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Meghan Markle’s favourite RevitaLash eyelash serum is a fast track to fuller lashes

Both the Duchess of Sussex and Kim Kardashian credit their lashes to this brand

Daisy Lester
Tuesday 13 December 2022 13:33 GMT
<p>One product sells globally every 30 seconds  </p>

One product sells globally every 30 seconds

Fluttery and full eyelashes continue to be desirable and the methods to enhance your natural lashes can range from fiddly falsies to pricey extensions. But with more than 130 million views on TikTok and mounting, a new beauty hack has come to the forefront in recent years in the form of lash serums.

These specialised formulas aim to condition, strengthen and lengthen, as well as promising healthier and more defined lashes over continued use. A simple concept, but does it work in practice?

One avid user who certainly thinks so is Meghan Markle, who credits her own flutter to an OG brand of the relatively new eyelash serum world. In an interview with Allure, the Duchess of Sussex shouted out RevitaLash’s advanced eyelash conditioner as central to her beauty regime. "I [use] RevitaLash on my eyelashes, and I swear they are as long as they could ever be," she said. And the Duchess isn’t alone in her adoration, with the serum counting Kim Kardashian and Vogue Williams among its fans, too.

Founded in 2006 by Dr Michael Brinkenhoff, RevitaLash emerged as a solution for his wife who was being treated for cancer at the time and dealing with eyelash loss – leading to the birth of the brand’s first lash conditioning serum. The product’s fusion of anti-oxidants, amino acids and B vitamins were formulated with the aim to fortify, smooth and soften lashes, as well as defending them from breakage and brittleness.

Fast track to now and the brand states that one sells globally every 30 seconds. Better still, you can save 20 per cent site-wide throughout December with the code “DEC20”, bringing the price of the cult serum down to £79.20. With such big claims and a-list endorsement, naturally, we decided to put it to the test.

How we tested

Revitalash claims that you’ll see noticeable results within two months, so we tested the serum for just over eight weeks. In order to assess any difference it made to our eyelashes, we looked for overall improvements to the health, glossiness and thickness of our lashes – as well as all-important length. Our lashes are neither long nor short but mascara does make a serious difference and we’re rarely caught without a lashing of it on. As such, we were hoping to see Revitalash’s serum replace our daily mascara by offering a more natural flutter.

Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner, 3.5ml: Was £99, now £79.20,

The formula

Working together to encourage healthy lash growth, RevitaLash’s eyelash serum is formulated with a blend of peptides, vitamins and plant extracts. It is also one of the few clinically proven serums available that’s been developed by ophthalmologists (medical eye specialists).

The holy grail of these ingredients are the amino acids (peptides) which work to stimulate growth while protecting against breakage. On top of this, you also have B vitamins that help condition and strengthen your lashes, while biotin is responsible for maintaining healthy and strong hair.

Coming in a 2ml tube, the brand promises there’s enough formula in there for around three months of use. Testifying to these claims, we’ve been applying a morning swipe across our upper lash line for more than two months and there’s no sign of it running out just yet. You can also purchase 3.5ml for £110, which is said to last for six months.

The application

Applying the serum couldn’t be simpler. Make sure there’s no make-up or residue on your lashes and apply a thin line of the product directly onto your lashes, above the lash line. It’s not recommended to apply it more than once a day as that can irritate your eyes. We used the product each day in the morning, letting it dry completely before applying any additional make-up.

The results

Within two weeks, we saw a noticeable difference in the length and healthiness of our lashes. And within two months, we felt happy to forgo mascara for a more naturally full look.

Before and after two months of use

Beyond length, we observed that our lashes had an extra curl to them and were a shade darker than before, which only added to the voluminous look. The conditioning element of the serum also worked wonders and our lashes have never felt softer.

Cementing our own conclusion, everyone we asked was unanimous in thinking that we were wearing mascara when we were in fact au naturel.

Buy now

The verdict: RevitaLash advanced conditioning serum

Delivering the same effect as natural-looking falsies or lash extensions, the serum gets there by conditioning and strengthening your lashes. There was a noticeable difference within just two months and by continuing to use it just two or three times a week moving forward, we hope to maintain these results. As a premium-priced product that costs just shy of £100, RevitaLash’s advanced formula is certainly an investment for most but, if you’re in the market for fuller lashes through healthy means, you won’t regret splashing out (especially now it’s reduced by 20 per cent).

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