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Mother says Kent police tweet about her dead daughter was 'horrendous' and 'unacceptable'


Grieving mother says Kent police tweeting Top Gun gif to celebrate finding her daughter’s body was ‘unacceptable’

A grieving mother has blasted police for congratulating themselves on Twitter with a Top Gun GIF for finding her daughter’s body.

Azra Kemal was 24 when she died in July 2020 after falling from a motorway bridge in Kent as she fled her burning car.

Kent Police boasted on Twitter about finding a “deceased person’s dead body within 90 minutes” alongside a GIF showing two Top Gun characters high-fiving each other.

Azra’s mother Nevres said the Tweet was “horrendous’” and “unacceptable”.

“That tweet was just horrendous. I could not believe that professional police officers would high-five themselves and pat themselves on the back, on the back of my daughter’s demise.

“It’s more than insensitive. It’s unacceptable. What is the mindset of people investigating crimes on our behalf?” Ms Kemal said.

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