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Doona infant car seat review: Does the buggy-hybrid really make travelling with children easier?

It’s already been approved by celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Laura Whitmore, so we took it for a stroll

Rebecca Moore
Thursday 22 July 2021 11:37 BST
<p>When you’re a parent, and your house is full to the nines with baby clobber, you really are desperate for any clever products that can double up</p>

When you’re a parent, and your house is full to the nines with baby clobber, you really are desperate for any clever products that can double up

What do Ed Sheeran, Laura Whitmore and Novak Djokovic have in common? Well, all we know is that they’ve all been spotted out and about with the doona car seat.

In fact, these are just a few of the long list of celebrities favouring this hot parenting product.

But what makes the doona special? At a click of a button, your car seat becomes a stroller. That’s two products in one.

We know that multi-functional products can be a bit hit and miss. They tend to do one thing really well, and the other, erm, not so well. But when you’re a parent, and your house is full to the nines with baby clobber, you really are desperate for any clever products that can double up.

At £299, we were hoping that the doona wasn’t just a gimmick. But after a week of testing, what did we – with the help of our 11-week old tester – have to say?

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Doona infant car seat

Doona infant car seat indybest.jpeg

Buy now £299,

  • Suitable: 0+ car seat, birth to 13kg
  • Product weight: 6.5kg
  • Fitting: Compatible with Doona Isofix base, and seatbelt
  • Rating: 9/10

As a parent, you’ll rarely stumble across a product that makes your life that little bit simpler. And when you do, you want to shout about it from the hills. That’s how we felt about the doona car seat. It’s a one-of-a-kind; the world’s first complete and fully integrated travel system, which allows you to move from car seat to stroller in that’s commendable.

If your life is fast-paced, here there and everywhere, and you’re in and out of the car like a yoyo, the doona is a game-changer. Babies love to fall asleep once they’re on the move, so the satisfaction of not waking your baby when you take them out of the car and stroll them into say a supermarket, for example, is second to none.

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While it’s not a totally streamlined process, our baby does tend to stir a little when the doona is removed from the car, in the same way, if you were removing any infant car seat. But as you’re removing the need to attach to a chassis, he always falls back to sleep within moments. You’ll need some muscles too, it weighs 6.5kg and that’s without a baby, as most 0+ car seats weigh between 3-5kg. However, it really is just one simple motion, opening and closing at the push of a button which is located just at the top of the back of the seat. This whole process feels intuitive and not in the slightest bit clunky.

From adjusting the handlebar and the strap length to the red and green coded brake system the doona is incredibly easy to use. You can even take the covers off to wash.


Portability is Doona’s middle name. While we can’t attest to it, as we haven’t holidayed during testing, the doona was made to travel. TUV and FAA aircraft approved, you are safe to use this as a child seat in an aircraft, and it would also be incredibly handy at the airport. It’s of course worth remembering that in line with the guidance you shouldn’t leave your child in a car seat for more than two hours.

The doona is also great if you’re hiring a car on the other side as you’re already loaded with a car seat you trust which can be attached using a seatbelt. Or if for whatever reason you’re not using it, it doesn’t take up much boot space.


Okay, it might not have the appeal of say, the iCandy Peach or the Bugaboo Fox, but the doona isn’t trying to be part of the beautiful buggy contest. We actually think it looks pretty swish, and because it’s so unusual you’re sure to get a few head turns.

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The main bulk of the doona is black, but there are nine different colour options that give you a pop of colour on the hood and strap pads. They all have the brand’s signature yellow accents on the wheels, which we’re not crazy about but it’s not offensive. The brand has started to broaden the range of colours, and if you want a real head turner then check out the gold limited edition they’re launching this summer.

But when it comes to design, the brand has to be applauded on the innovation. One minute you have a car seat, and in a flash you have a stroller. Genius.

Safety and comfort

We were pleasantly surprised at how high quality and well made the doona feels. Just because it’s nifty, the substance hasn’t been sacrificed. It’s made from high grades of fibre-reinforced polymers, uses rust-free aluminium, and the wheels are high-durability.

When it comes to testing, unlike run-of-the-mill car seats, doona has to meet European standards for car seats, strollers and reclined cradles. There are plenty of safety features to put parents minds at ease; with a unique three-layer side impact protection, anti-rebound bar crash technology, a five-point safety harness and ergonomic infant insert, safety is well covered.

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We also tested the isofix base (it does cost an additional £139.99, but it’s worth looking on their website for bundle deals). It was a doddle to install with easy-to-follow instructions, and we certainly preferred it to attaching with a seatbelt. With a traffic light system on the isofix base, you can be sure you’ve installed it correctly and it just keeps the process streamlined. Of course with a base once it’s installed you don’t really move it, so the seatbelt option is a good alternative if you’re using different cars.

It’s also been designed alongside medical and engineering experts to ensure baby’s body is ergonomically supported in the correct position. The infant insert’s near-flat design boosts baby’s upper and lower back so that their neck and back are ergonomically aligned.

We’re still using the breathable newborn insert with our 11-week old tester. Every journey we’ve taken he’s asleep within minutes and the built-in sunshade has been a godsend. The doona works best on smooth surfaces, we did find pushing it along cobbles or the odd bit of off-roading hard work – having said that it’s more annoying for the pusher as our mini tester seemed to be unfazed.

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The verdict: Doona infant car seat

It’s safe to say we totally see the hype around this multi-use parenting product. While the doona car seat is more suited to some lifestyles than others, and yes you could use it as your main pushchair, we see it as more of a second stroller. But wow it’s clever, and at £299 we actually think it’s totally worth it, particularly on the school run or mad-dash trips to the shops...because let’s be honest that’s a lot of what parenting is about.

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