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Learn about the best Virgin broadband deals and offers

Virgin Media broadband deals

Broadband comparison (UK) will tell you that Virgin Media is one of the fastest and the most widely available broadband providers. It provides some of the best broadband deals available. In terms of everyday requirements, Virgin Media also provides more than a satisfactory broadband speed. Although Virgin Media provides ultrafast broadband, some Virgin broadband deals tend to be more costly than those provided by other internet service providers. Before signing up for a deal, a thorough comparison of the various deals offered by Virgin Media broadband is a must.

What sets Virgin Media apart?

Virgin Media’shome broadband and internet deals are among the best offered in the UK. Virgin broadband and TV offers multiple packages comprising hundreds of different TV channels and the choice to add premium TV channels too.

A new Virgin Media customer receives special Virgin offers. There are also

Virgin Media deals for existing customers. Moreover, Virgin bundles allow users to bundle different services such as TV, broadband, and internet, into one package, saving service costs. There are four such bundle options: ‘Big Bundle’, ‘Bigger Bundle’, ‘Bigger Bundle + Sports’, and the ‘Ultimate Oomph Bundle’. It’s safe to say that a good customer relationship is one of Virgin Media’s priorities.

What are the pros and cons of Virgin Media broadband?


  • The fastest and most widely available internet in the UK (an average speed of up to 362Mbps).
  • Countrywide Gig1 fibre to provide data speed up to 1,000Mbps on average.
  • Virgin broadband-only doesn’t require a landline, so no line rental has to be paid.
  • Virgin TV packages are second only to Sky.
  • Very flexible packages are available at a rolling 30-day contract period.
  • The choice to save money by combining multiple services into Virgin bundles.
  • Great phone call packages.
  • Parental controls.


What are the best broadband deals offered by Virgin Media?

Virgin Media M50 Fibre Broadband

  • The Virgin Media M50 Fibre Broadband deal has no setup fees at present.
  • It comes with a contract duration of 18 months.
  • It’s perfect for small families that want to stream TV and download movies and music.
  • It has an average download speed of 54Mbps and an average upload speed of 1Mbps.

Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband

  • Virgin Fibre M100 has a set-up fee of £35.
  • It has a contract duration of 18 months.
  • Virgin Media M100 Fibre is suitable for avid TV streamers and gamers.
  • It can support up to nine devices.
  • Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband deal has more impressive average download speeds of 108Mbps and average upload speeds of 10Mbps, better than those of many other internet service providers.

Virgin Media M200 Fibre Broadband

  • Contract duration of 18 months.
  • Suitable for gaming and 4K streaming.
  • It can support more than ten devices.
  • The Virgin Media M200 Fibre has very fast average download speeds of 213Mbps and average upload speeds of 20Mbps, putting it ahead in the performance race from most competitors.

Virgin Media M350 Fibre Broadband

  • It also has an 18-month contract duration.
  • M350 Virgin fibre is ideal for TV streamers and hardcore gamers.
  • Virgin Media Broadband has challenged the speeds of even some full-fibre providers with its M350 broadband deal that has average download speeds of 362Mbps and upload speeds of 36Mbps.

Virgin Media M500 Fibre Broadband

  • Like all other broadband deals mentioned here, M500 has an 18-month contract duration and a set-up fee of £35.
  • Virgin fibre M500 broadband can easily handle 4K streaming and multiple MMORPG gaming.
  • Average download speeds of 516Mbps and upload speeds of 36Mbps can be expected with the Virgin Media M500 Fibre Broadband deal.

However, users must keep into consideration the fact that internet speed varies depending on location and the time of day. Peak hours traffic is real, so broadband isn’t completely unlimited. To avoid lagging speeds during internet traffic hours, avoid internet deals and providers quoting ‘fair usage applies’.

What are the broadband bundles that Virgin Media offer?

Virgin Media offers four main bundles namely:

  1. Big Bundle
  2. Bigger Bundle
  3. Bigger Bundle + Sports
  4. The Ultimate Oomph Bundle

Big Bundle

Broadband: M50 Virgin Fibre broadband with average download speeds of up to 54Mbps.

Virgin Phone: allows customers to make unlimited weekend calls to Virgin mobiles and UK landlines.

Virgin TV

  • V6 box – allows users to record 6 TV shows while simultaneously watching a seventh show, as well as pause and rewind live TV.
  • Mixit TV – provides more than 110 TV channels.

Bigger Bundle

Broadband: M100 Virgin Fibre broadband with average download speeds of up to 108Mbps.

Virgin Phone: enables users to make unlimited calls over the weekend to their UK landline and Virgin mobile contacts.

Virgin TV

  • V6 box – allows you to pause, rewind and record live TV.
  • Maxit TV – provides more than 220 TV channels, including BT Sports 4K and Sky channels and all Entertainment Picks.

Bigger bundle + Sports

Broadband: M100 Virgin Media Fibre Broadband allows average download speeds of up to 108Mbps.

Virgin Phone: this bundle allows unlimited weekend calls to Virgin mobiles and UK landlines.

