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Restaurant waitress says customers are 'judged' on where they sit


Waitresses share their brutal customer opinions on TikTok in new trend

Restaurant waitresses have been sharing their brutally honest opinions about diners in a new social media trend.

TikTok user @kelly.ella86, a waitress at an American steakhouse, posted a video with her co-worker in which the pair confessed that they routinely pass judgment on their customers from the moment they arrive.

Her viral clip already has 1.7 million views and is captioned “romanticising our job” - but it actually just lays bare their honest opinions.

Following the viral “we’re girls” prompt, each of their statements begins with “we’re waitresses”.

“We’re waitresses, we’re gonna judge you when you and your boyfriend sit on the same side of the booth,” one waitress says.

“We’re waitresses, we’re going to laugh at your jokes because you pay our bills,” the second added.

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