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Tories face 'electoral oblivion' if they fail on new Rwanda legislation, says Braverman


Tories face ‘electoral oblivion’ over ‘destined to fail’ Rwanda legislation, says Braverman

Suella Braverman has warned the Conservatives face “electoral oblivion in a matter of months” if they introduce emergency Rwanda legislation which is “destined to fail”.

The former home secretary delivered the warning in a personal statement to the Commons on Wednesday (6 December).

Her statement focused on what she called “mass, uncontrolled, illegal immigration” involving thousands of “mostly young men, many with values and social mores at odds with our own”.

Mrs Braverman, who was sacked from her Cabinet job last month, questioned if the Government understands the “unsustainable pressure” placed on public finances and services, and the impact on community cohesion and national security.

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