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Comparing the best mobile phone deals

Are you looking for the best mobile phone deals in 2021? You have come to the right place. Compare mobile deals with us and get your hands on the best contract phone deals as well as sim-only deals. Moreover, you can find the best phones on the market right now by our phone specs comparison.

Factors to consider while comparing mobile phone deals

When comparing mobile phone deals online, there are a few factors that you might want to take into account, depending on your preference. We have listed the most important of such factors below.


Are you looking for the cheapest monthly mobile deals, or you want to find out which is the cheapest phone network overall? You can use our mobile plan comparison to find the best deals at the lowest prices possible. The biggest advantage of comparing different deals is that you get to see which deal gives you the highest return on investment. Even if the price is the only thing you are concerned about, know that some cheap deals are better than other cheap deals, and spending your money wisely is also a form of saving.

Allowance of services

The services offered by mobile phone networks include calls, texts, and data. The important thing is to understand which service do you use the most and then compare the latest mobile deals to see which of those deals provide the services you want at the most affordable rates.

Service quality

It is extremely important to check whether the network you choose has good service in the area you live in. If you travel a lot, you may also want to consider network coverage on the whole. Selecting a network with good coverage can save you a lot of trouble later on.

Contract type

If you don’t want to be tied up to a contract, you can pay a single-time upfront price for a phone and get the services in the form of pay-as-you-go deals. Other options are to get a phone contract with an allowance of services and pay monthly over a year or so, or get a sim-only deal for the phone you already have.

Phone features

Some people only use the phone to communicate, while others are also concerned about features like a camera, phone memory, and infrared technology. The more and better the features are, the higher is the price of the phone. However, there is no point in paying a higher price for features you do not plan to use. We advise you to compare phone deals based on the phone features and your need for them.

Phone condition

Phone condition is another important factor that you might want to consider. If you make a phone price comparison, you will find that you can have some excellent used phones at very low prices compared to brand new phones of lesser value. Some phones are even returned within a month and thus are as good as new but are sold at lower prices.


Keeping an eye on the latest mobile phone deals can bring added benefits. Mobile phone companies often offer freebies to encourage sales, especially when releasing new mobile phones. Keeping an eye on freebie deals can earn you other valuable gadgets along with your phone without having to pay for them.

What type of mobile phone deals should you look for?

The type of phone deal you should look for depends on your usage.

Phone contract

Phone contracts usually come with an allowance of data, texts, and calls in exchange for a monthly payment as part of the contract. This will be suitable for you if you use these services a lot. We recommend you make a phone contract comparison before you enter into one.

Sim only deals

Sim-only deals are also contractual agreements and suitable if you use data, texts, or calls a lot. The difference between a sim-only deal and a phone contract is that you only pay for the services in a sim-only deal, and buying a phone isn’t part of the contract.

Sim free deals

Sim-free deals or pay-as-you-go deals do not require you to enter any contract, and you only have to pay for the services you use as you use them.

Tips to get a budget-friendly mobile phone deal

  • Start by understanding how much data, calls, and texts you use, and then find a deal that is closest to your requirement.
  • When getting a phone contract, understand the features you want on your phone and then compare the cheapest mobile phones providing those features. Choose the best from amongst them.
  • If you only use the very basic features of the phone, go for older models.
  • Get second-hand phones that are just as good as new.

Compare deals by network.

Vodafone, Smarty, BT mobile, Voxi, and Plusnet mobile are some of the mobile phone networks that offer excellent service. You can compare the deals provided by each of these and choose what suits you the best. Other networks like ID mobile and Giffgaff are great for low-cost deals. If you are specifically looking for better speed, we recommend you consider the likes of O2.

Compare deals by manufacturer

Ask yourself whether you are more comfortable using an iPhone or you prefer a Samsung phone. If you don’t have a specific preference, check out the wide range of smartphones manufactured by brands like Huawei, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, and LG. Each of these manufacturers has made a place in the market and are known for their different specialities. Here you can compare mobile phone deals offered by multiple manufacturers and choose the one that you like the best.

Compare deals by contract type

Suppose you are looking for a specific contract type, like a phone contract or a sim-only deal. In that case, you should make a phone contract comparison for different networks and manufacturers that offer your preferred contract type. Analyse which network provider has the best combination of service quality and affordability before making a final decision.

Compare deals with incentives

Some companies offer free allowances of services like texts, calls, and data for a certain amount of time. Others offer freebie gadgets to promote their deals. Comparing deals with incentives can therefore prove to be an incredible stroke of luck sometimes and save you a lot of money.

Compare used phone deals

Used phone deals are a great option if you are looking for something budget-friendly. Second-Hand phones are sometimes as good as new but have much more affordable deals as compared to new phones.

Do phone contracts require upfront payment?

Some phone contracts require an upfront payment. Making an upfront payment at the beginning can reduce the contract’s overall price and make the deal cheaper. On the other hand, the phone contracts that do not demand any upfront payment in the beginning usually end up costing more than the ones that do. The upfront payment at the beginning of a monthly payment contract is not much compared to what you’d have to pay if you were buying the phone at once. However, if you still feel like making such a payment, you can look for mobile phone deals that do not require it. Will I get ownership of the phone after the contract ends? Phone contracts require you to pay the phone price over some time. Once you have paid all the periodic charges and it is time for the contract to end, you automatically get the phone ownership. If you are thinking of switching to a sim-only deal, the contract’s end is the perfect time to do that. If you want a new phone or want to keep the phone but get a new deal, we recommend you start doing mobile deals (sim-only and others) and mobile phone comparison as soon as you get your end-of-contract notification.

Do I have to return the old phone to get an upgrade?

You do not have to return your old phone to get upgrade deals. You can keep your old phone and use it for an alternate purpose, e.g., a night-time reader or even an alarm clock. Another option is to sell it to a business that refurbishes old phones and get some money in return.

Which payment method is more economical buying a mobile phone, monthly contract, or upfront payment?

Paying the total price of a phone in one upfront payment is the cheaper option, but if you cannot manage to pay that amount of money at once, you can get a monthly contract. In monthly contracts, you get to spend the phone price in chunks over some time, but when you pay through this method, the total amount you pay adds up to be higher than what you must pay in case of a single time upfront payment. What should be my credit score to be eligible for a phone contract? There is no set credit score to be eligible for a phone contract. Every phone company that offers pay monthly phones has different standards for credit score. Some allow you to get into a contract even if your credit score is not so good, while others don’t. If you cannot get a phone contract due to a bad credit score, you can try other options like sim-only and sim-free deals. What should I do if I want to switch to some other phone deal? If you want to switch to one of the latest mobile phone deals on the same network, you can simply contact your service provider and request the change. If you are already in a contract that you have not completed, the service provider will ask you to complete the previous payment first. If you want to switch to another network but keep your number, you can request a PAC code from your existing network and make the switch.

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