-in-one potty is designed to start as a potty chair. The potty ring can later be removed and placed on your toilet seat to help your little one feel more secure as they transition to using the main toilet. You can also use it as a stool which is great for placing in front of the toilet or sink so preschoolers can enjoy some independence. We also used ours to cushion our knees when bathing the kids – and reaching the top of the cupboards. It’s a very similar product to the Bumbo step and potty, and a great price too. We gave the Bumbo a higher score, however, because it feels like a better-quality product overall.

  1. £24 from
Prices may vary
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The verdict: Potties

The Bumbo step and potty was our winner because, while slightly pricey, is brilliantly designed, easy to clean, and has longevity. If you have multiple children in your household, you can use it as a potty for smaller tots, and as a step and seat for older preschoolers. This transitional quality makes it well worth the money and means you won’t need to buy different products for each potty-training transition.

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