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Quick-thinking volunteer saves giant octopus stranded on beach


100lbs giant octopus saved by quick-thinking 10-year-old girl

A quick-thinking 10-year-old girl saved a stranded giant octopus during a day at the beach with her family.

The giant Pacific octopus, which weighed a whopping 100lbs, was found “twisting around on a mud flat” in a Washington state park before being safely returned to the ocean.

The octopus had been kept alive by the 10-year-old who used her sand bucket to keep the cephalopod wet before help arrived.

Park ranger Brandon Hoekstra and Annie England were alerted by the unidentified family visiting the park from Canada before a team of reserve workers headed to the scene.

“I wasn’t anticipating finding such an alive, healthy octopus,” Ms England, an environmental educator, said.

She added: “She [the girl] was taking water with her little sand bucket, and she was filling it up and she was pouring it on top of the octopus.”

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