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You could save up to 39 per cent on your broadband deal by choosing a broadband and TV package. Not only does this make it easier to keep up with your monthly subscriptions, but it can also save you money in the long run.

You don’t need to stick with the same broadband provider when switching to a broadband and TV package; our expert team has compared the best broadband providers and everything you should look out for when searching for an integrated TV package that suits your needs and budget.

What is included in the best TV and broadband offers?

This type of package includes a broadband connection and TV services. Deals can be tailored, with most providers offering a wide range of fibre broadband (FTTC) and full fibre (FTTP) packages bundled with TV services. 


What are the types of TV packages?

  • Satellite: Requires a satellite dish to be installed on the outside of your home. You need this to watch live TV via Sky Q.  
  • Cable: Your TV signal will come from an underground cable. This is only offered by Virgin Media. 
  • Internet TV: Anything that’s not being broadcast as live TV is considered to be Internet TV. It’s what’s known as on-demand television and is offered by Sky, Virgin Media and BT. 
  • Freeview: A digital terrestrial platform. It gives you over 70 TV channels, as well as on-demand players in one place for free. 
  • IPTV: Internet Protocol television provides access to TV via the internet – meaning services are provided by your broadband internet connection.
  • Streaming: A service which shows content through smart TVs, game consoles and other devices.

Should I get a broadband and TV package?

Broadband and TV packages can be hassle-free and save you money. Our home tech experts have shared their top tips on how to decide if a broadband and TV package is right for you:

Choose a broadband and TV deal if: 

  • You watch live TV
  • A package with  discounted streaming services or live TV channels (or both) are services you’d use daily
  • You prefer to pay one monthly bill for broadband and TV

Don’t choose a broadband and TV deal if:

  • You don’t watch any live TV channels
  • You’re not interested in using any of the discounted streaming services offered 
  • You prefer to pay separately for your broadband and TV services

Broadband and TV bundle providers

Some of the best broadband providers offer TV services alongside an internet connection. It’s important to compare each provider to find out which offers the best value for money and the best TV features for your needs. We surveyed over 2,000 broadband customers about their current broadband service and this, alongside our team’s expertise, has informed the following judgements on the different bundle providers.

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband offers bundles with a wide range of TV channels, streaming services and ultrafast broadband speeds for eligible households.

  • What we like: most offers include a standard Netflix plan and only one of six offers requires a satellite dish.
  • What we don’t like: these offers are not widely available. Some of Sky’s TV packages are available to less than 50 per cent of the UK.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is well-known for its extensive range of broadband and TV packages. The company also offers a variety of other services, such as broadband and phone packages. Although Virgin Media offers some of the best TV bundles – broadband customers from our survey rated it ‘less than satisfactory’ (54 per cent) for its customer service.

  • What we like: TV bundles include Virgin TV Go which allows you to stream on up to five different devices. All offers come with a TV 360 box – it’s 4K ready and has a voice control remote. 
  • What we don’t like: Virgin’s TV bundles are expensive compared to competitors. Basic plans don’t include Sky Cinema, Sky Sports or any streaming platforms.

BT Broadband

As the largest provider in the UK, BT offers a wealth of broadband and TV packages. Plenty of services can be added to existing packages, including NOW TV and various sports channels. 

  • What we like: BT has the most sports channels compared to other providers’ offers and most packages come with a Netflix plan and NOW Entertainment.
  • What we don’t like: contracts run for 24 months. The provider’s packages are quite expensive and come with a pricey setup fee.


TalkTalk is one of the most affordable providers operating in the UK, offering eligible residents ultrafast broadband connections alongside Freeview channels and subscriptions to streaming services. TalkTalk was not rated highly for its customer service (53 per cent) by broadband customers from our survey. 

  • What we like: affordable packages that come without lengthy contracts. You can also add NOW or Netflix to your plan to get several subscriptions in one monthly bill.
  • What we don’t like: limited live TV channels compared to BT, Sky and Virgin Media. 


EE offers both broadband-only and broadband and TV packages, with the choice between standard broadband and full fibre. EE was rated third (73 per cent) for value for money out of the broadband and TV providers included in our survey. 

  • What we like: you can flex your TV bundle up or down monthly, so you never pay for the channels you don’t watch. EE TV comes with two extra mini boxes for you to set up in any room of your home.
  • What we don’t like: no streaming subscriptions included in TV offers. 


Vodafone provides a host of broadband offers, with the option to add an Apple TV 4K device and a 24-month subscription to Apple TV+ for an extra £14 per month. Vodafone is our best value for money provider – customers rated it the highest in our survey (76 per cent).

