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Best NOW Broadband Deals

Whether you are looking for cheap broadband deals to fit your budget or a superfast fibre broadband deal to keep up with all of your online activity, NOW has you covered. With three different options to choose from, you are sure to find a NOW broadband deal to fit your lifestyle.

NOW Brilliant Broadband 

  • Average speed: 11 Mbps
  • Best for: Individuals looking for affordable broadband for minor online activities
  • Contract: 12 month

Brilliant Broadband is the standard ADSL broadband offered by NOW TV. It’s NOW Broadband’s cheapest, entry-level broadband. It has an average download speed of 11Mbps, but this varies based on your location and how distant you are from the local street cabinet that transmits the signal to your house. Its average speed is enough for web browsing and occasional TV streaming, however, you will have trouble streaming High-Definition video content with this connection.

NOW Fab Fibre Broadband 

  • Average speed: 36 Mbps
  • Best for: Families or individuals with multiple online devices, HD streaming, gaming 
  • Contract: 12 month

Fab Fibre is the first of NOW TV’s fibre broadband offering 36Mbps download speed, the average broadband speed in the UK. It is sufficient for multiple users and multiple devices using the internet simultaneously. NOW Fab Fibre is perfect for online gaming enthusiasts who appreciate high-speed broadband. It is also great for users searching for a connection fast enough to stream high-definition TV content without buffering. That said, Fab Fibre is not ideal for 4K streaming. Fab Fibre’s speeds may vary depending on the area you are based in; however, fibre tends to vary less than standard ADSL broadband.

NOW Super Fibre Broadband

  • Average speed: 63 Mbps
  • Best for: Large households with many connected devices, 4K streaming, heavy internet usage
  • Contract: 12 month

NOW broadband’s fastest connection is Super Fibre Broadband, with average speeds up to 63Mbps. Not only is it perfect for frequent online gaming and High-Definition TV streaming, but it can also support 4K streaming. Multiple users and multiple devices can be online using the Super Fibre Broadband. It is perfect for larger households with multiple users and a variety of internet usage requirements.

NOW Broadband Deals

NOW Broadband Speeds

With average speeds ranging from 11Mbps to 63, you can select the internet speed that fits your needs and your budget. Availability of each service and actual broadband speeds provided vary by location. The best way to determine what packages are available to you and what broadband speeds you can expect in your area is to use a broadband postcode checker

NOW Broadband Line Rental 

All NOW Broadband packages require an active landline. Since a landline is required for service, line rental is mandatory. For users planning to use the landline for more than just the broadband’s sake, the company has some good call plans offered at great prices. Customers have the option to choose no-contract plans or 12-month fixed plans, with the option of quitting after one month’s notice period.

NOW TV and Broadband Deals 

NOW TV’s special offers for new customers provide money off  NOW TV passes for the first half of a 12-month package, which is an attractive offer for new customers. NOW TV passes can be bought individually or in packs, and they allow users to enjoy the Sky TV experience without getting a contract for Sky TV. NOW TV offers flexible packages that customers may quit at any time.

Bundling NOW TV with broadband allows customers to connect up to six devices to a single NOW account. NOW TV users can get TV passes for 5 different categories and watch three different shows on different devices, simultaneously. These categories include:

  1. Sky Movies (on-demand movies)
  2. Sky Sports (11 sports channels)
  3. Entertainment
  4. Kids entertainment (without advertisements)
  5. Hayu (reality TV)

NOW Broadband and Phone Deals

For the first year, All NOW Broadband users get free “anytime” phone calls included with their broadband package. The anytime call plan offers free local calls, the user only has to pay for calls to 0845 numbers, 0870 numbers, and international landline calls. Other than the broadband package free call plan, NOW broadband offers various other call plans, such as evening bundles, weekend bundles, and ‘pay as you use’ call bundles. NOW also offers Unlimited UK call plans, International Saver call plans, and International Max call plans.

