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We tried Molton Brown’s new rose dunes range ahead of its launch – and we adore it

We’ve spent three months sampling the perfume, bath and shower gel and body lotion

Helen Wilson-Beevers
Friday 09 September 2022 11:14 BST
<p>Splash out on the famous home and body fragrance brand’s latest buys </p>

Splash out on the famous home and body fragrance brand’s latest buys

Molton Brown is a high street fragrance stalwart famous for scent blends including rhubarb and rose, black pepper, suede orris and coastal cypress and sea fennel. The brand’s unisex offerings span across luxurious buys like body lotion, hand wash, candles, bath oils and bubble bath, as well as eau de toilette and eau de parfum.

So, after hearing about a new scent landing, which is also Molton Brown’s first ever rose and amber combination, we were pretty keen to find out more. The rose dunes collection includes an eau de toilette, eau de parfum, bath and shower gel and body lotion, all with floral, amber and woody notes.

The rose dunes range launched on 31 August, and we got a sneak peek well ahead of time so have been sampling three of the products since May.

The vegan-friendly scent is billed as being an ode to Arabian Desert opulence with it taking inspiration from a desert rose, which isn’t actually a flower, but a rose-like formulation of crystallised mineral shapes.

All this considered, it does initially appear that it is a rose fragrance with a twist. But given there are so many Molton Brown scents to choose between already, what actually makes this new offering different? We took a deep dive into the delicious-sounding scent.

How we tested

We incorporated the Molton Brown rose dunes eau de perfume, bath and shower gel and body lotion into our daily routine over the course of three months. Our tester looked at scent appeal and longevity, as well as formulas and packaging. Read on for our full tried and tested verdict.

Molton Brown rose dunes eau de parfum: £120,

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Size: 100ml
  • Scent notes: Floral, woody, amber and musk

This perfume is undeniably a splurge buy, but the bottle is absolutely stunning and at 100ml, it’s a decent size. The cap comes complete with a shimmering swirl detail that creates a stylish aesthetic, and we think the robust packaging is suitably expensive-looking.

What’s refreshing about this fragrance is it combines rose and geranium floral notes while sandalwood, musk and vetiver bring further intricate oud depth too, alongside spicy pepper, and we really like how unique the entire blend is. The inclusion of patchouli (which is only in the rose dunes collection’s eau de parfum) completes this earthy, woody effect with plentiful scent layers.

If you favour rose fragrance minus any sweet sickliness, we think this could be the warming scent for you. Plus, it’s the first rose perfume we’ve tried which is equally well suited to being a more masculine fragrance buy too, if that’s your scent preference. Speaking of which, we’ve not yet tried the rose dunes eau de toilette (£85,, but it is worth knowing this scent incarnation is said to be slightly fresher than its earthy eau de parfum counterpart.

The perfume is impressively long-lasting, and it lingered on our tester’s skin throughout an entire day and well into the evening. One spritz delivers a potent pop of perfume, so we didn’t need to re-apply it very often, meaning the bottle should go further and help justify that over £100 spend.

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Molton Brown rose dunes bath and shower gel: £27,

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Size: 300ml
  • Scent notes: Floral, woody and amber

Presented in signature Molton Brown-branded style, the bottle’s cap has a click-down function to release product without unscrewing the top entirely which is handy for speedy use. What caught our eye first though is the gel’s sparkly swirling finish, which can be seen through the transparent bottle. This appealing effect made us want to sample the product straightaway.

There’s an almost tangy crispness to the bath and shower gel’s scent which we loved immediately. Using the shimmering gel in the shower to start with, we saw a satisfying lather and felt our skin become thoroughly cleansed. Meanwhile, when pouring it into the bath, we noted both bubbles and scent filling our tub.

Interestingly, even when coming to the end of this bottle, our tester could still detect plentiful scent left, so we added a bit of water to ensure no drop of fragrance was wasted and it worked a treat. We’ll be re-purchasing again soon though, as this is the prettiest and most powerfully-scented bath and shower gel we’ve ever tried.

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Molton Brown rose dunes body lotion: £31,

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Size: 300ml
  • Scent notes: Floral, woody and amber

The rose dunes body lotion bottle has a pump-release nozzle for quick and easy application, minimising both mess and hassle. Our tester tended to apply it onto skin after a bath or shower, and was impressed by how well the formula glided on. It also absorbs easily too, and we didn’t see any annoying residue. In fact, a tiny amount goes a long way, feels soothing on skin as it soaks in and as a lightweight lotion, the product adds moisturising refreshment.

It matches up closely with the other two buys in terms of scent notes and as the day went on we could still smell the body lotion on our skin, making this a more affordable way of trying the rose eau de toilette. Plus, the 300ml bottle lasted us a couple of months, because of how much scent and skin-softening each single pump offers.

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The verdict: Molton Brown rose dunes collection

Molton Brown’s rose dunes collection centres around a floral, woody blend with a tempting sense of mystery because the perfume notes are unusually placed while working perfectly to create deep scent layers. Our overall favourite is rose dunes eau de parfum, because we particularly like the aesthetically-pleasing bottle, unique long-lasting scent and unisex versatility.

Meanwhile, if you fancy sampling the scent and indulging with a luxurious bathing buy, we also highly rate the rose dunes bath and shower gel for its multi-tasking cleansing and soaking purposes, plus the lingering perfume notes.

Finally, slathering on the rose dunes body lotion feels like a real treat and we saw both smoothed and softened skin with use, while it absorbs easily and leaves a light layer of fresh yet earthy fragrance. We’d definitely recommend checking this entire range out.

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