  • What we like: if you add Vodafone Xtra to any broadband package, you’ll receive an Apple TV 4K, which allows you to watch TV in 4K Dolby Vision and HDR10+.
  • What we don’t like: lengthy contracts and no live TV options available.

NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband offers four broadband packages, all of which come with the option to include NOW subscriptions, including Entertainment, Sports and Cinema channels. 76 per cent of NOW broadband customers from our survey agreed the service is good value for money.

  • What we like: affordable broadband and TV package with short contracts – 12 months minimum for broadband and 6 months minimum for your NOW Entertainment package. 
  • What we don’t like: there are no live TV packages available. 
Our top recommended broadband providers
Ultrafast speeds at affordable prices
Fast speeds & reliable customer service
Perks for existing mobile customers
BT Broadband
The UK's largest broadband provider

The top three driving factors when choosing a broadband and TV provider, are speed, price and TV services offered. It’s also helpful to know how happy current customers are with their service.

The chart below shows the number of customer complaints the Big Four broadband and TV providers received per 100,000 customers during the fourth quarter of 2023.   


There are several TV channels that you can benefit from with a broadband and TV package; some channels are exclusive to certain providers, while some are more widely available.


  • Sky Cinema: Sky Cinema covers a wide range of films and can be found on the Sky platform, as well as Virgin Media, BT and TalkTalk
  • Sky Atlantic: in the same vein as Sky Cinema, Sky Sports is available from BT, TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin Media, although some of these providers offer these services with a NOW Entertainment membership. Sky Atlantic covers a wide range of imported programmes from the US and HBO
  • Sky Sports: Sky Sports can be added to your watchlist through NOW Sports memberships, which are offered by the likes of Sky, Virgin Media, NOW Broadband, TalkTalk and BT
  • TNT Sports: the cost of TNT Sports varies between providers, but it can be included in broadband offers from Sky, Virgin Media, Plusnet, TalkTalk and BT

Can I get a broadband and TV deal without a line rental?

If you don’t have full fibre or a cable connection (Virgin Media), you’ll likely need an active phone line. ADSL and partial fibre use your phone line to send data, while full fibre and mobile broadband don’t. 

However, this is set to change. With the rollout of full fibre broadband, phone lines will no longer be required for TV services. 

What if I don’t want a landline? 

There are two alternatives for broadband without line rental – mobile broadband deals or taking out a broadband-only deal and a TV package separately. Mobile broadband operates on the 4G or 5G network and therefore doesn’t require a line rental.

How do I get the best broadband and TV offers

Broadband and TV packages are a great way to combine your digital services and can even save you money, but not every bundle will be right for you. 

  1. What’s available in your area

To find out which broadband deals are available in your area use our postcode checker at the top of this page.

  1. Finding the right broadband speed for your usage

For streaming and 4K video content – the ideal broadband speed is 100Mbps to 500Mbps. Streaming and gaming on numerous devices and uploading large files – 500Mbps to 1,000Mbps is best.  

  1. Price of the package

Your package should fit your budget and be good value for money. Of course, choosing an ultrafast broadband package will cost you more than a standard fibre package, but you should compare like-for-like deals in terms of speed, TV channels and any add-ons to find the best price for the type of package you’d like. 

We asked over 2,000 people how they felt about their broadband service and if they felt their current package was good value for money. Of the providers who offer broadband and TV, these scored the highest – NOW broadband and Vodafone (76 per cent) and EE (67 per cent). 

  1. Contract length 

Longer contract lengths typically cost less per month – if you don’t mind being tied in for up to 24 months choose this. Renters and students may wish to consider a no-contract broadband deal – cancel anytime with no cancellation fee.

  1. TV content

Consider which type of TV you frequently watch. If you know that you only stream TV, NOW Broadband and Vodafone could be best suited for you. Sky and BT both cater to sports and movie fans’ TV needs.

  1. Equipment 

You may have to pay for certain pieces of equipment to be installed, such as a satellite dish – aware that you may incur additional costs if your house doesn’t have the infrastructure.

  1. Customer service 

Should you ever need to contact your provider with an issue, it’s crucial their customer service is up to the mark. Issues such as slow speeds and broadband outages are usually time-critical. 

  1. Extras 

Some providers offer discounts on your monthly bill or provide other incentives such as cashback and vouchers. Any extras offered are nice to have and don’t have any bearing on your internet connection.

