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Barefoot gym-goer left on crutches after barbell weight drops on foot


Barefoot gym-goer left on crutches after weight drops on foot

A weightlifter discovered why you should not be barefoot in the gym when a fellow fitness enthusiast accidentally dropped a weight on his foot.

The incident happened when a 27-year-old in Guangdong, China, was in his local gym working out on 5 June.

At the beginning of the video, a man in a white T-shirt can be seen walking to the barbell rack before beginning to squat.

The victim, in a black T-shirt, was bending over and looking at his mobile phone in the dumbbell area next to him.

When the man in white was doing his second squat, he lost control of the barbell.

The weight slipped off and hit the other man’s foot.

An X-ray revealed the victim suffered a fracture, and the incident left him unable to walk for a month.

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