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9 best Easter decorations ideas: From tableware to egg hunting treats

From DIY craft kits and edible treats to grown-up seasonal touches, we’ve got something for everyone

Rosie Conroy
Wednesday 17 March 2021 16:40
<p>Make your homes, gardens and dinner tables feel joyful with these top picks</p>

Make your homes, gardens and dinner tables feel joyful with these top picks

Easter, for us, represents a turning point in the year. Aside from its obvious religious roots, as the spring bulbs begin to appear in all their glory and cold weather gives in to brighter, lighter days, it’s nearly impossible not to be buoyed by this transitional moment in the liturgical (and now very mainstream) calendar.

While in years gone by we could have perhaps let the holiday escape us without much fanfare, this year – more than ever – we’re determined to mark the occasion properly.

That means we’re going all out with Easter decorations to make our homes, gardens and dinner tables feel joyful and a signal of happier days to come.

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that each moment that can be celebrated should be and that any way to shake up the monotony of the everyday is only a good thing. After all, the memories created on high days and holidays are what we will all remember when we look back at this time.

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to spring decorations, we’ve taken the liberty of jotting down some perfectly pastel Easter ideas below.

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There are a handful of Easter craft kits as well as some egg hunting treats for the kids, while elsewhere we’ve picked some peppy tableware that is perfect for the holiday but also has longevity for many a celebration after April has been and gone.

A classic DIY Easter decoration is, of course, a faux tree adorned with pastel painted eggs or blown out real shells. To give this a go, simply pop a beautiful branch of blossom in your favourite jug and hang it with pretty ornaments. But, if you can’t face blowing out your own eggshells – anyone who’s tried this will know it’s lowkey traumatising – simply take your pick from the couple of readymade choices we’ve listed below.

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Ginger Ray Easter bunny balloon arch kit

For those of us who like to make a big impact without causing ourselves too much stress, this pre-packaged party in a box is ideal. While you might think balloon arches are a thing of Pinterest dreams, Ginger Ray has made them easy, with the whole thing being put together in a matter of minutes.

All that’s required is a bit of puff to inflate the 40 balloons (we’d recommend a pump guys, don’t be shortsighted here) and a bit of faffing with glue dots to get everything strung along the balloon tape. Once everything’s in place you can add the bunny ears and eucalyptus sprigs. Then, ta-da, you’re sorted and all that’s left is to decide where to hang it. We think kids of all ages would love this and it’s a speedy way to make the season seem special – top marks from us.

Meri Meri stacking bunnies

While single-use, seasonal Easter decorations are all well and good, you might prefer to source something with more longevity, and these stacking bunnies by Meri Meri are perfect for the job. With five critters all snuggled up inside each other like Russian Dolls, these would be perfect for a child’s bedroom as a nod to the spring festivities, or even as a fun way to level-up your Easter egg hunt.

You could hide treats in each rabbit for any little hunters you have on your hands. The wooden bodies are embellished with gold painted faces, pastel coloured felt ears and pom pom tails. They come in their own little tin too, so they are easy to stash away once the fun is over for another year.

Postbox Party easter egg decorating tattoo kit

With a double Bank Holiday whammy on our hands, Easter is the perfect moment to spend some quality time crafting. All you’ll need for this one is a few boiled eggs or empty egg shells and this packet of tattoos.

Just like those temporary kinds you used to stick on your arms as a kid, these just require a damp cloth held over the back of them and they transfer quickly and easily. We’re giving these bonus points for being a mess-free activity to do with the kids, while the results are pretty enough to take pride of place on your Easter table.

Biscuiteers DIY Easter tree biscuits box of 10

One way to improve on your classic Easter decorations is to make them edible and luckily Biscuiteers has come to the rescue with its biscuit decorating kit. The idea here is that you decorate your biscuits and then hang on them on an Easter tree with the ribbon provided, but we’d pass no judgment if you decorated them moments before popping them straight in your mouth. Everything you need is included apart from some basic kitchen kit like a bowl and whisk.

You simply mix up the icing, scoop it into the included piping bags and let your artistic streak shine through your biscuit design. Finish everything off with the edible sprinkles and you’re done. While this is a fun afternoon activity, the biscuits themselves are also delicious, with a slight lemon flavour. We also think these would make lovely place settings as you could write each person’s name on one with icing.

Lights 4 Fun carrot micro fairy lights

For a subtle nod to the season, these mini carrot fairy lights will brighten up any corner with a seasonal twist. The carrots themselves are painted wood, which makes them feel a little more premium than your average novelty fairy light, and the embellishment is wound round the cable with neutral twine for a subtle finish. With 20 lights and nearly 2m of cable, they will stretch along a table or mantelpiece nicely. Because they’re battery operated there’s a bit more freedom to move them around, although they don’t come with batteries, so make sure to order a set when you purchase them.

Matilda Goad four scallop-trim linen napkins

While novelty decor has its place in this world, the hardest working finishing touches for your seasonal tablescapes are the ones you can use again and again. Investing a little more in something like these gorgeous soft linen napkins will see you through many a celebration. The pastel palette is perfect for Easter, but also ideal for summer barbecues or a way to inject colour into your home in the colder months.

The material has been pre-washed, so is luxuriously soft and thick, while the napkins are a generous size that will cover your whole lap (no mealtime mishaps here). We love that they don’t need ironing and can be folded a few different ways to show off the scallop edge. They also come in other colourways, perfect for a mix and match vibe.

Party Pieces bunny pom pom tail place cards

Mark the occasion by extending your Easter decorations to your dining table with these adorable bunny-shaped place cards. At under £5, they’re an inexpensive way to inject a festive feeling without breaking the bank. All you have to do is to write each person’s name on them. Fancy pens at the ready.

The gilded feet and pompom tails give them texture and a bit of pizazz that will be especially attractive to younger guests. If you don’t need all six – let’s blame social distancing – these would also be sweet at a baby shower, Christening or child’s birthday party in the future.

Lakeland daisy place card holders

There’s no denying the appeal of a little daisy dotted around here and there – their sunny faces just inspire happiness. These place card holders make good use of the sweet flowers by capturing them inside a glass bauble.

They’re really easy to use, simply slip a little name card in the gold top. Other things we think they could be good for are for hanging on your Easter tree if you add a bit of ribbon, or for even using at other times of the year. The daisies are easy to remove if you take the top off and use tweezers, so you could swap them up with a few red berries at Christmas, for instance.

Party Touches Easter egg hunting kit

Party Touches is well known for its pastel party accoutrement, and this year for Easter we love its egg hunting kit. This sweet set is super-simple to put together – you literally blow up a few decorations – but it will make the occasion feel special for little ones. Included you get 10 balloons with instructions like “over there” and “more eggs this way”, and some inflatable bunny ear headbands which are pleasingly silly looking. Use the treat bags supplied to either hide egg-shaped treasure in for a hunt, or give them out for people to collect their own haul in.

The verdict: Easter decorations

Our favourite Easter decoration has to be the Easter bunny balloon arch kit by Ginger Ray. After the year we’ve all had it’s only right we go big on any celebration we can, and this fun and seasonal balloon arch is quick and easy to put together while also being big enough to make any room feel extra special for Easter. At under £20 we think it’s great value for money, and something both kids and adults will love. Special mention too has to go to the Matilda Gould napkins, which combine a grown-up way to celebrate the season, with a fun and playful edge. 

Expect hampers, Colin the Caterpillar, Percy the Pig and more in M&S’s Easter collection

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