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Silk Works London review: Can its mulberry pillowcase really banish our bedhead?

Add some luxury to your nighttime routine with soothing and hypoallergenic bedding

Helen Wilson-Beevers
Friday 15 October 2021 16:46
<p>We considered its impact on our hair and skin, as well as its washability and quality</p>

We considered its impact on our hair and skin, as well as its washability and quality

Small lifestyle business Silk Works London was launched during the 2020 lockdown. Since then, its range of silk products and patterns hasn’t stopped growing.

Within the mulberry silk collection is eye masks, scrunchies, face masks and pillowcases. Each item is made from 6A silk (the highest grade available), and in a thread density of 22 momme.

Sibling founders Laura and Lydia’s passion for silk was inspired by their Persian grandmother, who swore by sleeping on a silk pillowcase for her skin and frizz-prone hair. Spurred on by this, they spent three years sampling silk fibres to develop a core collection. While also tapping into customers having a renewed focus on skincare and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Silk is renowned for its beauty benefits, with both hairstylists and dermatologists recommending the material to sleep on. Naturally hypoallergenic, silk pillowcases can soothe sensitive skin, and help with acne and eczema, as well as being hydrating, because silk is not absorbent like cotton. On the hair front, breathable silk is said to reduce split-ends, frizz, and bedhead.

How we tested

We wanted to see whether Silk Works London’s mulberry silk pillowcase could really help smooth our locks and eradicate fluffy bedhead. We sampled the silk pillowcase over three months, during warm and cold seasons. We explored whether sleeping on the high-grade silk made a difference to our bed head-prone hair, while also looking at how our skin fared, and not forgetting the quality, and washability.

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Silk Works London mulberry silk pillowcase, ivory

Rating: 8/10

  • Momme: 22
  • Size: 76 x 51cm

There are three silk pillowcase sizes to choose between, including king, queen, and a version for kids. We’ve not seen a children’s option before, and thought this was something worth remembering for any future family shopping. You can also go for a pair of silk pillowcases at £120, saving a tenner on shopping the singles individually at £65 each. Additional sets include picks with eye masks, so the bundle varieties are comprehensive, depending on your preference.

Colours available include pink, black and grey, but we went for a single ivory silk pillowcase because the classic shade goes with all bedding. The case arrived in a compact yet sturdy magnetic closing box, with tissue paper wrapping. We found its queen size at 76cm by 51 cm fitted our standard pillow without any tightness. The neat zipper closing also meant this case didn’t slip off and was held in place securely. We liked the overall finish featuring minimal stitching, to fit in well with our other plain white pillowcases.

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The case has an almost sheer surface, but we didn’t think the delicate silk felt fragile or unable to withstand regular use. Plus, its glossiness is soft to the touch and brings a decadent interior aesthetic too.

We think the lightweight consistency contributed to feeling cooling benefits overnight. When waking up restless, we felt soothed back to sleep by the refreshingly comforting surface. Saying that, we didn’t feel chilly during colder nights, just comfy, which is testament to its temperature regulating abilities too.

Our dry hair is often frizzy first thing in the morning. Because this silk pillowcase didn’t pull our hair or cause friction, we saw locks that were much smoother. The silky layer between our pillow and hair also protected against tangled strands and potential breakage, so, we felt the silk pillowcase was a proactive beauty buy, as well as resulting in fluff-free hair.

We apply creams and serums before bed and because of the shiny silk, were happy to report the absence of any pillowcase stickiness. Our face looked more moisturised for not losing half of our skincare to the pillow absorbing it, as we have found with a cotton counterpart. Additionally, for such a light shade, no obvious skincare or make-up residue stains showed up.

Basic care information is helpfully detailed on the inside label, and we followed instructions to machine wash our case at 30°C on a delicate wash. You can also hand wash or have it dry cleaned. After air drying, we lightly ran an iron across the pillowcase on a low heat setting. Any creases quickly disappeared. Having washed the case regularly over a three-month timescale, we are really impressed by how glossy its surface remains. There aren’t any visible clicks or wear marks on the material either.

The verdict: Silk Works London mulberry silk pillowcase

The Silk Works London mulberry silk pillowcase felt comforting on our face and brought extra luxury to otherwise plain bedding. We were impressed by how well its glossiness was retained after regular washing. As skin and hair smoothing results go, we saw a definite reduction in frizz, plus optimised face hydration. Finally, we liked the option to shop for kids’ silk pillowcase sizes, too.

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