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240220-2barclays Building In London Covered In Red Spray-painted Graffiti-


London Barclays cordoned off after being graffiti spray-painted

A Barclays building in London was graffiti spray-painted in red paint on Tuesday 20 February.

According to Chief Inspector Dan Murphy, the Metropolitan Police were called to the Moorgate branch at 6am to attend to the building after it was reported that somebody had defaced the entrance writing in red paint “Funding the death of 15000 kids”.

Investigations are ongoing and no arrests have been made yet.

While it has not been confirmed, the incident is believed to be linked to protests surrounding the Gaza-Israel war.

According to IDF officials, around 15,000 people were likely killed in Gaza since the start of the conflict in October, of these 8,663 were reportedly children.

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