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5 best treadmills to upgrade your workouts without leaving your home

No matter how far you run, these treadmills are sure to go the distance

Lauren Cunningham
Monday 23 January 2023 13:40 GMT
<p>From all bells and whistles to fuss-free models, we put these treadmills to the test </p>

From all bells and whistles to fuss-free models, we put these treadmills to the test

Our Top Picks

Whether you’re a well-versed runner ready to bring your sprints into the comfort of your own home; like to go for a walk without worrying about the weather, or are simply looking to finesse your home workout routine, a treadmill could be just the ticket.

While many of us use the big ol’ running machines within the confines of the gym, for anyone serious about the activity, we’re sure we don’t have to tempt you too much to take the plunge and invest in a treadmill of your very own.

In fact, just thinking about the overcrowded gyms, bad playlists, and that one person who likes to watch impatiently until you finish your workout (not to mention the sweaty and sometimes sticky buttons) may well push you just that little bit further to following through with your purchase.

Of course, purchasing a treadmill for your home is no small decision, with some all-bells-ringing options costing as much as a few grand. But if it’s one you’re seriously considering, the upside is you’re likely to use this bit of kit almost every day, helping to get your money’s worth. Plus, we’ve found the best options to suit almost every budget.

Testing out all of the latest and greatest machines from Peloton, Echelon, Bowflex, Domyos and Nautilus, these are the best home treadmills to buy now, no matter if you’re running marathons or walking while watching the telly. Keep reading below to find out why each one impressed.

How we tested

Testing the treadmills was pretty straightforward, but they certainly put us through our paces over the course of six weeks. Looking at price, performance, aesthetics and how easy they were to install, we ran, walked and even did yoga – thank you, Peloton – on each of these treadmills to see which really are the best to buy and the differences between each model.

The best treadmills for 2023 are:

Peloton tread

Peloton tread.png
  • Best: Overall treadmill
  • Dimensions: 170cm x 80cm footprint, 150cm running belt
  • Screen type: 23.8in HD touchscreen
  • Incline range: 0-12.5%
  • Speed range: 0-20kph
  • Warranty: One year
  • Additional extras: Access to more than 40,000 classes, regular competitions and challenges with Peloton membership

The Peloton tread really does do it all, with a membership that turns the treadmill into an open-access gym, with almost every class you could wish for. Most importantly, it aids motivation and keeps exercising fun with live classes, pre-recorded programmes, leaderboards and targets. So, no matter if you’re new to running or a well-versed pavement pounder, it has something to suit everyone.

In terms of design, it’s incredibly easy to use, with a 23.8in HD touchscreen housing everything you need to know, while simple speed and incline knobs on the side mean you don’t have to stretch to adjust your tempo.

The clever computer screen records your stats, shows you which muscles you’ve worked and keeps you on track with any set goals, turning this treadmill into a high-tech bit of kit that will only aid your activity.

The tread isn’t overly large, meaning you can easily slot it into most spare rooms or a garage. What’s more, two team members will come out to install it and run you through everything you need to know – it truly couldn’t be simpler to get started. But, of course, you do need to pay for the membership to receive all of these benefits, so this certainly isn’t a one-off purchase.

Still on the fence? Read our full review of the Peloton tread, to help you make the call.

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Echelon stride auto-fold connected treadmill

Echelon stride auto-fold connected treadmill.png
  • Best: Foldable treadmill
  • Dimensions: 175.26cm x 78.74cm x 124.46cm
  • Screen type: Digital numerical-only screen
  • Incline range: 0-10%
  • Speed range: 0-19.3kph
  • Warranty: One year
  • Additional extras: Echelon premier app membership with thousands of on-demand and live classes

Foldable treadmills are incredibly popular, offering a space-saving alternative to static standing options. So, if space is what you need, the Echelon Stride may be your best bet. Easily folding down (with an auto-fold function) to just 25cm wide, with handy wheels for when you want to move it, it can be stored against a wall, under a bed or in a large cupboard, for times when you’re not ready to run.

Being so small – it’s just a little bit larger than the Domyos smart compact treadmill – it doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as the likes of the Peloton or Bowflex, but this is to be expected.

The touch screen is incredibly sleek and easy to use, and there are easy-to-access speed and incline buttons on the handles, which also monitor your heart rate. You can even prop a tablet up on the screen, to keep you entertained. You’ll also find two bottle holders, so you can stay hydrated during long runs – a simple but handy feature.

Be sure to also download the Echelon fit app, to reap the full rewards of classes, progress tracking, leaderboard ranking and more.