NOW Broadband Wireless Router

NOW Broadband’s new customers get a new NOW Broadband Hub Two router (with a delivery fee of £10) as part of the package when they sign-up for a contract. The Hub 2 router must, however, be returned in case of contract cancellation.

The NOW TV Hub 2 router consists of two 1GB Ethernet ports at the back, making it a dual-band router, allowing you to only connect up to two additional devices into the router at a time. NOW customers that require connecting more devices to the router, can use a network switch.

How do I set up my NOW broadband router? 

The NOW TV router does not require a visit from a broadband engineer as it is very simple to set up. You will need to plug the router into your master phone socket for the best broadband speed. Otherwise, you can use any phone socket in your house. If the phone socket is not pre-filtered, then you will first have to plug in the micro-filter that is included with your NOW TV router, before plugging in the router to finish.

NOW Broadband Review

NOW Broadband is striving to create a niche of broadband at great prices and flexible contracts. It is offering NOW TV no-contract broadband as well as annual term contracts.

In no-contract offers, customers have to make payments on a monthly basis; if you like the idea of a broadband service that allows you to make monthly payments and to quit at any time, NOW TV broadband is the one you should opt for. That said, the no-contract NOW broadband does have activation charges of £60.

The rolling monthly broadband deal is great for someone who is in the UK only for a short time; if you are using a different broadband service back home, with this deal you won’t have to worry about a long-term contract or early exit charges.

12-month contract NOW Broadband packages have monthly prices ranging from £18 to £28 and do not have any activation costs.

NOW Broadband offers NOW TV passes to all its customers, and all of its broadband packages offer free anytime calling for 12 months. Moreover, all NOW Broadband packages allow you unlimited downloads, so if you’re a heavy internet user, this is a good reason to opt for NOW TV broadband.

NOW Broadband is owned by Sky, so you can choose TV and entertainment packages with your broadband deal that you may not be able to find with other broadband providers. Sky Sports, Sky Entertainment and Sky Movies are just some of the options you could choose. 

Also, if you want a wide range of entertainment options at a great price, then again you may want to opt for NOW broadband and TV. NOW TV special offers attract a lot of customers.

Customer reviews generally score NOW Broadband with favourable ratings for important elements like; customer satisfaction, customer service, speed and overall broadband reliability.

Pros and Cons of Now TV Broadband


  • Super Fibre Broadband with speeds suitable for online gaming and HD TV streaming
  • NOW TV and Broadband customers can connect up to 6 devices on one account
  • NOW TV users can get TV passes for 5 different categories including Sky Movies, Sky Sports, and Hayu reality TV
  • Free anytime calls included in the first year of your broadband and phone packages
  • Unlimited downloads for NOW Broadband packages
  • No-contract broadband and rolling monthly broadband deals
  • Great Customer Service reviews and affordable, flexible deals


  • All NOW Broadband packages need an active landline, so line rental is a must.
  • No-contract NOW Broadband has an activation cost

How do I contact NOW Broadband’s customer service?

NOW broadband has two main methods to cater to customer queries:

  • Online articles to give users guidelines to cope with the most common issues
  • Live chat service that can be accessed from the company website’s ‘Help’ section. It is available between 8 am and 12 am.

NOW Broadband’s customer service has mixed reviews. Among many great reviews can be found a considerable number of reviews claiming that NOW TV’s customer service is ‘poor’.

NOW Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

faq image faq image

You’ll get a go live date from NOW Broadband when your broadband connection is set to activate. When you receive your NOW Broadband router plug it into your phone socket and your broadband should be active within a few hours. NOW Broadband suggests it may take up until midnight for your broadband to go live on your activation day.

NOW Broadband operates customer call centres outside the UK. NOW Broadband offers an extensive help section on their website to try to solve customer queries and issues as efficiently as possible.

Sky owns NOW Broadband, this is one of the main reasons that they are able to offer access to Sky Sports, Sky Movies and Sky Entertainment packages as part of their broadband bundles. If you are looking for alternative broadband deals that can offer access to Sky TV and entertainment you can compare Sky Broadband deals.