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Best trampolines for 2023 that will keep kids entertained in the garden

Our little testers enjoyed hours of bouncing to find big and small trampolines for different ages

Zoe Phillimore
Wednesday 10 May 2023 14:29 BST
<p>There was a steady stream of helpers both young and old lining up to lend a hand with testing these </p>

There was a steady stream of helpers both young and old lining up to lend a hand with testing these

Our Top Picks

Trampolines are a fantastic bit of kit for your garden. Bouncing on them not only boosts your stamina and promotes balance but can even reduce stress. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Some people may have concerns about safety, and while they’re sometimes founded, the trampoline world has come a long way in the past few years. In fact, they have never been safer and are designed for the safest jump experience you can hope for.

Of course, there’s the nets – most are more flexible and durable, meaning they won’t fail under pressure or over time. Just remember to look at the fastenings and think what’s going to work for you. Older jumpers might be mature enough to remember to zip up the opening every time, but chances are younger kids won’t be.

Zips aren’t the only way though, some now have wraparound nets that you slide between. Zips will also increase the stress on your net over a period of time. But they do tend to be on more-affordable trampolines.

Look out for additional parts you need for your trampoline. Does it come with a ladder? Most don’t, so factor that into your budget and pay attention to the fine print. You can also get tie-down kits to stop the trampolines blowing away in strong winds – great if it’s in an exposed spot. Other fun things you can pick up include basketball hoops, slides off the trampoline, sunshines – even star-gazing kits.

How we tested

We spent more than a month testing trampolines to find the best. Along with us, there was a steady stream of testers – young and old(er) – lining up to lend a hand. Trampolines that were fun were the main order of the day, but we also kept an eye on the safety features, how bouncy they were and, as always, value for money. We tested trampolines of all budgets, shapes and sizes to find the very best and these are the ones that made us jump for joy…

The best trampolines for 2023 are:

JumpPRO 10ft x 7ft oval xcite

best trampoline
  • Best: Overall
  • Shape: Oval
  • Size: 10ft x 7ft

Our mini testers loved this trampoline. It’s perfect for a moderately sized garden, and has plenty of space for kids to bounce and learn tricks, if they’re thrill seekers. It’s got a really good bounce to it, which kept our testers entertained for hours and hours. Testers definitely came off feeling worn out – a winner for us.

We were astounded with the value for money too – it feels premium for a mid-range trampoline, and we liked the green spring pads that blended a bit with our garden. It also has the net inside the springs for a little added safety. There is a zip enclosure, so again, you’re relying on always being there to zip it up, or your kids to be responsible. One thing worth noting is that this trampoline doesn’t come with a ladder, so you’re going to need to invest in one separately.

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Salta 10ft black round comfort edition trampoline with enclosure

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: Value for money
  • Size: Round
  • Size: 10ft

This trampoline has a medium bounce, but is a decent size at 10ft. Our testers absolutely loved it, and they spent hours fine-tuning their flips on it. Even older testers loved it. Although it doesn’t come with a ladder, it’s quite low to the ground compared to most on this round up, meaning the dismount was easy even for little legs.

The frame is very robust, and is powder coated for durability – it also stands all weather well, and looks good. Even the spring mat doesn’t fade in the sun like some. The frame comes with a two-year warranty and the maximum weight limit is 18 stone (120kg), so suitable for two fairly light adults at once if you dare. We felt like this is a really fairly priced mid-range trampoline that would be a great family option.

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Plum 8ft magnitude trampoline and enclosure

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: For gentle bounce
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 8ft

If you don’t want your kids lifting off into space, then this Plum trampoline is a great option. Mini testers flocked to it, so it ticked that box nicely. While younger kids didn’t seem to notice the gentle bounce on this one, it’s definitely discernible to adult testers. This did however make jumping more controlled, which gave us some peace of mind.

We liked that the curved enclosure gave some extra bounce space, and gently pushed jumpers back to the middle rather than catapulting them. The maximum weight on this trampoline is 13 stone, so suitable for only one adult at a time – or a few kids. Certainly it’s not one of the most robust trampolines on the line up – the frame doesn’t feel rock solid, although it comes with a five-year guarantee – it is insanely good value for money.

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North Trampolines pioneer trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: Rectangular trampoline
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Size: 12ft x 8ft

A firm favourite among our mini testers, this trampoline has a great-sized bounce zone but it doesn’t feel enormous in the garden. North Trampolines is a Scandi brand; many of its engineers are Volvo alumni, so it has taken all that know-how and put it to good use in this trampoline. It’s incredibly easy to put together, despite its large size and also very bouncy, which delighted our testers.

We liked that the enclosure has an overlap entrance rather than a zip, meaning kids didn’t have to remember to zip up the net. The net also has UV protection, which we thought was a brilliant feature, as well as an extended mat, which covers the springs to help prevent injury, and the spring pads are UV resistant, so they shouldn’t deteriorate over time. They’re also covered in a premium-feel plastic that feels durable. It’s been designed to withstand Swedish weather, so the British climate is going to be nothing in comparison. We were so impressed with this trampoline, and our testers said it was one of their favourites.

