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Dune star Rebecca Ferguson sandwalks out for interview


Dune star Rebecca Ferguson impresses One Show hosts with hilarious sandwalk

Dune star Rebecca Ferguson was seen “sandwalking” into her interview alongside Florence Pugh on The One Show on Wednesday night (14 February).

Appearing in the novel and the first film, the sandwalk is a way of moving in the desert that will not create a rhythm, because if you walk with a certain rhythm, Dune’s giant worms are attracted to that.

Both Timothee Chalamet’s character Paul Atreides and Ferguson’s Lady Jessica adopt the jittery, inconsistent pace after being abandoned in the 2021 film.

Entering the One Show studio on Wednesday, Ferguson tapped Pugh on the arm before pulling out the walk.

Dune: Part Two hits UK cinemas on 1 March.

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