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11 best pram mittens and gloves to keep hands warm on winter walks

With weather-resistant materials and toasty linings, these are the ultimate stroller accessory

Rebecca Moore
Friday 06 January 2023 15:47 GMT
<p>Clock up the pushchair mileage with individual mitts or joined handwarmers    </p>

Clock up the pushchair mileage with individual mitts or joined handwarmers

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It’s safe to say that as a parent to a young child, your hands go through the mill – from constantly picking up and cradling your bundle of joy, to changing nappies and cleaning bottles, paws are in high demand.

All hands require that extra bit of TLC during the winter. In the cold weather, while our body does its best to get blood circulation to our vital organs, it changes the amount of blood circulated in our hands. Hence your poor fingers turning into cold, numb, chip-like appendages.

But if you’ve ever fumbled around to take your gloves off to tend to your baby’s needs / answer your phone et al while out on a crisp winter’s walk, you won’t be the first parent to neglect your own needs – or at the risk of faff, not bother wearing them at all.

However, there is an answer. Allow us to introduce pram gloves, which come in the shape of a handmuff, mitts or mittens that attach to your pushchair’s handlebar and are, quite simply, a godsend. This invention means parents’ hands can be free at the drop of a dummy while simultaneously keeping hard-working paws toasty and clocking up the pushchair mileage. And to top it all off, there’s a multitude of stylish options on the market, giving your pushchair the ultimate winter accessory.

From all-in-one handmuffs with eye-catching prints to sheepskin-lined mittens, pimp your pushchair and treat your hardworking hands to a little luxury, with our round-up of the very best pram gloves.

How we tested

Alongside our trusty Joolz geo (though these pram gloves should fit on most models of pushchairs or strollers), we wrapped ourselves, little ones and pushchairs up and faced the elements to test a range of pram handmuffs, mittens and mitts.

While the concept is wonderfully simple, we weighed up how easy the products were to attach, how secure they felt and how warm and happy the materials made our hands. Like all accessories, style comes into play, and given your pushchair is likely to have set you back a few pounds, price came into consideration too. Here are the ones that got our hands up.

The best pram mitts for 2023 are:

  • Best overall – Hudoma Chelsea black pram gloves: £40,
  • Best for cosiness – Kaiser big double pram handwarmers: £79,
  • Best for style – Tiba & Marl universal buggy hand muff rust leopard: £38,
  • Best adjustable gloves – Najell stroller gloves: £59,
  • Best for luxury – Binibamba noir buggy mittens: £89,
  • Best for durability – Elodie stroller mittens: £35,
  • Best budget buy – JoJo Maman Bebe deluxe stroller handmuff with phone pouch: £9,
  • Best for textiles – Stokke stroller mittens: £55,
  • Best compact mittens – Babyzen yoyo mittens: £40,
  • Best for unisex appeal – Mamas & Papas ocarro sheepskin hand mitts: £59,

Hudoma Chelsea black pram gloves

best pram mittens and gloves stroller pushchair water resistant
  • Best: Overall
  • Colourways: Black, blue and silver
  • Materials: Wet-look fabric with faux-fur lining
  • Style: Separate

After living in New York over two cold winters, back in the UK mum-of-two Jennifer Reay created her fashion-forward brand Hudoma in 2021. The Chelsea black pram gloves are undeniably stylish and, without a doubt, the softest we tested, thanks to the warming faux-fur lining, which is present all the way down to your knuckles. With a cool wet-look design, the luxe outer fabric is both wind and water-resistant and is a stylish addition to any pushchair.

A doddle to attach and boasting a universal design, there are two discreet strips of Velcro on the outer section. The “pusher” still has hold of the pushchair’s handlebar, all the while keeping you cosy but in control. A generous length (28cm), they’re also available in blue and silver.

  1. £40 from
Prices may vary
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Kaiser big double pram handwarmers in grey

best pram mittens and gloves stroller pushchair water resistant
  • Best: For cosiness
  • Colourways: Black, navy blue, grey
  • Materials: Water and wind-repellant material lined with natural sheepskin
  • Style: Double

If you want to give your pushchair and neglected paws a luxe upgrade, then look to German brand Kaiser. Just one stroke of the premium sheepskin – which is predominantly sourced from Germany’s finest woollies – and you know winter pram strolls will never be the same again.

Certified by Oeko-Tex standard 100 class – a well-regarded textile certification to ensure every component has been tested for harmless substances – the sheepskin is sustainable and ecological. We were also taken by the outer material (we opted for grey but it’s also available in black and blue), which is water resistant and windproof, so it’s ready for whatever the British weather can throw at it.

