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Surf legend Kelly Slater emotional after loss in Australia


Surf legend Kelly Slater chokes back tears after loss in Australia marks ends to incredible career

SurfIing legend Kelly Slater choked back tears after his loss in Australia marked the end of an incredible career.

The 11-time world champion hugged world No.1 Griffin Colapinto as the time ran out in their round of 32 heat at the Margaret River Pro on Tuesday (16 April)

Slater needed a win to survive the mid-season cut.

After surviving an elimination heat on Tuesday morning at Main Break, the 52-year-old found Colapinto too much to handle.

Fighting back the tears after his loss, he told 7News: “It's so much emotion for so long, so much dedication.

“It's not all roses, you know? But it's been the best time of my life.”

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