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Rapidlash rapidglam review: This all-in-one serum and mascara is a fuss-free addition to your beauty routine

It claims to strengthen, lengthen and colour in six weeks, so we put it to the test with out brittle lashes

Sabine Wiesel
Thursday 30 September 2021 16:51 BST
<p>This two-in-one lash serum and mascara takes the fuss out of the application and simplifies our beauty routine</p>

This two-in-one lash serum and mascara takes the fuss out of the application and simplifies our beauty routine

Once upon a time we only had mascara to rely on to create fuller, fluttery eyelashes, but today we are spoilt for choice when it comes to lash-enhancing products. Whether you like to fake it with extensions or play the long game with lash growth serums, there are plenty of salon and DIY solutions to add some va-va-voom to any look.

The latter, however, has just seen a new innovation in the form of the world’s first lash serum and mascara in one, otherwise known as a “mascserum”. And when we heard this potentially game-changing formula was about to launch in the summer we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it and put it to the test.

It comes from the makers of one of our favourite brands, RapidLash – whose eyelash enhancing serum (£31.99, earned a place in our round up of the best. Our reviewer said, “It’s clinically proven to help boost how lashes look, with an easy application that you simply paint along your lash line once a day.”

The problem we have with using a lash serum is that we so often forget to apply it in what is already a full evening line-up in our beauty routine, and for lash serums to work they have to be applied daily.

So, by infusing what we already know to be a winning serum into an essential make-up product, it takes the fuss out of the application and simplifies our beauty routine. And any time-saving product is already a winner in our book.

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How we tested

Promising stronger, fuller, longer lashes in as little as six weeks, we put the “mascserum” to the test, using it instead of our regular mascara. Our tester has short, slightly brittle and blonde lashes. It was applied every morning, brushed through from root to tip as part of a regular make-up routine. We judged it on both its ability to boost health, length and volume, but also how well it fared as an everyday mascara. These are our thoughts.

Rapidlash rapidglam lash enhancing mascserum: £25.56,

The formula

We can break down the formulation into two parts. The first part is what the brand calls its exclusive “hexatein 7 complex”, which is essentially a blend of ingredients that encourage healthy lash growth.

Stand-out ingredients include peptides made up of amino acids that stimulate growth and protect against breakage. As well as strengthening and conditioning vitamins like, panthenol (vitamin B5 ) which coats the lashes and seals in moisture, and biotin which maintains healthy and strong hair.

The second part of the formula is the mascara part. Not only does it work overtime boosting growth, but it’s a fibre mascara, which means it’s infused with tiny fibres that stick to lashes instantly making them appear longer and fuller. When it comes to colour, the intensity of the blackest black pigment makes lashes stand out.

The application

Simple and fuss-free to use, it’s just like a regular mascara. The brush is thin and straight, making easy work of coating each and every individual lash. It’s paired with a smooth and creamy textured formula that coats lashes equally, lifting and curling the fringe slightly for an eye-opening effect.

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Apply starting at the base of the lashes gliding the brush through to the tip of lashes. The brand says you can apply as many coats as you wish, the more you add, the thicker the lashes will look.

We found three coats the optimum for natural drama, any more layers and it started to look slightly clump. Also, this isn’t an instant drying formula, so give it a few minutes to let it dry or it will smudge.

Just like a regular lash serum, the key for best results is to apply consistently every day. This ensures the ingredients boost lash growth at the right part of their growth cycle. Stop using it, or use sporadically, and your lashes will simply grow like normal and they won’t see any benefit.

The result

While we knew it would take time with this product to see a change in the way our lashes looked, we were pleasantly surprised to see that we didn’t have to wait too long to see a difference in how they felt. After two weeks of everyday use, each and every lash felt healthier, much less brittle, softer and more flexible.

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The most impressive results were seen after six weeks, as promised, when our lashes felt much stronger again. They had grown a good 5mm in length with a slight increase in the thickness of our lashes too.

While the results might not be as impressive as other serums, it’s important to note that, as with anything, results will vary from person to person. Our tester was very impressed, especially after compliments from friends, and is hoping for an even more fluttery effect as she continues to use it.

When judging it on its effectiveness as a mascara, it applies smoothly and builds both instant volume, length and curl that looks natural and eye-awakening – as long as you don’t overdo the layers, it stays clump-free too.

The only negatives we found is that it does smudge easily in the heat. On warmer days we did end up with panda eyes halfway through the day, but going into autumn this won’t be a problem.

The verdict: Rapidlash rapidglam lash enhancing mascserum

This two-in-one lash serum and mascara from proomised lashes will look stronger, fuller and longer after just six weeks of use and it delivered. Our tester’s lashes felt well-conditioned, and looked fuller and noticeably longer. We can’t wait to see even better results with continued use.

It makes a top volume-building mascara too with fibres that lengthen the look of lashes and a brush that coats every hair effortlessly.

In the past, we’ve found it tricky to remember to regularly apply lash serum, but as the Rapidlash rapidglam infuses such an essential formula in with a daily beauty item, it makes it a fuss-free way to ensure you use it continuously and get the excellent results it delivers. All at such a reasonable price too.

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