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9 best coat stands and racks to keep your hallway tidy

From traditional designs to modern takes on the classic, clothes racks are back in vogue

Rosie Conroy
Friday 28 May 2021 15:15 BST
From trend-led rattan pieces to traditional styles, there’s something for everyone
From trend-led rattan pieces to traditional styles, there’s something for everyone (The Independent)

Once a staple in halls across the country, in recent years the humble coat stand briefly took a holiday from our homes when more and more people looked to built-in storage solutions or wall-based hanging hooks as an alternative.

Nothing beats an original though, and we’re happy to report that this classic household item is back and better than ever. Thanks to renovations being splashed across Instagram, entranceways up and down the country are being honed, which means hall furniture is back in fashion.

While they might be a traditional design they’re certainly not stuck in the past. Our favourite coat stands combine that quintessential shape with modern elements like a new material or scale – a nice nod to their beginnings while giving them a refresh to ensure they’re not out of place in contemporary homes. The best coat stands look good even without your coats and jackets adorning them, creating a sort of sculptural element in your entranceway.

The most important thing, we think, when looking for the best coat stand for your home is, of course, size. If you’ve got a narrow hall you might prefer a neat hanging rail, while if you have a spacious entrance a big, statement piece could be the answer to create drama.

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Beyond size, there are all sorts of considerations to run through before you make your purchase, from price through to style. Whatever you’re looking for from a coat stand there really is something for everyone, from trend-led rattan pieces and modern bamboo models through to traditional styles with their curved hooks and pleasingly soft sightlines.

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The best coat stands for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – Dunelm metal black coat stand: £35,
  • Best for small spaces – So’Home coat stand in white bamboo: £27.30,
  • Best for design – Wireworks right hook coat stand: £174,
  • Best for trend led homes – La Redoute interieurs malu rattan coat rack: £189.05,
  • Best for space saving – Dunelm ash wood space saving coat stand: £25,
  • Best budget buy – Ikea white ekrar hat and coat stand: £19,
  • Best for bedrooms – Habitat kitt bamboo ladder coat rack: £50,
  • Best for families – Ikea hemnes hat and coat stand:
  • Best for aesthetics – John Lewis & Partners Anton coat stand, natural: £179,

Dunelm metal black coat stand

Dunelm metal stand .jpg

Best: Overall

With a smart, contemporary look, this black coat stand from Dunelm had the most parts of any of the pieces we put to the test. While at first sight the instructions look complicated, it wasn’t impossible to assemble as long as you have an Allen key to hand – which isn’t included – and ended up being a matter of minutes from start to finish. Once put together it was sturdy and solid, with lots of space for bags and coats. The bottom ring also makes a great spot for umbrellas if you have longer ones, or – as we found – to throw scarves over. While a little tricker than some of the others to put together we couldn’t see past the combination of design, function and value for money this gives and thought it was a stand-out piece, if you’ll pardon the pun.

  1. £35 from
Prices may vary
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So'Home coat stand in white bamboo

La Redoute .jpg

Best: For small spaces

This slimline coat stand comes ready to assemble in lots of little pieces and probably took us about 10 to 15 minutes to make all in. Despite the multiple elements to the build, there’s just one step in the instructions manual but even with minimal DIY or furniture building experience it’s pretty straightforward. While it wasn’t one of the sturdiest coat racks we tested, it did stand up to a fair few jackets being slung it’s way and for smaller hallways or rooms it’s an ideal space-saving piece. We also liked that it could be flat packed away easily and sorted under a bed if needed.

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Wireworks right hook coat stand

Wireworks .jpg

Best: For design

We loved the premium look of this modern coat stand, with the buffed wood giving it a high-end finish as well as making it feel nice and soft to the touch. The build here was a touch more technical than some of the others we tested, meaning there were more pieces to decipher and a handful of steps rather than just one picture diagram. The central pole comes in two parts and is easily screwed together, but this does mean you have a line in the middle of the piece. However, once coats were laden on this soon became less obvious. Pivoted hooks were the main USP of this one, meaning no one angle ever felt overcrowded even with a handful of bags and jackets flung at it.