By the packaging, we were concerned that it may be a little cumbersome once attached, but it was surprisingly compact and could be tightly fixed, thanks to the adjustable Velcro fastenings.

One unit opposed to separate gloves, it feels just as cosy, as there’s a Velcro tab in the middle to create a snug fit around each hand. And the fixture couldn’t be easier, wrapping around the handlebar, meaning you’ll still have a full grip for steering.

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Tiba & Marl universal buggy hand muff rust leopard

best pram mittens and gloves stroller pushchair water resistant
  • Best: For style
  • Colourways: Leopard print, quilted black and black leopard
  • Materials: Nylon outer material lined with fleece
  • Style: Double

The leopard print’s popularity shows no signs of waning, and we’re here for it. So if you want to inject some pattern while keeping your hands cosy, this cool piece of kit from Tiba & Marl is the perfect way to upgrade your pushchair for winter.

Looks aside, there’s a lot to love about this product, from the integrated practical pocket – complete with rubber headphone port and sleek gunmetal zip – to the water-resistant nylon outer material, which means it can handle a brief shower or two. It’s a universal fit and a doddle to attach to the handlebar, as you’re simply popping the buttons together.

While it’s not as snug a fit on your hands as the separate glove style, its fleece inner really takes the chill off your extremities on winter walks. It’s also available in a quilted black or black leopard. The branding is undeniably chic, from the rubber embossed branded tab on the front cover, to the Tiba & Marl doodled into the leopard print.

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Najell stroller gloves

best pram mittens and gloves stroller pushchair water resistant
  • Best: Adjustable gloves
  • Colourways: Beige, denim, yellow, pale pink, light grey, teddy beige
  • Materials: Corded material lined with fleece
  • Style: Separate

We felt like we’d look the part walking in the Scandinavian mountains with these stroller gloves from Swedish brand Najell. A pop of colour in this Dijon mustard colourway, we love the design, from the corded material to the contrasting white elasticated cuffs.

There are discreet zips on each side of the glove, meaning there are four zips to navigate, which we anticipated being fiddly. But although you wouldn’t want to attach these in a rush, they were pretty straightforward.

We praise these gloves for flexibility, too. You can adjust the cuffs for an extra-snug fit but, rather uniquely, there’s an inside pocket so you can choose between direct contact with the handlebar or placing your hands inside the pocket instead.

Water repellent and machine washable, all materials in these stroller gloves are certified by Oeko-tex class 1, containing minimal amounts of chemicals. The filling is made of Sorona, which consists of recycled polyester and maintains fluffiness even after contact with water. Practical, eco-conscious and irrefutably fashionable.

  1. £59 from
Prices may vary
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Binibamba noir buggy mittens

best pram mittens and gloves stroller pushchair water resistant
  • Best: For luxury
  • Colourways: Black and grey
  • Materials: Suede lined with merino sheepskin
  • Style: Separate

These noir buggy mittens from Binibamba will certainly pimp up your pushchair. Handcrafted in England and using the finest merino sheepskin and premium natural suede, they’re – quite literally – a touch of luxury. The universal fit sees these easily attach to your pushchair by clicking the poppers together. The fit feels very secure with three poppers along each side and you can choose from noir, rose and parmaviolet colourways. Just shy of £90, these are the most expensive mittens we tested, but you can’t deny the premium quality and finish.

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Elodie stroller mittens

elodie stroller mittens best 2023
  • Best: For durability
  • Colourways: Green, beige and blacl
  • Materials: Nylon lined with faux fur
  • Style: Separate

Founded in Stockholm, Elodie is a brand known for stylish everyday baby paraphernalia and durable fashion accessories and these stroller mittens are no exception. The rebel green colourway has a smart sheen to it, and is made from a water and wind resistant nylon, while the cosy faux fur interior in a contrasting fawn colour keeps hands toasty.

There are two Velcro pads on the thumb and tip of the mittens, which offer a secure fit. This does mean that you no longer have direct access to your handlebar, but thanks to the tight fit, we still felt in control when pushing. While one size does fit all, if you have larger hands you may find these come up a touch short, but needless to say you’ll be wrapped up in a coat so unlikely to leave any skin exposed to the elements.

The rebel green colourway we tested is out of stock at the moment, but we love the beige khaki colourway, too.