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Springfree medium oval smart trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: For safety
  • Shape: Oval
  • Size: 8ft x 11ft

Maybe your kids are nagging you for a trampoline but you have reservations about them staying safe? This is going to be perfect for you. Springfree trampolines are built by a Kiwi engineer, whose kids wanted a trampoline but his wife – a nurse – refused on safety grounds. She challenged him to make a spring-free trampoline as the spring area is where most injuries she saw at work had happened. And, well, who’s laughing now?

The New Zealand brand has been a huge hit the world over, as there are no springs, and instead, flexible rods around the outside of the bounce zone. The poles that hold the net up are flexible too, so if a bouncer crashes into them, they’re going to flex. This trampoline does, however, have a zip-up enclosure which means it’s not totally fool (or fall) proof.

The Springfree was one trampoline our kids went back to over and again during testing – and we were happy that they were safe on it. Testers also loved playing with the basketball-hoop accessory (which is sold separately), which extended the fun hugely. It didn’t have quite the same bounce as other trampolines, but all testers claimed it was brilliant. We acknowledge the price tag is hefty, but it feels premium, it comes with a 10-year guarantee – and if safety is a real concern we reckon it’s worth it.

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North Trampolines performer trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: High-performance trampoline
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Size: 15ft x 10ft

Oh boy, this trampoline is the business. It’s huge – not just in bounce-zone terms, but also in height. It dominated a fairly large garden, so you’re either going to need a big space, or learn to live with a trampoline being your garden’s focal point. The performer is massive amounts of fun – both adult and kid testers loved it. It’s incredibly bouncy, throwing all bouncers – including adult men – high in the air. Indeed, we felt like big kids testing it ourselves. The performer is brilliant for gymnasts and keen trampolinists who want to practice their moves at home.

The trampoline also has all the North Trampoline hallmarks of quality. The spring pads feel premium and durable. The net enclosure is zip free, meaning adults don’t keep having to remind kids to zip it up. It is high off the floor though, and doesn’t come with a ladder included – you’ll want to invest in one of those. We also like that there is a net between the spring pads and the spring zone, meaning it’s impossible to fall between the two. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-range, high-performance trampoline then look no further.

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Domyos hexagonal trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: For smaller gardens
  • Shape: Hexagonal
  • Size: 8ft

This trampoline is great for more-modestly sized gardens, while still being plenty big enough for kids to have a good bounce. And the value for money is hard to ignore here, too. Sure, it’s not going to be the most premium-feel trampoline and it won’t last forever, but it does the job and kept our testers happy – and wore them out, which is key. It’s worth noting it doesn’t come with a ladder, so you’ll have to buy that separately.

Despite the (relatively) purse-friendly price, we were pleased to see that the net was inside the spring pads for a little extra safety. You can, of course, still slip between the pads and the bounce zone, but this makes it feel less likely to happen. The enclosure uses a zip to close it, which does rely on bouncers diligently zipping it up again once they’re on. Whether your kid is up to the task or not is one for you to ponder. Our testers loved the big white target in the middle of the bounce zone, which they made lots of games up around. All round, this was lots of fun.

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JumpKing oval combo pro trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: Mid-sized trampoline
  • Shape: Oval
  • Size: 9ft x 13ft

If you’re looking for a trampoline that’s average in size, the JumpKing is hard to beat for value and price. For a start, it was one of the few trampolines that came with a ladder and also has the net inside the spring pads. We did however find the zip fastening quite small – adults have to sort of crawl through it. But you’ve lost all sense of decorum if you’re an adult on a trampoline, so, whatever.

Our testers loved playing on this trampoline, making up games and enjoyed seeing who could bounce onto the white target the most amount of times. As it’s oval, should there ever be more than one bouncer at a time, there are two different bounce zones so a collision is less likely (but not unheard of…). The spring pads on this aren’t as premium as the ones on the big-budget models in this line up, and perhaps it’s not going to last you decades, but it’s fun and it’s not eye-wateringly expensive for the size of it.

  1. £341 from
Prices may vary
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TP infinity 10ft X 14ft rectangular trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: Zip-free entry trampoline
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Size: 10ft x 14ft

At 10ft x 14ft, she’s a sizey girl. We love TP’s infinity range – it feels premium and durable, for a start. They also have TP’s igloo zip-free entry, meaning kids can easily come and go as they like without worry. The spring pads feel nicely padded, and are on the outside of the net. The bounce zone feels huge, and has been designed to give you maximum height. Perfect for budding gymnasts or those who simply are ready to graduate from a smaller trampoline.

Our bouncers loved this trampoline, claiming it to be brilliantly bouncy. We liked that it was relatively easy to put together, and has a fast take-down function. We didn’t get to test this, but it’s handy if you’re worried about high winds making off with it.

  1. £949 from
Prices may vary
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Salta green rectangular first class trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: For multiple jumpers
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Size: 14ft x 8ft

We rated this trampoline highly for bounce back. Our testers loved that it had more bounce than some of the other trampolines we tested of around this size. And the bounce was good across the whole bounce zone, too, meaning our testers reported a more reliable jump. Although the net sits on top of the spring pads, the pads feel so comprehensive that you have some protection from falling through the gaps. The weight limit on this trampoline is 28 stone, which is why we rated it for multiple jumpers.

