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Support group use sheep to help people improve their mental health


Mental health support group enlist the help of sheep

A mental health support group have enlisted the help of sheep to provide support to vulnerable adults and children.

The unique animal therapy venture — EWE Talk — was launched by Emma Redman, 37, and Pippa Ashton, 46, in 2022.

The pair, from Thame, Oxon, started with just one sheep but now have a flock of seven sheep and two goats to help those that are finding life challenging.

Studies have shown that animal therapy can have both psychological and physiological benefits.

Emma said: “One of the things we have always known is how useful animals are as a tool to help those struggling with diversities and mental health issues.

“Sheep aren’t used as therapy animals – people usually think of horse and dog therapy.

“We offer a safe space, if they want to talk to us then they can but maybe they just want to play and giggle and laugh and run around with the sheep.”

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