Virgin TV

  • V6 box – allows users to pause, rewind and record live TV.
  • Maxit TV, Sky Cinema HD, Sky Sports, BT Sports, and all Entertainment Picks.

Ultimate bundle

Broadband: M500Virgin Media Fibre Broadband allows average download speeds of up to ** 516Mbps .**

Virgin Phone

  • Unlimited calls to all UK landlines and Virgin mobiles at any time.
  • Unlimited texts, 4G data, and minutes.

Virgin TV

  • Two V6 boxes – allowing users to pause, rewind and record live TV.
  • Maxit TV, BT Sports, Sky Cinema HD, and Sky Sports, all Entertainment Picks and Kids Picks.

Which Virgin Media home phone deals can be bundled with Virgin Media broadband?

The following Virgin Media home phone deals can be bundled with its broadband deals:

  1. Virgin Media (Talk Weekends) inclusive weekend calls.
  2. Virgin Media (Talk Evenings & Weekends) inclusive evening and weekend calls.
  3. Virgin Media (Talk Anytime) inclusive of anytime calls.
  4. Virgin Media (Talk Anytime & Anywhere) inclusive anytime as well as international calls.

Do Virgin Media broadband customers get any add-on facilities?

Virgin Media customers get some pretty good add-on facilities along with some of the best broadband deals:

  • No repair or service charges: Virgin Media doesn’t charge extra for services and repairs.
  • Virgin Media Wi-Fi: Inclusive on-the-go Wi-Fi service that uses Wi-Fi hotspots to connect customers.
  • Wi-Fi Underground: Wi-Fi connection facility at 250 London Underground stations via the Virgin Media Wi-Fi app.
  • Security toolkit: Virgin Media offers an internet security suite with parental controls, Web Safe and F-Secure Safe.

What are the average download and upload speeds of Virgin Media broadband packages?

Virgin broadband is the fastest, most widely available internet in the UK. Even the broadband speed of their base package competes with the faster speeds of most internet service providers.

Virgin Broadband Deals Average Download Speeds Average Upload Speeds
M50 Virgin fibre 54Mbps 5Mbps
M100 Virgin fibre 108Mbps 10Mbps
M200 Virgin fibre 213Mbps 20Mbps
M350 Virgin fibre 362Mbps 36Mbps
M500 Virgin fibre 516Mbps 36Mbps
Gig1 Virgin fibre 1000Mbps 52Mbps

What special Virgin Media offers are there for its broadband customers?

Virgin Media has special offers for all of its customers i.e., offers for its existing customers, discounts for new customers, and 30-day rolling out contracts for its student users.

Virgin Media deals for existing customers

For the existing Virgin Media customers that are looking to upgrade their services, there are multiple Virgin Media offers mentioned on their official website. Customers can check and avail of these Virgin deals by logging into their accounts.

Virgin Media new customer offers

Virgin media often offers discounts of as much as 50% for new customers in the first year of signing their contract. Moreover, Virgin Media runs flash sales offering free gadgets from time to time.

Offers for students

For those in education, Virgin Media has some of the best broadband deals for students. It provides superfast Virgin phone and broadband in 30-day rolling contracts, so if you’re studying at a certain location for only a short period, or want to switch to a new deal, you don’t have to sign up for broadband deals with a lengthier contract duration.

What is Virgin Media’s take on Internet Protection?

Parental controls

Virgin Media’s parental controls allow customers to set screen time limits for kids and block access to inappropriate websites or certain categories of content.

Web Safe

Virgin Media Web Safe protects users by blocking fraudulent websites when shopping online. It also protects customers’ gadgets against viruses.

Virgin Media’s ‘Switched on Families’ Suite of Services

The ‘Switched on Families’ suite of services ensures the online safety of users.

F-Secure SAFE

F-Secure SAFE services protect customers from online theft and e-commerce frauds.

How to set up Virgin Media broadband?

For new customers, there’s usually a setup fee of £35. Depending on whether you’ve called for Virgin Media services before, the firm might charge you an additional £99 for engineer supervised services. However, the firm will inform you of any such additional charges before order confirmation. For existing users, an upgrade setup will only require the QuickStart self-install box, which is a kit supplied by Virgin Media, and it contains everything you need to set up your Virgin broadband.

Are there any set-up charges for Virgin Media broadband?

Most of the Virgin broadband and TV require set-up charges of £35.

How is Virgin Media broadband customer service?

The majority of Virgin Media customers give satisfactory reviews regarding the quality of virgin fibre broadband as well as the customer service. Virgin Media offers a customer service helpline as well as a live chat service to facilitate customers whenever required.

Customer service number (Virgin Media)

Customers can contact a Virgin media customer service team member at 0345 454 1111, or by dialing 150 on your Virgin Media landline.

Customer service live chat (Virgin Media)

Customers can also make use of the firm’s live chat team service from Mondays to Fridays, between 7 am to 11 pm, and on the weekends between 8 am to 8 pm on Virgin Media’s website.

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