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Dragons’ Den: Where to buy Bellybambino baskets, Quarter gin, finger guards and dandi sweat patch

We also saw the Handisure finger guard contraption for doors, and the dandi sweat patch in tonight’s episode

Alex Lee
Thursday 30 March 2023 20:55 BST
The heat is on and only one business walked away with a deal in tonight’s show
The heat is on and only one business walked away with a deal in tonight’s show (iStock/The Independent)

We might be nearing the end of Dragons’ Den, but that doesn’t mean the investors would go easy on the entrepreneurs tonight. Quite the opposite, in fact, as only one business successfully secured a deal in the den this evening – and just by the skin of the company’s teeth.

Just when it seemed like it was all about to go pear-shaped for Helen and Mark Chapman of Bellybambino – a brand that makes sweet, animal-themed seagrass toy-storage baskets – the pair successfully found the dragon of their dreams when Touker Suleyman chose to come on board.   

Meanwhile, Fabian Clark and Rohan Radhakrishnan also got close to a deal with their light, Quarter gin, but the two just couldn’t agree a deal after some back and forth negotiating. 

As well as cute baskets and low-alcohol gin, we also saw a sweat-patch product to save people from embarrassing clothing marks, and a finger-guard contraption to protect kids and toddlers’ fingers from slams in internal doors. Here’s where you can buy all of the products seen in tonight’s episode of Dragons’ Den.   

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Bellybambino seagrass belly baskets: From £11.99,


In tonight’s show, married couple Helen and Mark Chapman put a big smile on the dragons’ faces, with their cute seagrass belly baskets. But while Peter Jones was pleased with his jellyfish box, and Steven Bartlett with his lion one, Touker Suleyman was the only one to put in an offer, and the Chapmans were more than happy to accept.    

Launched in 2019, Bellybambino makes seagrass toy storage belly baskets in fun animal and kid-friendly designs. Natural and sustainable, you’ll find safari animal-themed baskets, sea animal-themed baskets, cherry baskets, ice-cream baskets, rainbow baskets and many more. They come in mini, small and large sizes.     

You can buy the baskets from Bellybambino directly or from Scandiborn (they are currently out of stock at Jojomamabebe). The mini baskets start from £11.99, the small baskets start from £23.99 and the large baskets start from £36.99.  

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Quarter gin: Was £27, now £24.99,


School-friends-turned-business-partners Fabian Clark and Rohan Radhakrishnan walked into the den with a low-alcohol-content gin that the pair hoped would get the dragons thirsty for more. While the Quarter gin impressed Deborah Meaden and Touker Suleyman enough to put an offer on the table, it was just too much equity for them to accept the deal.    

Launched in 2021, Quarter became a reality when Clark and Radhakrishnan struggled to find low-alcohol-content gin. They wanted something that would still taste the same and give them a buzz, but without the potential side effects of gin with higher alcohol content.

Quarter is described as a light, low-calorie, vegan-friendly gin with 12 per cent ABV. It’s made with juniper, coriander and angelica, as well as orange peel, grapefruit peel and sweet orange. It comes in 20cl bottles and 70cl bottles. The larger size usually costs £27 but it currently has 7 per cent off at Amazon, while Quarter itself is offering a ‘dragon’s discount’. 

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Handisure finger guard: £18.95,


Surgeon-turned-entrepreneur Pulathis Siriwardana and his wife Siddhi wanted to stop toddlers and kids from crushing their hands in door hinges, so came up with an automatic door finger guard. But when Peter Jones picked up on a design flaw, the seams began to unravel, leaving the pair walking out without a deal.     

Launched in 2021, the Handisure is an automatically engaging door finger guard that acts as an alternative to a door stopper. Whenever a toddler or baby goes through a door, the Handisure will activate and protect your child’s fingers from lock and hinge-side injuries.

The product features something the company calls a Smart Head, which provides added protection for toddlers as they move through a doorway. The Handisure finger guard can be bought from Amazon and the Handisure website, in packs of one, two and three.

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 Dandi London’s dandi patch: £9.99,

(Dandi London)

Buckinghamshire-based Theresa Pope wants to put a halt to the embarrassment around excessive underarm sweating, with her innovative sweat patch idea – the dandi patch. But faced with a grilling over her loss-making numbers, she was left with a warning instead of a deal from Steven Bartlett – stop now or potentially lose £1m in the next 24 months.

But Peter Jones urged her to keep going, and so she has. Officially launching in 2017, Dandi London’s dandi patch is a thin, ultra-absorbent, discreet solution to the embarrassing problem of underarm sweat, claiming to trap odour and absorb perspiration to prevent sweat marks and staining.

The dandi patch comes in packs of 10 and costs £9.99. The company also sells a unisex hair remover device for £14.99 and unisex nipple covers for £5.49 – available in lighter and darker skin tones. 

Buy now from Dandi London

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