We also liked the zip-free enclosure, from a fail-safe point of view. Although it’s obviously safer to have one bouncer at a time, thanks to the rectangular shape our testers didn’t bounce into each other too much. Plus there is enough space for two kids – depending on their age and trampolining moves, obviously. We were also pleased to note this trampoline comes with a ladder in the box. A surprising rarity in the trampoline world.

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TP 4.5ft junior trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: First trampoline
  • Shape: Circular
  • Size: 4.5ft

This cute little trampoline has all the great features we love from TP’s larger range. There’s an igloo, zip-free entry which means little kids don’t need to do the zip up. It’s also nice and low to the ground, so they can clamber on and off without any help or need for a ladder.

There’s definitely only space for one child up to around the age of six inside the jump zone we reckon and unfortunately, while our six-year-old tester enjoyed it, the lure of larger trampolines during testing meant they moved on quickly. Obviously in your garden you probably won’t have seven trampolines at a time, so it might hold their interest a little more…

But for bouncers who are just starting out, this is perfect. The bounce factor is there, without being intimidating for little ones who have just picked up the skill of jumping. We also loved the friendly animal drawings on the jump zone. This is a fab trampoline if you’re not yet ready to commit to one of the bigger fellows on this line up. And while it is out of stock at the moment, you can sign up to be notifed via email once it is back.

  1. £89 from
Prices may vary
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TP up trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: Circular trampoline
  • Shape: Circular
  • Size: 8ft

This circular 8ft trampoline is great for those who want a trampoline you can tuck away in a corner. It’s still plenty of fun though and great for younger kids and single bouncers. The top ring, although difficult to put together, helps maintain the net enclosure’s shape and is one of the few that TP Toys makes without the igloo enclosure. Here we’re looking at a zip closing, which perhaps makes the trampoline a little lighter on the wallet.

The frame feels sturdy, even when older kids or adult testers get on, and the nets are on the inside of the springs, for additional safety. It still has plenty of bounce to it with our testers being able to do flips to their heart’s content on it. The spring pads feel quite a bit more premium than others we tried at around this price point, in fact, the whole trampoline feels decent quality for the price.

  1. £119 from
Prices may vary
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JumpPRO xtra black rectangular trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: For very large gardens
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Size: 15ft x 10ft

The biggest trampoline we tried, this one truly is enormous, and our kid testers were absolutely thrilled by it. The bounce mat is double layered for a soft landing, and there are also extra long springs for a bigger bounce. We definitely felt like this was a more controlled bounce than other trampolines we tried too, which is reassuring if you have multiple jumpers on there. Again, the net sits inside the springs to minimise injury and we liked that this trampoline comes with a ladder, so kids could easily get on and off by themselves. The frame felt sturdy and durable, and like it will stand the test of time as your kids grow into teens and older still.

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North explorer trampoline

best trampolines to buy for toddlers adults tricks garden uk
  • Best: Customisable trampoline
  • Shape: N/a
  • Size: N/a

We tested the 12ft x 8ft oval explorer, but the beauty of this trampoline is you can choose a shape, size and colour to suit you. They go all the way up to 16ft x 11ft in the oval design, so you’re sure to find something that suits you, your kids and your space. You can also adjust the spring length and tension on the bounce mat, so older kids can go higher and younger kids can have a gentler bounce.

Our testers – adult and children – loved this trampoline. It had the perfect amount of bounce, and a large bounce zone that meant several testers could be jumping at the same time and not crash into one another. It also has all those beautiful, top-of-the-range features we’ve fallen in love with.

The best of the best materials – the spring pads are incredible quality, and the net is durable and UV resistant. There’s an overlap entrance, so no zip to worry about and on the net is a belt around 30cm from the bottom, which is designed to direct jumpers back into the middle of the trampoline should they fall against the net. How ingenious! Lastly, the safety net between the springs and the bounce mat means it’s impossible to slip through onto the springs. Bravo, North Trampolines!

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Trampoline FAQs

Which shape trampoline is best?

Round trampolines are great for tucking into a corner of the garden, and they will direct bouncers back the middle of the trampoline.

Oval trampolines are a compromise, as the gentle curves feel less obtrusive than a rectangle, and can offer a larger bounce zone while keeping the width relatively small. They also send the jumper back into the middle of the trampoline.

Rectangular trampolines are what the pros use because they provide the best bounce. The shape allows the springs to work evenly, giving you a more controlled and predictable bounce.

The verdict: Trampolines

The JumpPro trampoline is fantastic quality for the price, and has a really generous jump zone. Testers loved practicing tricks and playing games for hours on end, and the bounce is fun without being chaotic. It’s not going to send little kids dangerously out of control, yet is still fun for older jumpers too.

We were also huge fans of the North Trampoline generally. It’s huge fun, incredibly well designed, feels durable and high-end and our testers all loved it. Every detail has been considered in the construction of this trampoline and we just can’t fault it, even though it is a tad pricey.

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