Plusnet Broadband Deals

Compare the best Plusnet broadband packages

Plusnet Broadband Deals

Plusnet Broadband Deals

Plusnet broadband deals are best known for their great prices, fast speeds, and excellent customer support. Most Plusnet deals have restricted contract lengths, and all packages offer parental controls and online security. Like many other internet service providers, Plusnet requires users to pay line rental in addition to the monthly broadband charges. While most packages do have a specified contract length, Plusnet does have a no-contract option. The three main Plusnet broadband deals are:

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband

  • Average speed: 10 Mbps
  • Best for: Small households with minimal internet usage looking for an affordable plan
  • Contract: 12 month

Plusnet Unlimited Broadband is a basic ADSL service with download speeds of up to 17Mbps. It is suitable for smaller households with light internet use patterns, such as web browsing and checking emails. Plusnet Unlimited Broadband is a great choice if low price is most important to you.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre

  • Average speed: 36 Mbps
  • Best for: Medium households with multiple devices, streaming video
  • Contract: 18 month

Plusnet’s Unlimited Fibre broadband deal is its entry-level fibre service. It offers average download speeds of up to 36Mbps making it suitable for video streaming and online gaming. It is best for medium-sized families as it can support multiple devices simultaneously or for individuals who have higher internet usage due to gaming or streaming.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra

  • Average speed: 66 Mbps
  • Best for: Large households with heavy internet usage, many devices, HD streaming, online gaming
  • Contract: 18 month

Plusnet Fibre Extra Broadband is the fastest of Plusnet’s fibre broadband offerings with an average speed of up to 70Mbps. It is specifically made for households with heavy internet use such as HD streaming and online gaming on multiple devices.

Plusnet Phone and Broadband Deals

Plusnet offers a variety of phone and broadband deals to fit any lifestyle. You can add any of the following call plans to your Plusnet broadband deal:

  1. SIM-only deals
  2. Call extras
  3. Unlimited (UK & mobile) calls
  4. Anytime international calls
  5. Evening and weekend (UK & mobile) calls

Plusnet Broadband and TV Deals

Plusnet does not offer a variety of TV packages with their broadband deals. Plusnet broadband customers do have the option to add BT Sport channels to their deal, since Plusnet is a member of the BT Group. Customers who love sports can add BT Sport to their Plusnet home broadband and enjoy access to multiple BT Sport channels including 7 BT channels, BT Sport ESPN, and BT Sport 1 & 2.

Plusnet Perks and Rewards

Although Plusnet broadband is already known for its low pricing, it offers customers even more value through discounts and extras. If you are looking for fast, affordable broadband deals and don’t mind the limited TV options, here are some ways Plusnet can save you even more money:

  1. Cashback cheques
  2. Amazon gift cards
  3. Reward cards of up to £60
  4. Special SIM data deals and SIM-only deals for BT Sport
  5. Lower rates for BT Sport app for Plusnet customers
  6. Mate rates
  7. Calling plans and call features such as caller ID display and voicemail
  8. Earn money off of broadband packages by referring Plusnet to friends
  9. Online security via Plusnet Safeguard to restrict the usage of certain websites and inappropriate content
  10. Plusnet Protect for safeguarding your devices against viruses, malware, and online scams
  11. Extra calling features such as call barring and call protection to save you from unwanted callers and/or scammers
  12. Up to 2GB additional mobile data for existing customers

Plusnet Customer Service

Plusnet has a UK-based customer service team that is known for being friendly, efficient, and available seven days a week. Customers can contact the free helpline at 0800 432 0200. Plusnet has created an online community of customer service team members and customers to discuss and resolve issues. Commendable services by Plusnet support staff have helped it bag quite a few awards including the award for best customer service in 2019.

Plusnet Broadband Review

There are plenty of reasons to choose a Plusnet WiFi deal. For most customers, it’s the low prices that make Plusnet the best option, even if it means sacrificing a little on speed and TV options. Although it may not be as fast as some competitors, Plusnet makes up for it by offering unlimited data and a wide array of perks to save you even more money. If you encounter any connectivity issues, you know you are in good hands with the Plusnet customer service team, which has won several awards and resolves issues quickly. Unfortunately, you may be more likely to run into some issues since Plusnet is the second highest of the 8 major broadband providers in Ofcom’s ranking of complaints.

Plusnet Broadband Pros and Cons


  • Affordable broadband deals
  • Unlimited data
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Many perks and rewards


Slower broadband speeds than competitors

Limited Plusnet TV options

Complaint figures

Switching to Plusnet Broadband

For a lot of users, the low prices on Plusnet broadband deals are the top deciding factor. Plusnet broadband reviews regarding its prices have always been great, especially since Plusnet is known to have waived off activation fees in the past and even had cashback offers time-to-time.

Plusnet UK prioritises customer service and hence tries to make the switching process for new customers as hassle-free and smooth as possible. If you are currently a customer of BT, Sky, or TalkTalk, you just need to sign up and Plusnet will take care of contacting your current supplier, informing them of your departure, and setting everything up. If you have any issues with your current phone line, or if your previous broadband worked without phone lines, you’ll need to arrange an engineer’s visit to have your phone line installed. After installation the Plusnet team will have your connection set up within a week.

However, if you’re with Virgin Media, it will take longer to make the switch. Since Virgin Media makes use of its exclusive network, you will have to contact them and give 30 days notice. It’s best if you do this after receiving the date of activation for your Plusnet service so that there is no gap between the discontinuation of your previous network and the installation of your new Plusnet connection.

Plusnet Broadband Deals FAQ

faq image faq image

Plusnet broadband deals are some of the cheapest available in the UK. Plusnet often makes the top of the list of the best value-for-money broadband deals. Plusnet’s standard ADSL broadband connection only costs £18.99 monthly, and if you’re looking for a Plusnet fibre broadband deal, their monthly costs start from only £22.99.

f you want a broadband connection with good availability and reasonable prices, matched with unparalleled customer service, then you should get Plusnet broadband.

Most of the Plusnet broadband deals have average contract durations of 12 or 18 months. Plus net also offers contract-free packages on a rolling monthly basis.

Plusnet broadband is available widely in the UK since it runs on the Openreach network. You can check broadband availability in your area, along with speed and connection type, by using the postcode checker.