Top ten essential stationery for students

Whether you're a pen and paper person or a digital demon, we've compiled 10 of the best stationery essentials and accessories to make sure that you can be the envy of the library and study in style

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Picture the scene. You're in the library. Scattered around you are lecture notes, lab reports and textbooks. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye you spot them. The person that you fancy from your study group is walking over.

"Hey" they say, in the exquisite tone of voice that you've come to love. "Can I borrow a pen?". You rummage in your bag and find only a piece of chewed plastic that was once a biro.

"No! Sorry," you blurt, hoping they haven't seen the look of sheer disgust on your face. Bang. Chances blown, they'll never speak to you again. So, avoid any awkward moments with this stylish collection of must have stationery bits and pieces for students.

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1. Typewriter notebook

This ruled paper notebook has a retro feel with a kooky typewriter illustration. Also featuring the Spanish for notebook on the front, this is definitely one for any self-respecting arts student.

£5, paperchase

2. The Palgrave student planner

A must for any disorganised student, this comprehensive planner should keep you and your deadlines in check. More than an academic diary, this essential bit of kit includes advice on managing stress and time, a periodic table, as well as quick grammar guides.

£6, amazon

3. Pukka A4 hardback project book

With plastic dividers, this project book allows you to keep notes from different modules separate, without hauling a multitude of pads to and from lecture theatres. Available in an A5 size as well if you want to keep things a bit more compact.

£6, amazon

4. Moleskine pocket ruled notebook

As well as making you feel like a 19th Century author, nothing says class quite like a moleskine notebook.

£6, amazon

5. Pilot Frixion erasable rollerball

If you’re making lecture notes at 60mph, you want pens that are going to glide across the page and keep up with you. This three-pack allows you to colour coordinate your scribbles. It has been said that writing notes in more than one colour will help you commit them to memory with greater ease.  

£6, amazon

6. Moustache paper clips

Why use a normal paper clip when you can use a paper clip in the shape of a moustache? You need these in your life just in case an emergency clipping situation arises.

£6, amazon

7. Bone Collection USB drive

It might not strictly be stationery, but you definitely need to back up everything, no one wants that 'deadline day deleted essay' nightmare. There’s no better backup than a tiny ninja in your pocket.

£8, amazon

8. Retro cassette player pencil case

One for the stationery fanatics who see fit to carry more than a couple of rollerballs and biros with them. This vintage case will keep a plethora of pens in one place, with effortless cool.

£5, somethingkawai

9. 13-inch newspaper pattern laptop sleeve

Taking laptops and netbooks to lectures and seminars is becoming increasingly common and this sleeve should keep your device adequately protected. Language students should steer clear however – the French print on this is definitely not grammatically correct.

£17, amazon

10. Stabilo Boss highlighters

Come revision time, these old school highlighters should be a staple in the arsenal of any student. They’re pretty heavy duty so should even see Medical students through their degrees.

£5, amazon