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9 best lawn mowers for getting your garden pitch perfect

Take the toil out of this season’s lawn taming, with lawnmowers from B&Q to Hyundai

Jon Axworthy
Friday 05 January 2024 14:47 GMT
From mulching functions to battery-powered models, these power tools will make light work of your garden
From mulching functions to battery-powered models, these power tools will make light work of your garden (iStock/The Independent)
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If all the noise on your neighbourhood WhatsApp group recently has been related to the long, lost tribe that was discovered living in your back garden then you probably need to think about getting things under control with a quality lawnmower.

Any purchase is going to be dictated by the size of your grass, so it’s a good idea to make a rough estimation of how many square metres need to be maintained. However, there are other considerations that should influence your decision.

For example, is your lawn flat or undulating? Is it peppered with trees, shrubs, flower beds and the occasional gnome? How much storage space do you have? These things will dictate how much power and manoeuvrability you need, as well as how big a footprint your machine has when it’s not in use.

Mowers that are self-propelled make light work of the largest areas of turf but can be more expensive than mowers that require you to do the pushing yourself, but you should also consider the cutting width of the machine – the bigger the blade, the quicker you’ll be done. Similarly, if the mower has a mulching option or a sizeable collection bag you’ll spend less time disposing of the cuttings and more time mowing.

Ultimately, though, it all comes down to the quality of the finish because we all want our lawn to look neat, lush and healthy, so we have only included those that worked efficiently at all heights without pulling, tearing, scalping or scraping the turf.

How we tested

Throughout early spring, we tested our mowers on all shapes and sizes of lawn to see how well they performed for the first cut of the season when the grass was longest and then how well they could maintain the cut in the following weeks. During testing, we had strict criteria. We considered ergonomics, manoeuvrability (both on the pitch and off), weight and whether the chassis was robust and if the design allowed for close cutting next to flowerbeds, walls, and paths. But of course, we also assessed the finish. After, many, many weeks of walking up and down in straight lines, these are the machines that made the cut.

The best lawnmowers for 2024 are:

  • Best lawnmower overall – Worx WG743E.1 lawnmower: £263.99,
  • Best petrol-powered lawnmower – Stihl RM 545 VR lawnmower: £698.25,
  • Best battery-operated lawnmower – Kaercher LMO 18-36 lawnmower: £289.99,
  • Best ride-on lawnmower – Mountfield MTF 84M lawnmower: £2,359,

Worx WG743E.1 lawnmower

WORX WG743E-indybest-best-lawnmowers-review
  • Best: Lawnmower overall
  • Weight: 13.9kg
  • Cutting width: 40cm
  • Grass bag volume: 45l
  • Cutting heights: 20mm to 80mm

You may have to push this mower yourself, but it doesn’t feel like a chore thanks to some good ergonomics and well-sized, easy-rolling wheels that give good traction even when going uphill. Seven cutting heights give you the ability to handle the first mow of the spring, when the grass is at its tallest and keep it maintained all the way through summer and autumn.

It features Worx’s cut-to-edge function, which we absolutely love because the deck design and off-centred blade get as close to your garden’s borders as possible, leaving you with less trimming and maintenance to do afterwards. More tech also adjusts the blade speed according to the length of the grass, which extends the life of the double batteries on board, which are already enough to be able to keep a medium-sized garden in check on just one charge.

A large cutting blade also keeps cutting time to a minimum, but considering the deck is 43cm, the mower doesn’t feel cumbersome, while the chassis is tough enough to withstand any collisions with tree trunks, hard borders and other permanent obstacles. We were left with an impressive professional finish in no time at all and the mower stores upright so that it doesn’t take over your storage space.

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Ego LM1702E-SP lawnmower

EGO LM1702E-SP-ego-indybest-best-lawnmowers-review
  • Best: Mulching lawnmower
  • Weight: 26kg
  • Cutting width: 42cm
  • Grass bag volume: 55l
  • Cutting heights: 20mm to 80mm

This self-propelled mower operates with 42cm of cutting width and we had no issues with scalping or leaving tufts and the machine never ended up getting choked in areas of long grass. You get total control over the machine via an innovative variable speed fingertip dial so you can speed up when mowing larger expanses of lawn or slow down when manoeuvring around trees or other obstacles, so it never feels like the lawnmower is getting away from you.

There is a choice of seven cutting heights and the large grass box was easily emptied thanks to some well-placed handles. If you’d rather detach the grass box, there is also a mulching option, if that’s the kind of lawn treatment you’re after. There’s good ergonomics throughout the machine too, with an easy handle height adjustment and it was actually one of the easiest to operate machines on test thanks to the robust but lightweight polypropylene deck.

The Ego Power+ battery and chargers are superior performers and give you plenty of power for medium-sized garden cutting on a super- fast charge.

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Stihl RM 545 VR lawnmower

  • Best: Petrol-powered lawnmower
  • Weight: 32kg
  • Cutting width: 43cm
  • Grass bag volume: 60l
  • Cutting heights: 20mm - 75mm

This self-propelling machine offers six different cutting heights, all easily adjustable with a single push or pull of a spring-loaded handlebar and an ample grass box means you won’t have to keep stopping to empty the cuttings. Stihl’s vario drive propulsion system also makes short work of gradients, while the 43cm cutting width makes it ideal for medium sized gardens.

The mower always ran the blades at a constant speed, regardless of the propulsion speed, which gave a consistent and precise cut to the lawn. It has a high lift blade which creates an air flow that lifts the grass as it cuts and although we can’t confirm what’s actually going on inside the cutting deck when the machine is operating, we can confirm that it left a pleasingly precise finish to the grass across the cutting height range with the rear roller also doing an excellent job of striping.

