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Maybelline’s sky high mascara transformed my short, stubborn lashes

The beauty buy has continued to dominate social media since its launch in 2021, and for good reason

Sarah Young
Tuesday 23 January 2024 18:32 GMT
The hype is real but is it warranted? I found out
The hype is real but is it warranted? I found out (iStock/The Independent)

From viral dance routines to mob wife fashion and the thirst for Stanley water cups, TikTok has become the go-to breeding ground for the latest trends. In particular, the social media platform’s ability to make or break a beauty product is unparalleled.

In the fast and fickle world of TikTok crazes, it can feel as though a new one lands every week and, while there are certainly a fair few to avoid (we’re looking at you sunscreen contouring), every now and then a certified beauty gem will manifest itself into our daily routines.

One such product is Maybelline’s lash sensational sky high mascara which, despite first launching in 2021, continues to dominate TikTok, arguably becoming its most viral beauty buy ever. If you type the hashtag “sky high mascara” into TikTok’s search bar, you’ll see that it has more than 1.8 billion views from thousands of videos posted by users sharing their thoughts on the mascara. Now that’s impressive.

Three years since it first landed in the UK and the videos continue to roll in. The hype is real, that’s for sure, but is it warranted? Persistently impressive sales of the product would suggest so – it’s the number one best-selling mascara in the UK – but here at IndyBest we like to dig a little deeper and, after months of real-life testing on my short, stubborn lashes the verdict is in. Keep scrolling for my full and honest review of Maybelline’s lash sensational sky high mascara.

How I tested the Maybelline lash sensational sky high mascara

One coat of the mascara made an instant difference to the length of my lashes (Sarah Young)

This mascara has become a permanent addition in my make-up bag since I first tried it back in 2021 so, it’s safe to say that it’s been put through its paces. I’ve worn it on windy seaside walks, nights out and through heatwaves to see how it fares. To help you figure out whether or not it’s the right mascara for you, I’ve taken everything from its design and formula to ease of application and the end result into consideration.

Maybelline lash sensational sky high mascara

Maybelline lash sensational sky high mascara indybest.jpeg
  • Lash effect: Lengthening
  • Shades: Black, brown, burgundy, blue, pink
  • Waterproof version available?: Yes
  • Why we love it
    • Buildable formula
    • Eyelashes instantly look lengthened and lifted
    • Flexible wand for hard-to-reach areas
Maybelline lash sensational sky high mascara design

What sets the sky high mascara apart from others is its uniquely designed brush, which is long, thin and densely packed with tiny little plastic bristles.

The wand is extremely flexible with a conical shape that makes it ideal for getting to hard-to-reach areas and easy to manoeuvre from all angles with minimal mess. I’m also a big fan of the tiny bristles that line the wand, which I have found help comb through each and every lash – yes, even those pesky ones right in the corner – from root to tip, leaving you with a fanned-out look.

Maybelline lash sensational sky high mascara formula

The formula of this mascara feels fairly fluid, which I found unfamiliar at first, sparking concerns that it would leave smudges around my eyes. However, I was swiftly proved wrong as after a full day of wear, not even a rogue flake could be found.

As for its ingredients, the mascara is infused with bamboo extract and fibres, which grip onto your lashes helping to achieve serious length without weighing lashes down or becoming clumpy. While I prefer the original black formula, you can also pick up a waterproof version and a variety of other shades, including brownish black, blue, burgundy and pink.

Fragrance-free and ophthalmologist-tested, it’s also said to be suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Maybelline lash sensational sky high mascara results

One Maybelline mascara is sold every seven seconds in the UK and, although the brand has a wealth of impressive formulas under its beauty belt, this one is my favourite yet. Ideal for everyday wear, it creates a natural look with a single coat but, if you’re the kind of person that likes their lashes with a tad more drama, applying two or three will help you achieve XXL length.

As someone with fairly short and straight lashes, I was sceptical that mine could achieve the great lengths I had seen plastered on social media but I definitely saw some great results. My eyelashes instantly looked lengthened and lifted, and most impressively, stayed that way all day.

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The verdict: Maybelline lash sensational sky high

The mascara category is incredibly saturated, which can make it super difficult to know which one to choose. That being said, I think Maybelline has outdone itself with the lash sensational sky high mascara, which can lengthen even the most stubborn of lashes and provide instant volume, all at a very affordable price.

A single coat is enough to make a noticeable difference but I like that you can layer up for added oomph, too. It’s a great everyday product that, for once, lives up to its social media hype. So much so, that it’s gained a permanent spot in our make-up bag.

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