  1. £35 from
Prices may vary
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JoJo Maman Bebe deluxe stroller handmuff with phone pouch

best pram mittens and gloves stroller pushchair water resistant
  • Best: Budget buy
  • Colourays: Black
  • Materials: Weather resistant material with rubber headphone port
  • Style: Double

Wave goodbye to chilly hands with JoJo’s deluxe stroller hand muff. Coined as “deluxe”, we have to agree that by adding this accessory you have yourself a pushchair promotion. Simple to attach using the Velcro closures, unlike many of the “muff” designs the product wraps around the handlebar rather than the covering over the top, in turn this meant we felt the need to grip a bit harder than usual – nevertheless, it felt secure.

There are two poppers in the middle to mimic the snug “glove-like” feel, and we must mention how handy the integrated pocket with rubber headphone port is, for stashing a phone or keys. We were also delighted with how deep this hand muff feels, meaning no exposed wrists either.

As the cheapest of all we tested, we were pleased that quality isn’t compromised and it looks sleek attached to the pushchair.

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Stokke stroller mittens

best pram mittens and gloves stroller pushchair water resistant
  • Best: For textiles
  • Colourways: Black
  • Materials: Textiles lined with fleece and sheepskin cuffs
  • Style: Separate

Popular Norwegian brand Stokke and its oh-so-stylish stroller mittens have been adorning pushchairs for the best part of a decade, making them rather iconic. For those not owning a Stokke pushchair, fear not, as the design should fit most single handlebar models, as you simply attach them using the Velcro at the tip of the mittens for a secure fit which covers, rather than wraps, around the handlebar.

With genuine fluffy sheepskin cuffs, and padded premium water repellent exterior, made from PFC-free textiles, these mittens are both elegant and adventurous but most importantly, cosy. Sadly, it’s worth noting that the sheepskin only features on the cuffs, however the fleece lining will keep the chill off and is soft on the skin.

  1. £55 from
Prices may vary
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Babyzen yoyo mittens

best pram mittens and gloves stroller pushchair water resistant
  • Best: Compact mittens
  • Colourways: Black
  • Materials: Water-repellant outer material lined with sherpa
  • Style: Separate

A compact option, much like the popular Babyzen yoyo pushchair (£370,, the brand’s mittens will keep hands toasty while out on winter walks. Simple in design with a white cuff and contrasting black exterior, these mittens boast an irresistibly soft teddy bear style lining with a double layer of padding for ultimate comfort. With a water-repellent finish, you’ll be kept dry if the weather turns, and we were pleased to hear these can be machine-washed at 30C.

Again, you don’t need to be a Babyzen owner, as these attach using two discreet Velcro patches. Wrapping around the handlebar, you’ll still have full access but all the while keeping your hands super snug. And once the weather heats up, simply pop these back in the handy travel bag provided, which can attach to the handlebar too.

  1. £40 from
Prices may vary
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Mamas & Papas ocarro sheepskin hand mitts, everest

best pram mittens and gloves stroller pushchair water resistant
  • Best: Unisex appeal
  • Colourways: Khaki/grey
  • Materials: Polyester lined with sheepskin
  • Style: Separate

Designed to co-ordinate with Mama’s & Papas ocarro Everest pushchair (£899,, other than the direct colour match, there’s no reason these mitts won’t look just as good on most pushchairs and we love how unisex the design is, with its rugged colouring.

You attach each mitt using the single zip; this process wasn’t as straightforward as some of the Velcro alternatives, but it wasn’t arduous, and you’re still given access to your handlebar. And once they’re on there’s no denying the instant appeal to chuck your hands in them, boasting 100 per cent super-soft sheepskin lining.

The shaggy lining can be seen peeping through at the handlebar connection, and beautifully presented at the top of the mitts when using the subtle magnetic patches to fold over. However, it is worth mentioning that the sheepskin doesn’t cover the entire lining – roughly 70 per cent – but we still found these wonderfully toasty.

If your hands are on the larger side, you may find that by folding the top of the mitt over you can feel a little exposed, therefore we would appreciate a little extra length. Similarly, in our opinion, the bottom of the gloves could warrant a little extra fabric. Having said that, we simply can’t deny the gorgeousness of these luxury mitts.

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The verdict: Pram mittens and gloves

All of the above transformed our winter pushchair walks, but British brand Hudoma’s Chelsea black pram gloves scooped the win for its superlative softness, chic understated design and simple attachment, all at a reasonable price of £40. Plus, not only doe having singular gloves mean they tend to be easier to attach but also ensure that you’re still totally in control of steering.

If you’re after something a little louder, Tiba & Marl’s super stylish leopard print handmuff, is both pretty and practical in equal measures.

Keep them extra snug and wrapped up in one of our favourite baby blankets

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