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Matthew Perry ‘Felt He Was Beating’ His Addiction, Says Stepfather


Matthew Perry ‘felt he was beating’ his addiction, says stepfather Keith Morrison

Friends star Matthew Perry said he “felt like he was beating” his addiction struggles, his stepfather Keith Morrison revealed.

The Dateline NBC correspondent said his stepson “didn’t get to have his third act”, as he opened up on his sudden death on 28 October, last year.

Speaking to NBC Today presenter Hoda Kotb on an episode of the Making Spaces podcast, released today (13 March), Mr Morrison described the 54-year-old actor as someone who “lit up a room”.

Mr Morrison, who is married to the Chandler Bing star’s mother Suzanne Perry Morrison, said: "He felt like he was beating it. But you never beat it, and he knew that, too.”

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