Polymer housing doesn’t add too much weight to the machine but was very robust and able to withstand the usual punishment that lawnmowers need to take in the line of duty.

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Kaercher LMO 18-36 lawnmower

Kaercher LMO 18-36-indybest-best-lawnmowers-review
  • Best: Battery-powered lawnmower
  • Weight: 13.3kg
  • Cutting width: 36cm
  • Grass bag volume: 45l
  • Cutting heights: 30mm to 70mm

If you’re a small to medium lawn-owner looking to cut the cord and go with a battery model, this is a good entry-level option with 25-minutes of mowing on a fully charged battery. The 36cm cutting width can be set to work at four different heights and can be adjusted to mow and mulch, or simply mow into the 45l collection bag.

The results were good for the price bracket and the chassis design allowed us to mow close to the edge, next to walls and fences. Very lightweight to push around, there is a sturdy carry handle on top to help with lifting and moving, with the handles folding down for space-saving owners. The box also includes a 5AH battery and fast charger.

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Husqvarna Aspire LC34 P4A lawnmower

Husqvarna Aspire-indybest-best-lawnmowers-review
  • Best: For small spaces
  • Weight: 11.8kg
  • Cutting width: 34cm
  • Grass bag volume: 30l
  • Cutting heights: 20mm to 60mm

Lawnmowers are one of the bulkiest pieces of landscaping kit, but this walk-behind from Husqvarna’s aspire range is ideal for those with minimal storage space. For a compact mower, it has a good cutting width and the blades worked well to leave a clean, sharp cut. When you’re happy with the results you can store the mower vertically on a wall thanks to the hook hanger, which is one of the standout features of all the machines in the aspire range.

There’s also excellent operating and lifting ergonomics and combined with its light weight, the Aspire can be effortlessly manoeuvred into the tightest spots as well as carried to and from its working area.

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Mountfield MTF 84M lawnmower

  • Best: Ride-on lawnmower
  • Weight: 159kg
  • Cutting width: 84cm
  • Grass bag volume: 200l
  • Cutting heights: 20mm to 80mm

Need a ride? If you’re looking after a postage stamp patch or are on a budget then you won’t need one of these. However, if the size of your lawn dictates that you need something that will cover ground quickly, cut wide and leave behind a professional finish then the Mountfield is one of the best we tested.

Manouverable, both on the way to and on the grass, this is probably the most fun you can have mowing the lawn thanks to some very sensitive steering, good turning and good cutting, even at speed. The huge collection capacity is a must and the comfy seat also has a safety switch built in, which automatically cuts the engine if the driver leaves the seat while the blades are turning to ensure safe operation. The only thing that was missing was the, usually, obligatory cup holders for water or a thermos.

  1. £2,359 from
Prices may vary
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Hyundai HYM 480 SPER lawnmower

  • Best: For large sloping lawns
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Cutting width: 48cm
  • Grass bag volume: 70l
  • Cutting heights: 25mm to 75mm

If you’re blessed with the kind of lawn length that you could easily hit a golf shot on but isn’t expansive enough to warrant a ride on, then a self-propelled, petrol machine can be a very good option. This is one of our absolute favourites because it’s fully-featured and performed superbly, thanks to its five adjustable cutting heights and a rear roller that leaves behind an attractive, centre court-style striping, that’s bound to impress anyone looking on.

We say fully-featured because the Hyundai has a very reliable electric start that avoids the tug of war that can happen with a starting cable, self-propulsion that’s smooth, makes it easy to find the right pace and makes up for the overall weight of the machine. There are even a couple of cup holders if you need some light refreshment while you’re toiling away. Added to this a cavernous grass box and you have a machine that will take all the effort out of keeping on top of a large lawn.

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Lawnmaster MX 24V lawnmower

  • Best: Push mower
  • Weight: 11.4kg
  • Cutting width: 34cm
  • Grass bag volume: 32l
  • Cutting heights: 20mm to 70mm

This mower comes with two batteries to extend your cutting time, so one can be charging while the other is in use and its lightweight chassis makes it easy to turn around and tuck into some tight areas. Consistent results left the lawn with an impressive finish, there’s a mulch plug included if you’d rather the clippings were returned to your lawn to further fertilise it and there’s even a small rear roller which does a good job of striping.

The single lever adjustment over the rear wheel for cutting height was easy to move with one hand and never got stiff. Once your work is done the handles fold down for convenient storage (the mower can also be stowed upright) and there’s a prominent carry handle on top of the machine which makes it a doddle to and from the shed or garage.

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Bosch rotak 34R lawnmower

  • Best: Electric lawnmower
  • Weight: 11.1kg
  • Cutting width: 34cm
  • Grass bag volume: 40l
  • Cutting heights: 20mm to 70mm

If you need to tackle a straight edged garden close to the house then the 10m cable of this electric mower should enable you to reach the farthest corners without worrying about running out of leash. The mower retains the stand out features of the rotak range at a fraction of the cost, from the unique ergonomic handle to the grass combs that capture those tufts of grass along fences and walls and direct them towards the 34cm blade. The 34R cut well through all five settings and because it’s electric, the mower is lightweight and very easy to push around.

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The verdict: Lawnmowers

There’s a lot to consider when you invest in a mower but the WG743E.1 by Worx gets everything right to allow you to take a lawn from neglected to nurtured in no time at all. A big cutting width, seven cutting heights, lightweight, manoeuvrable with robust housing, excellent battery life and upright storage means that the only area where it can fail is in the finish itself. Thankfully, you can rely on the machine to get that right too, whether you’re collecting the clippings or returning them to the lawn using the mulching insert.

Want to keep your lawn neat and tidy without doing anything? Read our review of the best robot lawnmowers

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