The 10 Best remote-control toys

Here are the hi-tech playthings you’ll be filling stockings up with this Christmas. Just watch your ankles...

1. Combat Creatures Attacknids


These six-legged robots stand 10in tall and are surprisingly agile.

2. Lego Technic 4x4 Crawler


Operate the four-wheel steering remotely. You can also rebuild it into a tough 4x4 off-road truck.

3. Big City Quad Bike


Pretend to race off-road, hunt for treasure or chase wild animals with this fun quad bike.

4. Dash II Boat


Become the James Bond of the pond with this miniature, highly detailed remote-control speedboat.

5. Spy Cam 2 Gyro Helicopter


This chopper flies for up to 10 minutes on one charge.

6. Hexbug Spider


A creepy-crawly walking robot with six robotic legs and a head that rotates 360 degrees.

7. Debenhams Tarantula


Frighten family and friends with this scarily realistic remote control tarantula spider.

8. Rastar Toys Black Porche GT3 RS


It features a full-function radio control, authentic car styling and reverse lights.

9. Sphero


These remote control balls are controlled by your smartphone or tablet. As played with by Obama.

10. Scalextric Skyfall


Re-enact scenes from the latest Bond film on track or make up your own exciting chase scenes.