*Survey of broadband customers aged between 24-64 conducted on Censuswide, 11-14 March 2024. Survey sample: 2,003 respondents, totalling Sky (489), BT Broadband (412), Virgin Media (396), EE (134), Vodafone (124), Other (102), Plusnet (66), NOW Broadband (45), Three (31), Hyperoptic (14), Community Fibre (8), Unsure (7). Respondents were asked to rate each category on a five-point scale, from Very Poor to Excellent, or from Never to Always, with the option of selecting Don’t Know for all questions. For the third question (“What issues, if any, have you experienced with your current broadband provider”) respondents could select from the following: Price Hikes, Slow Speeds, High Prices, Frequent Disconnections, Poor Customer Service, Billing Issues, Other and N/A. The questions used to calculate our score were: “How often, if at all, do you feel the actual speed of your broadband service matches the advertised speed,” “How would you rate your experience with customer service and support from your broadband provider,” ”What issues, if any, have you experienced with your current broadband provider? (Select all that apply),” “How easy or difficult is it/would it be to reach your provider using your preferred method,” “How do you rate the value for money of your broadband service,” “How would you rate the transparency of pricing and additional fees in your broadband service”.

Rachel Sadler new profile April 2024

Our home tech expert Rachel Sadler recommends checking the following things to save on your monthly bill.

  • Check you’re not overpaying for your package. if your current package is offered for less with a different provider. Remember, if you switch mid-contract, this will most likely incur a cancellation fee 
  • Get rid of unused TV services. Ask your provider to change your current package
  • Bundle your streaming services – some providers now offer these at no extra cost as part of broadband and TV packages
  • Choose a broadband only deal. Add streaming services you want with the option to cancel at any time

Frequently asked questions about broadband and TV packages

No, most deals will not include a TV licence. This means that if you watch live TV you must purchase a TV licence separately from your TV and broadband package.

Apple TV is a popular streaming service and numerous broadband providers now offer it as part of their package deals, including Vodafone, TalkTalk TV, and EE TV.

Sky Sports and Sky Cinema are obviously both offered in Sky’s broadband and TV packages. If you’re not so keen on Sky broadband, Virgin Media and BT and Now TV also offer Sky Sports and Sky Cinema in their broadband and TV deals.

Yes, switching broadband providers is a relatively simple process. Usually, your new broadband provider would help out with the transition, too. However, switching broadband providers before your current contract is due to end will most likely incur a cancellation fee. The best time to switch broadband providers is when your contract is due to end. When you sign up for a new provider you can choose an installation date that suits you; this minimises offline time and overpaying.

Rachel Sadler new profile April 2024

Rachel Sadler

Home Tech Writer

Rachel is a seasoned writer who has been producing online and print content for seven years. 

As a home tech expert for Independent Advisor, Rachel researches and writes buying guides and reviews, helping consumers navigate the realms of broadband and home security gadgets. She also covers home tech for The Federation of Master Builders, where she reviews and tests home security devices. 

She started as a news and lifestyle journalist in Hong Kong reporting on island-wide news stories, food and drink and the city’s events. She’s written for editorial platforms Sassy Hong Kong, Localiiz and Bay Media. While in Hong Kong she attended PR events, interviewed local talent and project-managed photoshoots. 

Rachel holds a BA in English Language and Creative Writing and is committed to simplifying tech jargon and producing unbiased reviews.

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Gemma Ryles

Home Tech Writer

Gemma Ryles is a BJTC and PPA-accredited journalist with three years of experience writing across various publications. As a home tech expert at Independent Advisor, Gemma tests, researches and writes about broadband and home security. 

Previously, Gemma reviewed and curated lists about consumer technology at Trusted Reviews, where she honed her skills in creating buying guides and features to help customers make informed decisions. She has previously worked at Yorkshire Post, BBC Yorkshire, Glitterbeam Radio and Bonus Stage. 

Gemma has a BA in Journalism and in her free time can be found writing short stories, gaming and crocheting. 

Amy Reeves


Amy is a seasoned writer and editor with a special interest in home design, sustainable technology and green building methods.

She has interviewed hundreds of self-builders, extenders and renovators about their journeys towards individual, well-considered homes, as well as architects and industry experts during her five years working as Assistant Editor at Homebuilding & Renovating, part of Future plc.

Amy’s work covers topics ranging from home, interior and garden design to DIY step-by-steps, planning permission and build costs, and has been published in Period Living, Real Homes, and 25 Beautiful Homes, Homes and Gardens.

Now an Editor at the Independent Advisor, Amy manages homes-related content for the site, including solar panels, combi boilers, and windows.

Her passion for saving tired and inefficient homes also extends to her own life; Amy completed a renovation of a mid-century house in 2022 and is about to embark on an energy-efficient overhaul of a 1800s cottage in Somerset.