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Does the Hismile V34 puple colour corrector actually work?

This colour-correcting serum is now our new go-to before we go out-out

Amira Arasteh
Tuesday 25 July 2023 10:00 BST
The V34 colour corrector is the perfect quick fix
The V34 colour corrector is the perfect quick fix (The Independent)

Teeth discolouration is an issue with which many of us are familiar – yet it is still a tricky one to navigate, often leaving those experiencing it lacking confidence or appreciation for themselves and how they look in photos and in real life.

More people than you know naturally have yellow teeth, thanks to daily routines that include drinking coffee, tea, juice and wine (you’ll have to give us a really good reason to not reach for a glass of red after a long day at work).

While seeking professional dental advice and treatment is one option, many people are seeking out more DIY, at-home methods to brighten and whiten their smile. From teeth whitening strips to whitening toothpastes, there is a vast number of products that claim to help you achieve pearlier whites.

However, if you’re not totally sold on longer-term teeth whitening, there is a colour-correcting serum on the market that could be just for you. Having already gone viral on TikTok, not only are videos of bowled-over beauty influencers using the whitening product being viewed in excess, but even Kim Kardasian seems to be “obsessed” with the product.

If you’re intrigued by the “purple shampoo of teeth”, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve tested the serum to bring you our full verdict. Keep reading and prepare to be dazzled.

How we tested

We did just as the brand suggests and tried this product for a few mornings after we had already brushed our teeth, to see how our newly brightened smile fared throughout the day. We also gave ourselves little top-ups when we had particular occasions, such as going out for the evening and prior to shooting some photos, to see how our pearly whites looked in different lighting, too.

Hismile V34 colour corrector

hismile v34 colour corrector serum teeth whitening
  • Size: 30ml
  • Form: Gel serum
  • Flavour: Mint

First things first, this product is a colour corrector and not a toothpaste. Not only will it not permanently whiten your teeth – because it’s not designed to – it also is not meant to replace your everyday oral healthcare routine. Designed to be a quick fix solution, this serum utilises colour-correcting technology (in a similar way to a purple shampoo), to help to cancel out any yellow undertones and stains – thanks to it being the opposite to yellow on the colour wheel.

The brand recommends using the V34 colour corrector after brushing your teeth with your regular toothpaste (though Hismile does have an excellent PAP+ whitening one that featured in our round-up of the best whitening toothpastes), should you be looking to smile brighter that day. Alternatively, you can use the serum to eradicate unwanted yellow tones on your teeth before a date, interview, night out – whatever the occasion.

Even though we were well prepped that this seurm was purple, we were still surprised when we squeezed out some of the serum, as it is dark. However, as the brand suggests, we applied two pumps to our toothbrush and began brushing in a circular motion for two minutes. We then spat it out and rinsed our mouth.

Unlike the brand’s toothpaste, which Hismile recommends you expel without rinsing afterwards (so as not to rid your mouth of all the positive and cleansing ingredients), you are meant to rinse your mouth after using the V34 serum. Upon first use, we did notice a little bit of purple residue on our gums and lips but this was fast eradicated with an extra rinse.

After using the serum, we immediately noticed a brighter and whiter smile. It was almost like seeing the immediate after effects of a successful teeth whitening treatment but in less time.

There were no issues with sensitivity, and we already knew this to be a quick-fix solution, so we weren’t shocked that it wasn’t as long-lasting as some might want. While we have tried many at-home teeth whitening treatments that caused zero sensitivity, including Hismile’s strips, this did feel like a less invasive and much faster treatment.

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The verdict: Hismile V34 colour corrector

After using the V34 serum, we immediately noticed a brighter and whiter smile, although, do keep in mind the product is meant to be used as a quick fix, and the results are, therefore, not as long lasting as some might want them to be.

If you’re someone who struggles with (or is wary of) sensitivity, when it comes to teeth whitening, we’d recommend this product, as we felt no problems at all and found it fitted seamlessly into our oral healthcare routine.

Ultimately, while we might not use this daily, we definitely saw the benefits of using the serum and would absolutely add it to our teeth-brushing routine before particular events, photo opportunities and nights out, as it delivered such a natural-looking dazzle to our pearly whites.

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