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'Sir we tried our best': Passenger trapped in toilet for entire flight


Passenger trapped in plane toilet for entire flight: ‘Do not panic’

A plane passenger had a “crappy” experience after getting trapped in the toilet for nearly the entire flight.

The unnamed flyer was on a SpiceJet journey from Mumbai to Bengaluru on Tuesday, when he went to use the lavatory shortly after takeoff.

But when he tried to leave, the toilet door wouldn’t open due to a lock malfunction, effectively trapping him inside.

Crew and other passengers attempted to free the flyer from the lavatory, but were unable to do so.

His ordeal finally ended upon landing, when two engineers boarded the aircraft and broke open the door.

“A passenger unfortunately got stuck inside the lavatory for about an hour,” the airline said in a statement addressing the incident, adding he will be offered a full refund.

“SpiceJet regrets and apologises for the inconvenience caused to the passenger.”

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