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Domyos smart compact treadmill run100E

Domyos smart compact treadmill run100E.png
  • Best: Budget treadmill
  • Dimensions: 156cm x 76cm x 115cm
  • Screen type: Push-button screen
  • Incline range: Manual incline of 0-3% with added feet
  • Speed range: 0-14kph
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Additional extras: 30 Domyos coaching programmes included

Coming in at less than £500, the Domyos smart compact treadmill is the lowest-priced option in this round-up. It’s currently the bestseller on the Decathlon site, proving its popularity as a low-budget treadmill that can help you hit your running targets. But, compared with the other options included in this round-up, there are, of course, notable differences.

Firstly, there’s only an option of a manual incline of three per cent when adding the feet (which come included) to the front of the machine, and the screen is just your standard push-button speed and time display.

Speed-wise, though, the compact treadmill reaches 14kph, which is rather generous, unless you’re Usain Bolt. It also impresses with a USB connectivity port, which enables you to log in to the Domyos app, to track your workouts, create your own training programmes and set weekly challenges for free. There are 30 pre-saved running workouts stored on the treadmill, to get you started, with calorie burn, endurance and interval training programmes.

So, if you’re looking to treat yourself to a treadmill that doesn’t cost a small fortune, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed – just be sure to rope in a friend to help you set it up.

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Bowflex BFX56 folding treadmill

Blowflex BFX56 folding treadmill.png
  • Best: Treadmill for hardcore runners
  • Dimensions: 216cm x 100.50cm x 178cm
  • Screen type: 22in HD touchscreen
  • Incline range: -5 to 20%
  • Speed range: 0-20kph
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Additional extras: £95 optional install fee, can link to streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+

This Bowflex treadmill is incredibly large, so it really is made for those with space to spare or who are simply fanatical about running. If that’s you, the good news is we don’t think you’ll be disappointed, as this treadmill is sure to see you really go the distance.

It claims to offer “unmatched interactivity”, and we have to agree, as the treadmill transports you all over the world with its HD videos. It also streams your favourite shows from Netflix and Disney+, plus JRNY app workouts, so long as you sign up to the membership.

Fancy extras aside, the treadmill itself is impressive. It reaches the highest speed out of all options we tested, getting up to 20kph, and has an incline range that also goes downhill to help strengthen those thighs.

There are countless handles to hold on to, including ones that monitor your heart rate, plenty of storage space to hold the essentials while you train, and a handy fan to keep you cool.

Just like some of the other options in this list, the speed and incline can be adjusted on the handles mid-run, and a USB charging port will charge your devices, meaning you really can stay on there for hours.

Although we weren’t quite up to the challenge of running for hours on end, if you’re training for a marathon or two, we’re dubbing this treadmill as a great bit of equipment to help see you through. And we’d strongly encourage taking advantage of the £95 Fitness Superstore installation fee, for a stress-free start.

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Nautilus T626 folding treadmill

Nautilus T626 folding treadmill.png
  • Best: Basic treadmill
  • Dimensions: 198cm x 95.5cm x 159.5cm
  • Screen type: Push-button screen
  • Incline range: 0-15%
  • Speed range: 0-19kph
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Additional extras: £95 optional install fee, 26 pre-set workouts

For anyone who just wants to run and isn’t fussed about fancy extras, you may lean towards the Nautilus. While it may not have the flashy features of the Peloton or the Bowflex, it has a structure that’s built to last, with a sturdy tread belt that’s sure to see you through many a mile with ease.

Taking away the touchscreen and digital display, it works by basic button pressing – perfect for those who aren’t overly techy. That said, it’s still able to track your progress and heart rate, and it comes with a handy fitness score that calculates your current fitness level at the start of every session. It also provides 26 built-in workouts for when you want a little bit of help with your running routine.

For longer runs, the StrikeZone cushioning system makes it incredibly comfortable, and there’s a lot of storage space for all your running essentials, too.

The screen shelf enables you to pop a tablet on top, if you wish, and you can also subscribe to the Explore the World app, to take your strides through a range of locations. Just be sure to take advantage of the £95 Fitness Superstore install fee, lest you be left carrying this chunky treadmill home.

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The verdict: Treadmills for your home

Any at-home treadmills are going to cost a small, or sometimes not so small, fortune. But how much you spend, which size you go for and which make and model you pick will all come down to personal preference and how much you like running.

While all of these treadmills could happily remain in our home, the Peloton tread would be our pick for any runner, walker or jogger, no matter where you are in your fitness routine. The easy assembly by Peloton staff, high-tech design and streamlined style made us fall in love with this treadmill, and if you have the budget, we’d encourage you to treat yourself.

For serious runners looking to really put in the paces, you’re sure to be blown away by the Bowflex BFX56 folding treadmill, so long as you have the space to store it. The Nautilus T626 folding treadmill is a less costly pick that can still be relied upon when running long distances without the fancy features.

For those without space to spare, the Echelon stride auto-fold connected treadmill is an absolute treat that can be stored in much smaller spaces. And for those who are after a bargain buy, the Domyos smart compact treadmill run100E is sure to do the job and is one of Decathlon’s bestsellers.

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