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We tried the Snuzpod 4 bedside crib to see if it’s really worth £200

Suitable from birth until six months old, will the fourth generation live up to the hype?

Rebecca Moore
Wednesday 30 August 2023 15:00 BST
<p>The crib predominantly lived by our tester’s bed over a 10-week period </p>

The crib predominantly lived by our tester’s bed over a 10-week period

Parenting products come and go, and something you might have used with your first child may be discontinued by the time baby number two comes round. That’s not the case with SnüzPod, though, a so-called baby wonder product that parents have been struggling to pronounce since 2013 – it’s ‘snooz-pod’, by the way, suggesting what this product intends to do.

By parents’ side, literally, for a decade, SnüzPod has provided a safe sleep solution for over half-a-million parents, including Tom Hardy, Laura Whitmore and Tom Daly. But the popularity of this sleep sensation is no surprise really, as it allows you to keep your baby close by, while following safety guidelines to have them in a separate crib.

Now in its fourth generation, safety continues to be at the forefront of this bedside crib, which is a huge selling point for anxious parents-to-be. While keeping baby close, you’re minimising the increased risk of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) that’s associated with sharing a bed with your baby. It’s also especially useful if you’ve had a difficult birth and struggle getting in and out of bed.

One of the first bedside cribs to enter the market and consistently a bestseller in this field, Snüz truly pioneered the category and has dominated ever since. While the hype is undeniable and the benefits raved about between like-minded new parents, at just shy of £200 for around six months’ use, is it truly worthy of parents’ hard-earned money?

How we tested

This product has predominantly lived by our bed for 10 weeks, so we could test it thoroughly. Using it from birth, we wanted to see how this product supported families during the most challenging time. At the forefront of our testing process was safety and comfort but we also looked at practicality, design and value for money too. Just as when testing any piece of furniture, the quality and sturdiness of the product were considered, too.

SnüzPod4 bedside crib

SnüzPod4 bedside crib review
  • Suitable for ages: From birth to six months
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Dimensions: 100cm x 49cm x 95cm (maximum height)
  • Weight: 11.5kg

Like many time-short parents-to-be, we assembled the SnüzPod late one evening, when our patience was at its lowest. The suggested assembly time is around 50 minutes, which we didn’t quite manage – it took us just over an hour. The instructions are pretty clear, though.


Naturally, this is a huge consideration with any baby product. As of November 2020, all bedside cribs have to meet the new crib safety standard (BS EN 1130:2019), with a requirement for a 12cm barrier or wall when in bedside mode. This is to prevent a baby from being able to roll out of the crib.

A big selling point with the SnüzPod4 is that it’s safe for use with the wall down, when in bedside mode – giving parents that easy direct access. When setting the crib up next to the bed, the top of the zip-down wall has to sit flush to the bed. Inside the Snüz, the mesh wall acts as a barrier to stop baby from rolling into the bed, essentially making it a half wall.

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What gained big thumbs up from us, and sets the SnüzPod4 apart from its competitors, is that it fits more beds than any other traditional bedside crib. It has seven height settings: a maximum height (to the top of the adult mattress) of 73cm, and lowest 53cm. While most beds should fit within these requirements, it’s definitely worth measuring up before purchasing – our bed is on the lower side (54cm). The SnüzPod4 comes complete with straps to attach it to a range of popular bed styles, including divan, ottoman, and framed beds, which we found a reassuring feature.


As babies can’t communicate their thoughts, we can only judge on what we experienced, which we have to say was positive. Testing during the summer, we were conscious of how hot and clammy our little tester would get. However, the biggest improvement from the SnüzPod4 predecessor is what the brand has coined ComfortAir. It’s a breathable system that has been put in place to help regulate baby’s temperature – this is maximised by surface-level air-flow vents, a mesh liner, which gives a padded cocoon feeling, and improved base ventilation to increase air flow.

The brand has also upped the mattress game, with a breathable 3D mesh cover for extra comfort and support. We also used the fitted sheet, which is made from 100 per cent soft jersey cotton, and it’s super soft to the touch.

While baby’s comfort is key, weary-eyed parents need a voice too, and we can honestly say the reassurance of having our baby so close, and without easy reach was a blessing.


When buying something like a crib, which is likely to live alongside your grown-up bedroom furniture for six months or more, we think it’s important you like the way it looks. When it comes to stylish design, the SnüzPod4 blows other options out of the water.

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There are seven colourways to choose from, we opted for natural, which has a lovely Scandi feel, crafted using quality, sustainably sourced beech wood and plywood, which is smooth to the touch. The shape is easy on the eye, and it feels like an extension of our adult bed rather than a cumbersome baby contraption strapped to the side.


The Snüz is effectively an extension of our bed, and with the side panel safe to be lowered, from a practical standpoint, it’s a godsend for those 3am feeds or helping baby settle in the middle of the night. The design is also incredibly streamlined – it’s not as wide as some on the market, but there’s still plenty of room for baby.

The mesh windows on each side mean you’re always able to check on baby, plus it’s super practical that the 3D mesh cover can be bunged in the washing machine. The mattress cover can also be removed and machine washed, however, it’s worth investing in a waterproof mattress cover to protect it from any unexpected leakages.

We’ve also made great use of the storage shelf at the bottom of the stand, where you can put blankets or muslins. If your budget allows, it’s also worth purchasing the storage pocket (£19.95,, which attaches to the stand, where you can stash nappies and wipes or a bottle.

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Although not dealbreakers for us, there are a few niggles worth highlighting. The rock feature can’t be used when strapped to the bed in bedside mode, which would be handy when trying to soothe your baby. We also found, with our carpeted bedroom, when in crib mode, the rocking actually wasn’t substantial enough to lull our baby, and is much more effective on a hard floor surface. Having said that, it’s easy to push it around our bedroom and into the nursery, when no longer attached to the bed, as it glides on the carpet.

We’d also argue that while the lift-off bassinet, for use around the home, could be useful if you live in a single-storey flat, it’s not practical with stairs, as the shape is quite unwieldy.

A feature we haven’t required is the included reflux leg but, if you have a colicky baby, being able to add a slight recline to the crib without having to purchase additional equipment is a thoughtful addition. However, it should be noted use of the reflux leg is only suitable for when your baby is awake.

What’s more, you can get 25 per cent off right now, thanks to the brand’s Decade of Dreams sale.

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The verdict: SnüzPod4 bedside crib

You cannot deny the quality and superlative craftmanship of the SnüzPod4, but this product actually goes way beyond that. Creating a safe sleeping space for baby, right next to you, is not only practical during those first six months but also so reassuring for anxious new parents. While the cost works out at £50 a month (given the length of time you’re likely to use it), we’d argue it’s value for money and can’t imagine newborn life without it.

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