This Furbo cat camera helps me keep tabs on my timid pet

You can use this nifty camera to give your four-legged friends treats while you’re out

Helen Wilson-Beevers
Wednesday 13 December 2023 11:13 GMT
The pet surveillance purchase works with an app, has a toy attachment and can fire out treats
The pet surveillance purchase works with an app, has a toy attachment and can fire out treats (The Independent)

Having a pet is one of the biggest joys in life, whether you prefer cats or dogs. From an animal’s funny little ways to their unique personality, our four-legged friends are an important part of the family.

While I was always a dog person, this all changed after rescuing a tiny kitten from the side of the road last year. Star soon became a firm fixture in our household and, like many cats, assumes he is in charge of us all.

So, when I heard about a way to keep tabs on him, I was very intrigued. Enter the Furbo 360 cat camera, a hi-tech device created so you can observe and interact with your feline friend from afar.

The camera has a sleek, black design, works with an app and smart devices, and can even fire out treats. We were intrigued to find out what our cat would get up to, and what he would think of this clever surveillance kit.

How we tested

I could watch my cat Star from afar by using the Furbo app (Helen Wilson-Beevers)

I spent a few days putting the Furbo 360 cat camera to the test in my living room. After syncing it up with the Furbo app, I trialled its interactive features and tuned in to watch what my cat was getting up to while I was out. I also looked at the price point, design and how often I’d use it. Keep reading for my full tried and tested review.

Furbo 360° cat camera

Furbo 360° cat camera.jpg
  • Size : 8.77in x 4.92in x 4.92in
  • Wireless: No
  • Night vision: Yes
  • Why we love it
    • Easy to set up
    • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Take note
    • Needs to be plugged in at all times

The first thing I noticed about the cat camera is its stylish design – it looks more like an electric diffuser than a piece of technology for your pet. This matte black appliance features a contrasting bamboo lid, and the only branding is its Furbo logo at the base.

The Furbo cat cam has a tall, slimline shape and measures 8.77in x 4.92in x 4.92in in size and you’ll find stickers to help stop it from slipping on a surface (or hopefully being knocked about by an over-friendly cat). I did find the 760g weight makes the camera quite steady, too.

Within the box, there was a wire with a bell attachment and a separate feathery toy to secure on the end of it. While the wire is bendy, it’s quite long and the toy sticks out a bit from the camera. So, while appealing to animals, it does make the device a bit less streamlined. But because this part is detachable, that isn’t an issue.

To set it up, I plugged in the camera, downloaded the Furbo app and followed its very simple instructions. The free app is how you can watch, get the device to make a noise to attract them or fire out treats across the room. The Furbo camera can hold a whopping 100 treats at one time, which can be fired out after a customised game and should keep them going. You’ll also receive notifications if your cat is making meowing sounds. The next step up from this is the Furbo cat nanny subscription, and we were able to access a free 30-day trial on the app. After that, it costs £6.99 a month, which I think is quite reasonable if you would use this service regularly.

My cat is quite timid, and while he was intrigued at first about the toy and bell, he didn’t seem drawn to it all the time. Similarly, the honking sound I could activate from the app didn’t impress him, either. It did, however, make my spaniel Ziggy come running. So, a plus I found about the cat camera is I could use it to monitor my dog, too. There is a separate Furbo dog camera you can buy (£128.33,

As someone who mostly works from home and likes the idea of keeping an eye on Star when I’m out for the day, I think the main app will give me everything I need. Although, I’d probably get the nanny cam subscription for week-long holidays. But, if you are out of the house a lot, the nanny aspect would probably be more up your street. Especially as it can detect lots of different noises and movements (including if they vomit), take pictures of your cat while they play with the toy, and even provide a 60-second highlight reel of their day. From a security point of view, it picks up on smoke and people in the room as well.

Another brilliant perk of the cat camera is the colour night vision, so you can see what they get up to while you’re asleep. When it came to Star, I found out that he sleeps a lot overnight, rather than causing too much chaos. Both during the day and night, the 360-degree angle offers a view of the entire room, and the 1,080px HD camera has a wide-angle lens that can zoom in four times, too. It’s also worth mentioning that you can chat to your cat with Furbo, and that’s a cute feature if you’re missing your furry friend. Finally, you can take screenshots of your cat via the app, if you spot them in any funny poses or just want to add a photo to your pet album.

In case you’re wondering, unplugging the Furbo disconnects the camera, so it needn’t run all the time or be on when you don’t want to be filmed.

The camera is currently on offer for less than £150, which I think is excellent value for money, given its impressive features.

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The verdict: Furbo 360 cat camera

The Furbo cat camera is a nifty device that offers an extensive view of your pet and living space. It is simple to use, looks aesthetically pleasing in situ and provides an array of cat-watching features. Whether you’re planning a holiday and want to keep an eye on your cat or love the idea of finding out what they get up to, this Furbo cat camera is a great hi-tech buy that would also make an excellent Christmas present.

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