  1. £174 from
Prices may vary
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La Redoute interieurs malu rattan coat rack

La redoute rattan .jpg

Best: For trend-led homes

If there is one trend that has defined interiors over the past 12 months it has got to be the craze for rattan furniture, and it’s a look that is here to stay. La Redoute has given the traditional coat stand a makeover by keeping the classic shape while giving it a contemporary twist. We loved its generous size, which allows you to hang loads of coats on the 16 hooks as well as store umbrellas in the central well. An added bonus is that it comes pre-assembled, so you can rest easy knowing there are no DIY skills needed.

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Dunelm ash wood space saving coat stand

Ash wood .jpg

Best: For space saving

Certainly not a traditional coat stand, this smart space-saving design from Dunelm means that no matter the dimensions of your hall or cupboard you can neatly hang up a few jackets. This comes pre-assembled, so there are no putting fiddly bits together, but you do have to screw it into the wall to make use of it. The instructions recommend a screwdriver but we used an electric drill for ease. Raw plugs and screws are included, so if you’re comfortable getting those into the wall it’s a simple setup job. Once attached, the main body sits away from the wall a good couple of inches to allow enough space for a jacket or bag to be hooked onto it, with room for eight items in total (or more if you double up). This obviously isn’t one for big families, but is a great solution for smaller spaces – and at £25 we think it’s a bargain.

  1. £25 from
Prices may vary
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Ikea white ekrar hat and coat stand

ekrar .jpg

Best: Budget buy

Sometimes simplicity is key, and who does functionality better than Ikea? This straightforward three-leg design might not win any awards for being beautiful (although we hasten to add it’s not ugly either) but it certainly does the job for an easy to put together, light and neatly proportioned coat stand. We’re giving it bonus points for there being enough room underneath for a basket of hats and scarves. The only downside we felt was that it could be easily toppled with heavy winter coats if there was nothing on opposing hooks to balance out the weight. For an inexpensive way to store a few coats by the door, this does the job nicely.

  1. £19 from
Prices may vary
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Habitat kitt bamboo ladder coat rack

Habitat .jpg

Best: For bedrooms

Coat stands don’t have to all be the same basic shape, as this more unusual iteration proves. We liked that this one came with the Allen keys needed for assembly (so there was none of the usual scrambling around the bottom of your toolbox for the right sized implement) and it was a quick one-person job to get it completed. Admittedly this was a little larger than the rest, so would suit a larger entrance as opposed to a narrow hallway and you’ll need hangers to be able to use it too, but that does mean more space for outdoor clothes.

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Ikea hemnes hat and coat stand

Hemnes .jpg

Best: For families

With eight double hooks on two levels, this coat stand from Ikea had the largest capacity of any we tested. With an adjustable base it has been designed to work well on uneven surfaces as well as flat floors, so is good if you have an older property with wonky wood boards. A larger bottom than your average makes it really well balanced and creates room for wet and muddy shoes too, an unexpected bonus. The lower hooks were great for shopping bags (and we imagine little people too) and this heavyweight – quite literally, this is pretty hefty to lift – was near impossible to topple, handling all outside gear with grace.

  1. £50 from
Prices may vary
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John Lewis & Partners Anton coat stand, natural

John Lewis .jpg

Best: For aesthetics

Certainly one of the most attractive coat stands we tested, this falls at the slightly higher end of the market but, for those with keen design principles, it strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. This was assembled fairly straightforward in just 10 minutes, and could – in theory – be easily dismantled if needed for storage or for moving. While the sleek design looks great, we found hanging hoops on jackets didn’t slip over the top of the four bars. Because of this, it is more suited to occasional use for guests in a finely tuned interior setting rather than an everyday family item.

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The verdict: Coat stands

We were pleasantly surprised by all the coat stands we put to the test, with no one design falling obviously short. Overall though we loved the simplicity of the metal black coat stand from Dunelm, which once assembled was super sturdy and looked more expensive than its £35 price point. If you have a little more cash to spare we also really liked the Wireworks right hook coat stand from Amara which has the edge when it comes to a chic, high-end finish and that nifty angled design to offset items from each other once hung up.

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